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We all know that person in our lives who just loves playing the guitar. Whether they’re a recent beginner or an experienced pro, getting them something guitar related is a surefire way to get in their good books.

To help you find the perfect gift idea for any guitarist, we’ve handpicked the top gifts for you.

From a new guitar effects pedal to a new guitar strap and more, discover the best gifts for guitar players below.

Best Gift Ideas For Guitar Players

1. DIY Guitar Pick Set

DIY guitar pick set

Let any guitarist make and customize their own picks with this awesome DIY set. This mega gift pack contains a DIY pick punch, a premium pick maker, a guitar file, 15 pick strips, and a leather keychain pick holder. Easy to make, any guitarist can customize their own picks in a matter of minutes and even make them out of old gift or credit cards!

2. Dunlop Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

wah guitar effects pedal

Add a new sound to their songs with this guitar effect pedal. It features a heavy die cast construction composed of durable and reliable materials. For a quick and abrupt sound, this pedal has a potentiometer of 100k ohm Hot Potz. Its design and excellent construction assure long-lasting performance and many years of use.

3. Guitar Cheese Board

guitar cheese board

Essential kitchenware for any guitar player, they’re sure to rock the kitchen with this guitar cheese board. This board comes with several cheese tools to complete the set. The guitar cheese board has a design with split level features that swivels as tools are revealed. The guitar strings are made of bamboo inlays while the surface is a rubberwood base.

4. Rock Guitar Spatula & Tongs

guitar spatula tongs

Transform a musician’s kitchen with these essential rock guitar spatula and tongs. Stylish and functional, these utensils have a rust-resistant and durable stainless steel construction. The spatulas have a width of 10cm, ideal for easy burger or BBQ rib flipping. It also comes with a long handle to keep the user safe from the hot grill.

5. Marshall Jack Rack Key Hanger

marshall key hanger gift

Add a bit more Marshall to any guitarists life with this awesome key hanger rack gift. This key hanger has one wall mounting kit and four guitar plug keychains. Not only does it feature the stylish and iconic Marshall M logo, but the logos are also even designed intricately to perfectly resemble the typical Marshall plugs.

6. Guitar Tree Sunset Canvas Art

guitar sunset canvas art

Combine their love for both nature and music and add this guitar tree sunset canvas art to their room. With a size of 24 by 16 inches, this high definition artwork will be completely visible in any space. The ink used is high quality, waterproof, and environmentally friendly. It does not easily fade and guarantees a long-lasting design they’re sure to love.

7. I Need These Guitars T-Shirt

i really need these guitars shirt

Let them declare their love for guitars with this I Need These Guitars t-shirt. Made of polyester and cotton, this shirt features the best guitar types anyone will love, such as a Les Paul, Stratocaster and acoustic. The shirt is available in the colors of olive, royal blue, asphalt, navy and black which are sure to suit anyone’s wardrobe.

8. Guitar Patent Wall Art Prints

guitar patent wall art prints

For anyone who loves the history of guitars, they’re bound to love these patent wall art prints. Fitting perfectly in standard frames, these guitar patent wall art prints contain the iconic vintage Gibson, Fender, Les Paul, Stratocaster, and Telecaster. This set has an artistic flair that can transform a room’s atmosphere. The guitar patent wall art prints are ideal for dorms, musical rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

9. Retro Guitars Shirt

retro guitars shirt

For anyone who has been playing the guitar for decades, they’re sure to appreciate this awesome retro shirt. The shirt has an iconic retro theme that features the top inspirations from 60’s and 70’s fashion. However, this tee design will remain trendy and timeless as its style suits music lovers of any generation. The retro guitar shirt is available in sizes small to triple extra large.

10. The Guitar Handbook

the guitar handbook gift

Is your friend an avid fan of different guitar genres? Then the Guitar Handbook would be a perfect present for any upcoming occasion. The pages contain comprehensive guides and techniques from top experienced guitar artists in the line up of both electric and acoustic players. It also has full-color photos and current profiles of iconic guitar masters.

11. Guitar Pick Shirt

guitar pick shirt

What better addition to their wardrobe that this essential gift for guitar players. An appropriately themed shirt, this guitar pick design is colorful and vintage. Available in over eight different colors and sizes small to triple extra-large, any guitarist is sure to enjoy this stylish and comfy t-shirt.

12. Guitar Neck Cooking Utensils

guitar cooking utensils

Turn your friend into a girl boss musician with these beautiful Fender guitar pick earrings. Aside from fashion purposes, this will also make it easier for her to play the guitar anywhere as she wears these stylish pick earrings. These earrings dangle freely and are very lightweight to wear. The pair comes with copper plated French ear hooks.

13. Fender Guitar Pick Earrings

fender guitar picks earrings

Turn your friend into a girl boss musician with these beautiful Fender guitar pick earrings. Aside from fashion purposes, this will also make it easier for her to play the guitar anywhere as she wears these stylish pick earrings. These earrings dangle freely and are very lightweight to wear. The pair comes with copper plated French ear hooks.

14. 2,000 Guitars Book

2000 guitars book

For anyone who loves the history of guitars, they’re sure to nerd out at the sight of this book! Full of rich information about all the top classic guitar styles down to the most modern models, it’s a treasure trove of information. Inside the 320 pages are the features and highlights that cover the most popular guitars of different decades. This guitar book even has highly detailed photos of the instruments.

15. Guitar Shaped Hooks Rack

guitar shaped hook racks

Add their favorite instrument to their home with these stylish vintage guitar shaped hooks. The hooks are made of extremely durable resin and metal materials. The rack can hold items up to 25 kg in weight, making them perfect for holding bags, keys, clothes and more. Sturdy and functional, any guitarist will love these hooks.

16. Guitar Chord Chart T-Shirt

guitar chord chart shirt

For anyone learning guitar for the first time, this t-shirt is sure to help them out. This guitar chord chart shirt has a screen printed and drawn design. Formulated from a ringspun fine jersey knit on 100% USA-grown cotton, the high-quality ink yields a vibrant effect on the shirt.

17. Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Picks

vincent van gogh guitar picks

For anyone who loves collecting unique and original guitar picks, they’re sure to appreciate these! The set includes a 12 pack of celluloid medium, picks holder, and a unique stocking stuffer. Featuring colorful and vibrant designs, the high quality printing process preserves the pick’s warm sound and natural feels.

18. Blossom Flowers Guitar Strap

blossom flowers guitar strap

Add a bit of flower power to their instruments with this colorful guitar strap. This blossom flowers guitar strap is packed with a strap button, strap locks, and also includes two picks. The strap is universally compatible with all guitars and is fully adjustable. The available sizes are 37 and 64 inches.  Along with the stunning design, the materials mainly offer unmatched comfort for the user.

19. Guitar Ice Tray & Stirrers

guitar ice trays

Add a twist to their fun nights with this guitar ice tray and stirrers. This unique tray features the stick handle that resembles the real arm of a guitar. Made of a food-safe silicone, it’s safe to use in any drinks and produce awesome guitar shaped ice cubes. This tray is perfect for themed parties, cocktails, and similar occasions.

Guitar Gifts For Guitarists Of All Ages

20. Electric Guitar Dangle Earrings

electric guitar dangle earrings

Surprise any female guitarist in your life with these awesome electric guitar dangling earrings. These stylish and cute pieces are offered in bright colors of pink and purple. Each earring measures two inches long. The set is packed with silvertone fishhook wires and is an ideal gift for any special occasion or celebration.

21. Music Theory For Guitarists Book

music theory for guitarists book

For any guitarist looking to take their skills to the next level, they’re sure to love this Music Theory For Guitarists Book. It contains the levels of finding wealth using practical music knowledge. The author and veteran guitarist Tom Kolb uses diagrams to dispel the mysteries of music theory. Apart from the different guitar models, it also has ear training, chords, modes, scales and examples.

22. Guitar Capo

guitar capo gift idea

An essential accessory for any guitarist, this capo will help them play countless new songs. Specifically designed to adjust the micrometer tension, this item is applicable for 6-string electric and acoustic guitars. It has a system of tri-action geometry wherein it reduces the force and effort in closing and opening the capo. It is constructed of aircraft grade aluminium, which is sure to stand the test of time.

23. Classic Guitar Socks

classic guitar socks

Let a guitarist rock these classic guitar socks! Made of spandex, polyester, nylon, and cotton, these socks have a pull-on closure with a vibrant guitar pattern design. These classic guitar socks fit shoe sizes 6 to 12. They are also available in top eye-catching colors such as blue, red, and green.

24. Super Slinky Guitar Strings

super slinky guitar strings

For any guitarist who shreds often, an extra pack of strings are always appreciated! Available in three individual sets packed in a single flow-wrap package. The package has a shield element that keeps the strings good as new. These strings are known to be used by legends such as Metallica, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, to name a few.  

25. Guitar Pendant Necklace

guitar pendant necklace

Let them take their electric guitar wherever they go with this beautiful pendant necklace jewelry. Guaranteed rust resistant, this necklace is made of stainless steel that can withstand any weather. The necklace comes with a two inch and 22 inch long matching silver chain. It arrives in a package that also includes a black velvet pouch for safe storage. 

26. String Care Kit

string care kit

Care for your loved one’s favorite strings by gifting them this string care kit. It fuels the strings to play faster and last longer. This care kit enhances the speed so they can slide smoothly and reduce finger noise. It can clean the strings quickly without a mess and preserve the quality of the guitar.

27. Pop Up Guitar Greetings Card

guitar greetings card

Nothing is sweeter than a pop up guitar greeting card. It is the perfect greeting card for music lovers, guitar players, and teachers. It stands six by six inches and when opened, shows a three-dimensional electric guitar. This colorful and stylish card has laser cut embellishments to top off the special surprise.


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