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For anyone who loves hiking, help make their outdoor adventures even more enjoyable by gifting them some useful and practical gifts.

No matter if it’s their birthday, wedding, or you’re just showing how much you appreciate them, we’ve got all the best gifts they’ll love.

From backpacks and trekking poles to hats and emergency equipment, discover all the best gifts for hikers below.

Best Gifts For Hikers 2022

1. TETON Hiking Backpack

For any hiker in your life, get them this hiking backpack to help them store all of their essential gear. This versatile hiking backpack is the perfect bag for week-long hikes due to its massive space and light weight of only 5 pounds. Practical and useful, any hiker is sure to love it.

2. Wanderlust A Hiker’s Companion Book

Help them unlock their inner adventurer by gifting them this fantastic hiker’s companion book. They will learn about some of the very best routes around the world and see inspiring photographs of some of the world’s most astounding hiking locations. Any fan of hiking or exploring would love to receive this as a gift.

3. Trekking Poles

These trekking poles are a wonderful gift that you can get for anybody who loves to do some off-trail hiking and backpacking. Made out of sturdy and lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, these trekking poles will provide them with added safety and comfort even on the longest of hikes. Available in 8 different colors, they also include interchangeable pieces and tips if a swap needs to be made while out on a walk.

4. GoPro HERO7 Camera

Get them this rugged GoPro camera and allow them to film some of their adventures. This camera films beautiful 4k resolution videos and even comes with an 8x slo-mo feature to get those awesome shots. With advanced stabilization, waterproof protection, and a sturdy case, it also comes with some fantastic photo and video options any hiker is sure to love using.

5. Foam Roller

After a long hike, some relaxation and self-care are most definitely needed. That is why you should get any avid hiker this foam roller so that they can unwind and rest their tired muscles after their adventures. This durable roller won’t lose its shape even after repeated use, and the simple structure and design mean that it can be brought along on hikes without any hassle.

6. Trailblazer Ponytail Hat

This ponytail hat is a fantastic gift that you can pick up for that special hiker in your life. Designed to give the best protection from the sun and elements. This versatile hat is excellent for anyone who wants to wear their hair in a ponytail comfortably. This hat’s extended design protects the face and neck from the sun and elements, making it a perfect gift for hikers.

7. Triple Crown Of Hiking Maps Wall Art

Some of the United States’ most famous and challenging hiking trails are depicted on these beautiful wall art prints. This wall map showcases the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide, all in beautiful full color and astounding topographical map format. Any hiker that plans on trekking these beautiful trails at some point in their lives will absolutely love to receive these as a gift.

8. Polarized Sunglasses

On a sunny day, one of the best pieces of equipment aside from a good hat is a good pair of polarizing sunglasses. These glasses come with fully polarized lenses and full UVA and UVB protection, so anyone’s eyes will remain protected even on very sunny days. They come in three different colors for frames, as well as choices of red, orange, or black lenses.

9. America’s Best Day Hikes

This book is a great read for anyone that plans on tackling some of North America’s very best hiking spots. In this book, they will read about some of the very best trails that they can take if they want to get a hike done in one day. Including beautiful photographs of each location and detailed descriptions, this book provides anyone with a good idea of what’s on offer, making this a wonderful gift.

10. YETI Insulated Tumbler

Having an insulated tumbler on a hike is a great idea. That’s why this essential gift is perfect for all hikers. Whether they want to keep a hot drink hot or cold drink cold, this tumbler will get the job done. It comes in 27 different colors and styles and is totally BPA free, durable, and free from spills due to its special magnet lock system. This tumbler can hold up to 30 oz of liquid and keep it safe all hike long.

11. Portable First Aid Kit

Having a good first aid kit is a godsend should anything go wrong on a hike. Surprise any hiker with this first aid kit as a gift to ensure they will have the proper tools in case of emergency. The pack comes with waterproof contents that protect all of the essential medical supplies, and everything is contained in a compact and lightweight package.

12. America’s Great Hiking Trails Book

America has some astounding hiking trails on offer that very few people know, so getting this book as a gift for that hiker friend of yours is a wonderful idea. They will be able to see some of the very best trails around the country and see whether they want to tackle them. This book contains photographs detailing the trails in beautiful detail, really giving a great idea of what they can expect if they ever decide to go on a hike there.

13. Solar Power Bank Charger

Get them this solar power bank so that they never have to worry about their equipment running low on battery while out on a hike. This 30,000mAh power bank is compatible with all brands of smartphones and other gadgets and even comes packed with an LED flashlight. This sturdy piece of equipment will charge as they walk, so getting this as a gift for an avid hiker is a no-brainer.

14. Darn Tough Cushion Socks

Grab them a good pair of socks so that they can walk comfortably for the entire duration of their hike. These socks come with a full cushion bottom and durable composition, meaning that no matter how long their hike may take, their feet will never ache or grow sore. With seven different colors to choose from, each has the Darn Tough guarantee that these socks will be replaced should they ever develop a rip, tear, or hole.

15. GU Energy Gel Pack

Get any avid adventurer this pack of nutrition energy gel so that they can feel refreshed and energized throughout their hike. This 24 pack of nutrition energy gel is the perfect gift to get a hiker who loves to go on long treks and needs to stay energized and ready to go. With branched-chain amino acids that reduce muscle damage and mental fatigue paired with delicious flavors such as tri-berry and strawberry banana, this is a great gift.

16. 2 Liter Hydration Backpack

This 2 liter hydration backpack is the perfect gift for hikers who go on long, challenging hikes and need to stay hydrated. This comfortable backpack comes packed with a massive storage unit to hold 2 liters of liquid as well as multiple storage areas where other gear and equipment can be held. Its ultralight structure ensures that it will stay comfortable even during the longest of hikes.

17. LED Headlamp

Get them this LED headlamp so that they can comfortably and safely go on hikes even when things get dark. This headlamp comes packed with super bright LEDs that can illuminate up to 85 meters ahead and have seven different light modes. Batteries come included, and with a run time of up to 50 hours, they can use this without worry, no matter how long their hike lasts.

18. Ben’s Insect Repellent Pack

Hiking is a very enjoyable experience, but insects and biting bugs can really ruin it for some people. Grab this insect repellent pack for a friend or family member that loves hiking, so they have one less annoyance to worry about when they’re out on the trail. This repellent provides up to 10 hours of full protection with 100% DEET and comes in a large 3.4 oz bottle. Two bottles mean that they’ll have enough to use for a long time to come!

19. Collapsible Water Bottle

This collapsible water bottle is a wonderful gift to get for a hiker that loves to pack light. When not in use, they can fold it up and stow it away, and when it is unfolded, it can hold up to 22 oz of liquid. Totally BPA free and coming in 8 different colors, this durable and leakproof water bottle is an awesome gift for any hiker.

20. Emergency Blankets Pack

Ensure they always carry the essentials with these extra large thermal mylar space blankets. Any hiker will be able to keep warm in this enormous 7 by 5 foot blanket and get complete body protection. This NASA designed material is totally waterproof and reflects up to 90% of their body heat, ensuring that they stay warm and comfy even on cold nights.

21. Clif Energy Bars Pack

Get them this pack of energy bars so that they can always have a snack ready while out on their hike. Coming in 8 different flavors ranging from sierra trail mix to white chocolate macadamia nut, these bars are made for sustained energy and feature ingredients that will provide the body with essential nutrients.

22. Vintage Hiking T-Shirt

Any hiker would love to receive this vintage hiking shirt. Featuring a hiker on top of a peak and against a background of faded retro colors, this comfortable and lightweight shirt is an awesome gift idea. Machine washable and made out of cotton, this shirt will last a long time and accompany them on many hikes to come.

23. Multi-functional Utensil Tool

This multi-functional utensil tool is the ideal gift for a hiker that needs to prepare and eat their meals while out on the trail. Those who take long hikes out in the wilderness need to have a reliable set of utensils, and this six function utensil tool is the perfect gift. Comes with a knife, fork, spoon, corkscrew, bottle opener, and reamer.

24. Enamel Camping Coffee Cup

Get them this beautiful coffee cup as a gift that they can take with them on all of their hikes. This is a high quality cup that can hold up to 11 oz of beverages and fits perfectly inside any backpack. This cup can also be used to hold soup or other food, making it a great multi-purpose piece of equipment that any hiker would adore.

Essential Hiking Gifts

25. LifeStraw Water Filter

When out on the trail, finding clean water is often tough. That is why this water filter is such a great gift to get for that avid hiker in your life. This filter is an awesome tool to have as it can remove up to 99.999% of waterborne bacteria, parasites, and other debris. Getting them this tool as a gift will help them cut down on them having to lug around liters of water everywhere.

26. Another Half Mile Or So T-Shirt

Encourage that avid hiker in your life by getting them this inspirational shirt. This shirt comes in five colors and features a beautiful mountain peak against a sunset of retro colors. Machine washable and made out of comfortable cotton and polyester, they can wear this hiking shirt all day long to show off their passion.

27. Tactical Survival Compass

Get them this survival compass so that they will never get lost when out on a hike. This compass is totally water and shockproof, ensuring that it can take a beating and keep on kicking even on rough hikes. The easy and accurate readings make it a very useful tool, and the fact that it can be read very easily at night is a huge bonus. Also comes with a conversion chart and a rotating bezel ring.

28. Take A Hike T-Shirt

Gift them this funny shirt if they love to go hiking. The fun saying on the front is sure to get a chuckle out of anyone who receives this shirt, and the comfortable materials will make it a dream to wear. Made out of ultra soft and lightweight fabrics, it’s also printed with high quality ink and will surely be a mainstay in any hiker’s wardrobe.

29. Brixton Heist Beanie

Hiking in cold weather or at night means warm clothing is essential. Get them this beanie so that no matter when they hike, they’ll be able to keep their head warm and comfortable. This beanie comes in 20 different colors and features a one size fits all fit. With a pull on closure and super comfortable design, this beanie is a great gift to give to any hiker.

30. Hiking Trowel

Digging out a spot for a tent or fire is made super easy with this sturdy hiking trowel. This trowel’s durable stainless steel is made to be wear resistant, meaning it’s sure to last plenty of hikes. This trowel comes packed with extra features such as a shovel, a saw, a ruler, nail extractor and hex wrench, and even 110 inches of paracord!

31. Wide Brim Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are some of the most comfortable hats that one can wear when out on a long hike. Get any hiker in your life this super comfortable polyester bucket hat so that they can stay comfortable and safe from the sun while on their hike. This hat is water repellent, breathable, super lightweight, and comes with an adjustable chin strap to ensure that it stays in place even when it gets windy.

32. Carabiner Clips Pack

Carabiner clips are some of the most useful items that a hiker can carry. Grab them this pack of four sturdy clips so that they will always have a place to hang their equipment and tools while out on a hike. Each clip is heavy duty and can hold up to 2,697 lbs, yet they remain lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. Any hiker would love to receive these durable and snag free clips as a gift.


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