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Training to become a doctor, nurse, physician, or technologist is no easy task and requires years of intense training. Know somebody in your life training to become a health professional? Then make their journey to becoming qualified easier with these practical gifts and presents.

Having spoken to various med students studying different courses across the US, we’ve handpicked thirty of the most useful gifts they wish they had. From stethoscopes to crocs, and 3D anatomy models, here are the best present ideas for medical students.

Best Presents For Medical Students

1. Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

fingertip pulse oximeter

Help them take their patient’s blood oxygen levels and pulse rate in as fast as ten seconds with this must have fingertip pulse oximeter. Super small and portable, this device features a large LCD display for easy reading and fits a wide range of finger sizes. With two AAA batteries included, any medical student will be able to use this straight away.

2. Ultra Repair Cream

ultra repair cream gift

Wearing protective clothing and gear all day long can leave skin very dry and flaky. Help any medical student keep their skin looking hydrated and fresh with this ultra repair cream. Fast absorbing, the rich moisturizer will provide instant relief to any dry skin with no greasy after-feel. Available in two and six ounce tubs, their skin will thank you later.

3. Littmann Stethoscope

littmann stethoscope

For most med students, a stethoscope is an essential medical device that they use every day. Upgrade their current stethoscope or give them a spare with this professional grade Littmann stethoscope. Available in five different colors, including blue, black and burgundy, this stethoscope is sure to look great over their white coat.

4. Prescription Coffee Mug

prescription coffee mug

What better way to keep any med student fuelled throughout their long days with their very own prescription of coffee. Shaped just like a prescription tube, this mug is guaranteed to make them laugh. Complete with funny writing on the side, this 12 oz mug is just what the doctor ordered!

5. 3D Heart Model

3d heart model gift

Help them learn the structure of a heart with this incredible 3D heart model. Featuring 34 anatomical structures, each piece is held together with a magnet and sits on a sturdy display base. Also included is a handy detailed manual that explain every single piece and how they all fit together, making it the perfect gift for any future medical doctor.

6. Surgical Instrumentation Flashcards

surgical instruments flashcards

For anyone who’s studying to become an operating room nurse or technologist, these surgical instrument flashcards are sure to come in useful. Including 300 unique cards, each card contains information about specific tools including photographs and labels. Fully laminated and durable, these cards are ideal for anyone studying for the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) or Certified Sterile Process Technician (CSPT) exams.

7. Speidel Scrub Watch

speidel scrub watch

Knowing the time is crucial for many important medical tasks including taking someone’s pulse, ensure they’re always equipped with this medical scrub watch. Available in ten different colors, the watch is easy to clean and water resistant up to 30 metres. Featuring a highly visible red seconds hand, anyone will be able to take pulses with ease!

8. Classic Crocs Clogs

classic crocs clogs

Ensure their feet stay comfy through long shifts with these essential classic croc clogs. Featuring a unique massaging insole, their feet will certainly enjoy these! Lightweight and breathable, these clogs also include an anti-slip sole to keep them steady on every floor surface. Available in over 30 different colors, any student working in a hospital is sure to love them.

9. Before & After Patients Cups

before & after patient cups

Having a drink before and after dealing with patients can be dramatically different! Make any medical student smile with this hilarious coffee mug and wine glass set. Featuring a coffee mug and wine glass each with their own print, these US made cups are guaranteed to be used regularly after a long day at work.

10. E.M.T. Lunch Bag

emt lunch bag gift

Make them the center of attention during break time with this hilarious gag gift. Fun and functional, this lunchbox looks just like a real transplant bag, but the only thing this will be keeping fresh is their lunch! Foam insulated with a waterproof lining and organ donor ID tag, this lunch bag is perfect for any med students who enjoy a laugh.

11. Medical History & Physical Notebook

medical history & physical notebook

Knowing the medical history of every patient is crucial in order to give them the best treatment. Ensure your doctor or surgeon to be is fully equipped for any patient with this medical history and physical notebook. Including 100 medical templates, this will make it super easy for any student to write down all the important history so they don’t forget.

12. Organ Attack Board Game

organ attack board game

Give them a break and add a bit of fun to their life with this cool medical themed board game. Suitable for two to four players, the aim of the game is to remove opponent’s organs before they remove yours! Ideal for any medical student in need of some fun revision, this is perfect to play with non-health professionals.

13. Suture Practice Kit

suture practice kit

Take their medical practice to the next level with this 27-piece surgery training set. Complete with a large silicone test pad and various stainless steel tools, students can perfect their stitches on lifelike skin texture. Ideal for that surgeon or vet to be, they’ll have everything they need to start practicing!

14. Med School Anatomy Flashcards

anatomy flashcards

Learning about the human body can be one of the most difficult topics for any med student. Ensure they understand every aspect of human anatomy with this set of detailed flashcards. Suitable for any type of medical student interested in the human body, each of these 300 colored cards contains precise illustrations and in-depth anatomical descriptions.

15. Humerus Coffee Mug

humerus coffee mug

Add something new and funny to their mug collection with this Humerus mug! Made from high quality scratch resistant ceramic, the mug also has a vivid and lasting print that won’t fade. Both microwave and dishwasher safe, this mug will hold up to 11 oz of liquid. Ideal for medical profession student, they are bound to find this mug just a humorous!

16. Portable Press Coffee Maker

portable press coffee maker

Let them get their coffee fix on the go with this incredibly handy and fast portable French coffee press. Very easy to use, simply add coffee, hot water, and off they go! The double walled thermal insulation will also keep drinks warm for up to 24 hours. Easy to clean and reusable, this coffee marker is ideal for anyone constantly on the go.

17. Human Organ Shower Curtain

human organ shower curtain

Help them cram in that extra bit of revision every morning while they shower with this awesome and educational shower curtain. Featuring detailed diagrams and illustrations of the human body, this waterproof polyester fabric curtain is great for reading while in the shower. Covering topics such as the digestive system, human skeleton, circulatory system and more, any medical student is sure to love this present!

18. Med School Uncensored Book

medical school uncensored book

Know somebody who’s just started medical school? Give them an eye opening insight into what to expect over the next few years with this informative book. Covering both the good and bad of med school, this book is written by a recent medical school grad and covers everything they wish they knew before they started.

19. Medical Clipboard

medical clipboard

Ensure they stay organized when dealing with patients with this medical folding clipboard. Suitable for any medical professional including nurses and physicians, this clipboard is ideal for carrying up to 15 sheets of paper and a pen. Also included on the clipboard is a range of helpful medical notes and formulas that are often referred do when dealing with patients.

20. Medical Advice T-Shirt

medical advice t-shirt

Med school is known for being extremely expensive and students will often do whatever they can to make some extra money on the side. Make any student smile with this hilarious t-shirt. Featuring the phrase “will give medical advice for tacos”; this is bound to resonate with plenty of med students!

21. House MD Blu-ray Collection

house MD blu-ray collection

Give them something to binge watch on their days off with this complete House M.D. blu-ray collection. Featuring all 8 seasons and 177 episodes, any medical school student will love the gripping stories of Dr House as he tries to solve the most peculiar cases. With 46 discs included, they’ll have plenty of fun making their way through this TV show.

22. Medical Rosie T-Shirt

medical rosie t-shirt

Ideal for any women studying or working in medicine, they’re bound to fall in love with this tee. Featuring a v neck fit, this T-shirt is designed and made in the US by Michigan artists. Created by Ann Arbor T-shirt company, this tee is available in five different sizes and uses ink that doesn’t fade.

23. Compression Socks

compression socks

Working in medicine usually means students will spend most of their time on their feet running around. Ensure they stay comfy and that their feet can handle the long shifts with these handy compression socks. Designed to promote circulation and oxygen flow, these socks will help keep them on their feet for longer while relieving any pain.

24. Mind Maps for Medical Students

mind maps for medical students

Know somebody in medical school who is struggling to remember essential facts and formulas for their exams? Give them a helping hand with this awesome mind maps for medical students book. Featuring over 100 unique mind maps organized by body structure, this pocket-sized book includes everything they’ll ever need to know.

25. Advanced Dissection Kit

advanced dissection kit

Ensure they are well prepared for their dissection lessons with this ultimate set of stainless steel tools. Including 20 individual instruments such as scissors, tweezers, needles and scalpels, this set is ideal for any medical students such as vets. Complete in a zip up pouch, this portable pack is easy to carry and transport to and from class.

26. Dr. Scrubz Teddy Bear

dr scrubz teddy bear gift

Brighten up their day with this cuddling and soft Dr. Scrubz teddy bear. Perfect for those days when everything seems to be going wrong and the whole universe is against them, this little guy is sure to make them feel better. Standing ten inches tall, this bear is an excellent present for anyone just graduating med school.

27. Netter’s Anatomy Coloring Book

netter's anatomy coloring book

Help them learn and master their human anatomy with ease while having fun! Reinforce their understanding of the human body by tracing arteries, veins and nerves while studying these detailed drawings. Ideal for any student at medical school, this 392-page book covers all of the most challenging structures in a fun and relaxing style.

28. Trust Me I’m Almost A Doctor Mug

almost a doctor mug

Make any med student smile with this funny almost a doctor mug! The perfect present for anyone who’s almost completed medical school, this microwave safe mug is bound to be loved by any doctor to be. Made from white ceramic with a black handle and printed on both sides, this is sure to crack a few smiles.

29. Medical Terminology Book

medical terminology book

Starting medical school can be very overwhelming for anyone, no matter how much they’ve studied. Give them something that will guide them through their medical education with this awesome medical terminology book. 182 pages full of medical terms, anyone who reads this will be well prepared for any medical course!

30. Medical Pens Set

medical pens set

Add some humour to their study sessions with these funny gag pens. Containing 20 pens in three different styles, the pens include syringe pens, bone pens, and retractable pill pens. An ideal gift for any med student, these are guaranteed to help them solider through those intense study sessions.


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