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Podcasts are undoubtedly taking the world by storm. With hundreds of super popular shows out there covering a range of topics and subjects, it’s no wonder they are super popular!

Do you know someone in your life who loves listening to podcasts such as Joe Rogan or Sawbones?

Then make their podcast listening experience as enjoyable as possible with these must own gifts.

No matter if they can’t stop listening to podcasts or perhaps they are even thinking about starting their own, discover the best gifts for podcast lovers below.

Best Gifts For Podcast Lovers

1. Soft Bean Bag Chair

soft bean bag chair present

Get them something comfy they can relax on and listen to their podcasts. Soft, comfortable and available in 14 different colors, this makes a perfect addition to any room. The best part about it has no beans! It’s made out of pillowy memory foam that fits the body perfectly, meaning no worries about it spilling out.

2. I’m Listening To True Crime Podcasts T-Shirt

true crime podcasts t-shirt

A gift that truly speaks their mind, this true crime podcast shirt is a great way to tell the world that they love true crime podcasts! No matter what podcast they love, if they want to wear something that shows it, this well-made shirt comes in 10 different colors, is comfy, and it is also machine washable.

3. Apple AirPod Earphones

apple airpod earphones

Improve their podcast listening experience wherever they are, with these essential Apple AirPods! Fashionable, comfortable, and portable, these earphones have neat features such as double-tapping to skip or play, as well as Siri functionality. They charge quickly and last for hours, making them a perfect gift for any podcast lover.

4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

portable bluetooth speaker

Anyone who loves to listen to podcasts outside or while they’re travelling will love this portable Bluetooth speaker. If they love going to the beach or the pool, then they’ll love how this thing is fully waterproof. With booming sound quality and a compact, sleek design, this is a great gift to give if they love to listen to podcast shows on the go.

5. Seeking Podcast Discussion Partners Mug

podcast discussion partners mug

Does your bestie love talking about the latest podcast episode they just listened to? Then they’ll simply adore this mug. Made of high-quality ceramics and printed with artwork that won’t fade, this is a great gift for them if they love to discuss while having a cup of coffee. Durable and stylish, they’ll be able to enjoy this mug for years to come.

6. The Podcast Journal

the podcast journal gift idea

If you know someone who is aspiring to make their own podcast, then this is the perfect gift. They can stay organized and follow professional steps that are provided in this guide in order to make the best podcast they can. With pro tips and helpful guides, they’ll truly enjoy receiving this gift and starting their podcasting career.

7. Rode NT-USB Studio Microphone

node studio microphone for podcast lovers

A great gift for aspiring podcasters, this mic will provide them with ultra high-quality sound all through a simple USB connection. A pop shield, tripod desk stand, ring mount, USB wire, and storage pouch are all included so that they can get started and make a top-tier podcast right away. There is even a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack built in for real time feedback.

8. Fueled By Coffee & True Crime Podcasts T-Shirt

fueled by coffee & true crime podcasts t-shirt

This shirt is a great gift for those who want to show their love for their favorite true crime podcast. Available in five different colors, this is a great gift for anyone obsessed with true crime. It is completely machine washable and durable, meaning they’ll get tons of use out if it for years to come. It’s also lightweight and comfortable, so they can wear it any day of the week!

9. Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered Book

stay sexy and dont get murdered book

This book is a wonderful present for anyone interested in Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark’s podcast. They can learn about some never-before-shared stories and gain insight into some of their favorite podcasters like never before. There are also stories of crime and societal issues that make this an awesome read for any fan of the podcast.

10. Bike Phone Holder Mount

bike phone holder mount

Get them something that allows them to listen to their favorite podcast while they’re on the go. They can hook this sturdy and safe phone holder right onto their bike, so they can enjoy the show and control their phone while they ride. Shockproof protected and easily installed, it will hold the majority of mobile phones and keep them safe on their travels.

11. The Joe Rogan Experience Mug

the joe rogan experience mug

Any fan of the Joe Rogan Experience will be ecstatic if they receive this mug as a gift. One look and anyone will know what they love to listen to. Coming in two different colors, white and black, and made of durable ceramic, they’ll get tons of use out of this cup. The print won’t fade, either, so they can display their love for the show for years to come.

12. Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

amazon echo dot smart speaker

This voice activated speaker is a blast and will be a dream gift for any podcast fan. It can control your smart home, respond to your voice, and even has privacy protection. Of course, being an Amazon product, it has Alexa functionality built in. Listening to podcasts hands-free has never been easier, since they’ll be able to have Alexa start and pause it for them!

13. Unisex Stereo Beanie Hat

unisex stereo beanie hat

For winter times, this is the best gift to get anyone who can’t be stopped from listening to their favorite podcast! With built-in wireless speakers, a 300mAh rechargeable battery, and soft and warm knit fabric, nothing can stop them from enjoying their podcast. It comes in black and grey, too, making it a great fit for any attire.

14. The Sawbones Book (Podcast Gift Book)

the sawbones book podcast gift idea

If they’re interested in learning about how modern medicine got to where it is today and love listening to the Sawbones podcast, then get them this book! They will be able to learn about new things that were never discussed on the show, and gain insight into how we arrived where we are in modern medicine.

15. Portable Recording Vocal Booth Box

portable recording vocal booth box

Get them a gift that will serve them well while on the go. This portable recording booth box is a perfect present for podcasters that travel a lot. Easily installed, expertly crafted, and treated with high-density acoustic egg crate foam, they will definitely get a lot of use out of this product. It fits in most suitcases and makes recording on the go a cinch.

16. I Listen To Podcasts And I Know Things Tee

i listen to podcasts and i know things tee

A wonderful gift that truly expresses how they feel. This shirt comes in five different colors and is a great, snarky little present you can give to a friend or loved one. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and features a clean print that won’t fade or scratch off after repeated washes. Any podcast fan will love this shirt.

17. Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker

waterproof shower bluetooth speaker

Can they not get enough of their favorite podcast? Then this will make for the perfect gift! They can listen even while in the shower with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Coming in five different colors and boasting a playtime of up to 12 hours, this speaker will provide clear HD sound even while they take a shower. They’ll never miss a podcast with this lightweight and portable waterproof speaker.

18. So You Want To Start A Podcast Book

so you want to start a podcast book

Get that aspiring podcaster this book so that they can learn how to start a quality podcast in no time. With inspiring and comprehensive guides, your friend or loved one will have no issues getting started. The encouragement and stories of other professional podcasters will boost their morale and keep them working hard towards their goal of launching their own show.

19. Coffee Then Podcast Mug

coffee then podcast mug

When you know they start their day off with coffee and then listening to their favorite podcast, then you know you should get them this mug! A gift that will make any podcast fan happy, this ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and features print that will never fade. Coffee and a podcast never went together better!

20. The Curious Ape Book (For Joe Rogan Podcast Lovers)

the curious ape book

Lovers of the Joe Rogan Experience will adore this loaded informational book. If you have a friend that is an avid fan of the podcast and wants to have something they can refer to, then this is the essential gift for them. They’ll be able to read some of the most profound hilights, concepts and ideas on the show right here in this very book.

21. Just A Girl Who Loves Murder Podcasts T-Shirt

just a girl who lovers murder podcasts t-shirt

Know a girl in your life who is a murderino and wants to show their love for the podcast? Then this is the perfect gift to get them. Choose from 10 different colors and give them a gift that showcases exactly how they feel about the podcast. Machine washable and made of lightweight yet durable fabric with a print that won’t fade or scratch, this is sure to work with any outfit.

22. Mostly Void Partially Stars Book

mostly void partially stars book

For any fans who regularly listen to space podcasts, this is a must buy. The book contains a collection of some of the best episodes from the podcast of the same name and is a great gift for any fan of the podcast. Any fan of the show will enjoy being able to read and reminisce on some of the best episodes that came out, and even non-fans will get a kick out of the stories included within this book.

23. The Last Book On The Left

the last book on the left

If you know someone who is a fan of The Last Podcast on the Left then this is a must-have book for their collection. They will be able to enjoy some amazing stories from the hosts of the show delving into serial killers, werewolves, and even other supernatural happenings. With the same dash of dark humor that the show is known for, this book will get a kick out of any fan.

24. Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Keychain

joe rogan experience podcast keychain

For fans of Joe Rogan, this keychain will be one of the best ways that they can express their enjoyment of the show. Made out of zinc alloy plating and black nickle, this spinning keychain will make a perfect addition to any set of keys, and allow fans of the show to showcase their passion for the podcast anywhere they go.

25. I’m Listening to True Crime Podcasts PopSocket

true crime podcasts popsocket

Get them a gift that speaks exactly what is on their mind (or earphones!). This PopGrip is a subtle way that they can show people that they are listening to their favorite podcast and do not want to be disturbed. With a swappable top, expandable stand, and strong adhesive, this PopGrip will serve multiple purposes without ever coming loose or getting in the way.


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