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Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world and has millions of players captivated by its fast-paced action and global superstars. If you know someone who’s a big fan of soccer, then you’ll probably also know how confusing it can be. Who are the popular players? What does the average soccer player need? What special gift can you buy that will put a big smile on their face?

No matter if they regularly play soccer or prefer watching it on TV, these soccer gifts are suitable for anyone who loves the game. From artwork and books, to mannequins and video games, these gifts are everything a soccer fan or player would love to receive.

1. Glow In The Dark Ball

glow in the dark ball

Playing soccer doesn’t have to be limited to the amount of sunshine in a day with this ball. Perfect for those dark winter months or people who absolutely LOVE soccer, this LED light-up ball will let them play long into the night. Impact activated, this gift is sure to bring a smile to any big soccer fan.

2. IQ Book

iq book

Anyone who plays soccer will spend a lot of time practicing their kicks and shots, but few spend time practicing their strategy. Help anyone become a better soccer player on the pitch with this packed informational book. Featuring plenty of strategies and tips, this book is sure to make anyone a better player.

3. Ball Bath Bombs

ball bath bombs

There’s nothing better than relaxing after a long and tiring soccer game than with a bath. Add some soccer to their bath time with these awesome bath bombs. These soccer ball bath bombs are handmade in the USA and feature natural ingredients such as Epsom salt, which are great for healing those sore muscles.

4. Novelty Goal Mug

goal mug

Help them practice their shots when they’re not on the pitch with this funny novelty soccer goal mug. Featuring a standard sized mug with a net attached on the handle, this mug will turn anybody into a soccer star. Fire in marshmallows, sugar cubes, or whatever they can get their hands on, and help them become the star they were born to be.

5. Neymar Jr. Pop Vinyl Figure

neymar pop vinyl figure

An extremely popular soccer player over in Europe, Neymar Jr caught the attention of millions during his amazing World Cup performance for Brazil. Since then, he’s built an army of fans that want to be him. Surprise any soccer fan with this awesome Neymar Jr pop vinyl figure gift that they’re sure to love.

6. Portable Goal Net

portable goal net

Trying to play soccer with cones as the goal is always going to lead to disputes, give them something realistic to practice on with this portable training soccer goal. Ideal for folding away after use, this soccer goal is super portable and made out of durable weather-resistant materials. Usable indoors and out, they’ll be no more disputes if it went over the imaginary crossbar or not!

7. Training Mannequin

training mannequin

Practicing soccer on your own can be a tricky task, especially when you’re trying to practice free kicks. Help somebody get as much soccer practice as they’d like with this handy soccer training mannequin. Perfect for coaches, trainers and players, this mannequin will help anybody improve their free kicks.

8. FIFA 2022 Game

fifa 2022

One of the best selling games of all time, FIFA is a must-have for every soccer fan. Available on XBOX and PS4, this game is up to date with all the latest players and teams as well as the ability to play it online. No matter what team they support, they’ll be able to manage and play them thanks to FIFA 2022.

9. Soccer Socks

socks gift

The ideal gift for any soccer fan, these soccer socks will help them take their game to the next level. No matter if they’re an avid player or just a fan, these socks are sure to let everybody know what their favorite sport is. Available in adult sizes 6 to 12, these socks will get them in the soccer mood whenever they put them on.

10. Stress Balls

stress balls

Watching and playing soccer can both be incredibly stressful, especially when you’re losing! Help someone stay relaxed and calm while their team is taking a beating with these handy stress balls. Shaped like miniature soccer balls, these ultra-lightweight and softballs are perfect for squeezing and throwing around.

11. What’s Life Without Goals Medal Holder

soccer medal holder

Collecting soccer medals can leave a room very messy and unorganized. Know somebody who is struggling to keep their soccer medals tidy? Look no further than this handy soccer medal holder. Featuring a “What’s Life Without Goals” slogan, this holder has plenty of hooks to hold their medals and is easily installed with key-slot drilled holes.

12. Agility Exercise Kit

agility exercise kit

Becoming better on the field is all to do with practice and training. Did Ronaldo wake up one day and become a soccer superstar? Of course he didn’t! He spent years training his speed, endurance, and agility to become the best. Help someone improve their game on the field with this portable agility exercise kit, featuring everything they need to become faster and more agile.

13. Ball Whiskey Glass

whiskey glasses

What better way to relax and watch your favorite team on the TV than with a nice drink of whiskey in a soccer-themed whiskey glass. Perfect for every adult soccer fan, these glasses are beautifully crafted with a unique soccer design that every soccer fan will love.

14. Sports Backpack


Staying organized for football training can be tricky when you have so much stuff to remember. Give someone a helping hand with this fantastic soccer backpack with ball holder compartment. Ideal for carrying all of their soccer gear, they’ll never run out of room or forget anything for their training sessions.

15. Ball Lamp

lamp gift idea

For all the young soccer fans out there, they’re sure to love this 3D soccer illusion lamp. Perfect for having as a night light in their bedroom, this lamp projects a 3D ball that will not only light up their room, but also leave them amazed. With the ability to change the color and brightness with a remote control, every young soccer fan is sure to love this gift.

16. Sports Headband


It’s no fun playing soccer when you have long hair that covers your face! Help someone keep their hair tamed with this soccer-themed headband. Unisex and lightweight, this headband will be a must-have for anyone who plays soccer regularly.

17. Charm Bracelet


Know somebody who already has lots of soccer memorabilia and don’t know what to get them? Here’s something they won’t have, this minimalist but cute soccer bracelet. Unisex and suitable for anyone, this bracelet easily adjusts to fit wrists between 5 to 8 inches and is sure to worn daily.

18. Cristiano Ronaldo: The Rise of a Winner

cristiano ronaldo the rise of a winner

Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the most successful soccer players in the world with countless goals and trophy wins. But just like every great champion, it didn’t just happen overnight. Inspire any soccer player or fan with this incredible Cristiano Ronaldo biography that explores how a young player turned into a relentless winner.

19. Solo Ball Trainer

solo trainer gift

Practicing shots on the field can be particularly tedious when you have to go and pick up the ball each time. Help someone improve their training sessions by saving them time thanks to this hands-free solo soccer trainer. Perfect for practicing shooting, passing, throw-ins and more, this soccer trainer

20. Shin Guards

shin guards

Playing soccer can often result in some nasty injuries if you don’t have the correct equipment. Make sure someone stays safe on the field with these extremely durable shin guard protectors. Flexible, lightweight and soft, they’re also machine washable and NOCSAE approved meaning they’ll be able to wear them for any competitive match.

21. Official USA Scarf & Beanie

usa scarf beanie

No matter what team they support, everyone can agree that the USA is the best (the women’s team are world cup winners after all!). Help someone show their support for the team with these official and licensed USA soccer merchandise. Containing a traditional scarf and beanie, these are sure to keep anyone warm while watching from the stands.

22. The Flea: The Amazing Story of Leo Messi

leo messi book

If they’re not a fan of Ronaldo then they’re probably a fan of Messi. This Argentinian superstar has taken the soccer world by storm and grown to become one of the most loved and top goal scorers of his time. This book explores the history of his career and upbringing and is a must-read for any Lionel Messi fan.

23. Bedding Sheets

bed sheets

Some people are just so soccer-crazy that they literally live, breathe and sleep the game. Give somebody a break from soccer with these super comfy soccer-themed bed sheets. Perfect for anyone who just wants to dream about soccer, these sheets feature a colorful design that is sure to send them off to sleep.

24. Robots Game

soccer robots game

Whoever said soccer was limited to the soccer field? Give them something to play when the weather’s bad with this awesome robots game. Suitable for two players, each robot is remote controlled and includes a full pitch, soccer balls and cones for them to play with.

25. Weighted Training Ball

weighted training ball

A clever technique to become better at soccer is to practice with a smaller weighted ball. By doing this, it becomes much easier when it comes to playing with a larger and lighter ball, which are commonly used on the field. This training ball will help anyone improve their technique and ball control unlike anything they’ve tried before.

26. Messi Artwork

messi artwork

What better way to inspire any young soccer player than with a picture of their hero? Make anyone’s dream come true with this fantastic Lionel Messi artwork. Suitable for any room including bedrooms and hallways, this colorful art is sure to inspire anyone to give it their all on the pitch.

27. Gatorade Prime Energy Chews

gatorade prime energy chews

Make sure your relatives and friends are at their peak performance with these handy Gatorade energy chews. Perfect for taking at half-time, these chews will unleash the energy they need to dominate the second half. Available in four different flavors including a variety pack to try them all, these are sure to go down well with any soccer player.


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