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No matter how many new audio formats they bring out, you just can’t beat a classic vinyl record!

Loved by millions from all over the world, a growing number of individuals are still maintaining and even adding to their existing record collection.

If you know a vinyl lover or record enthusiast, then we’ve got the perfect gift for them.

From vinyl carrying cases to must own vinyl CDs, discover the best gifts for vinyl lovers and record collectors below.

Best Gifts For Vinyl Lovers

1. Fleetwood Mac Rumours Vinyl CD

fleetwood mac rumours vinyl cd

Did you know that every record collector must have this Fleetwood Mac record in their collection? Sorry, we don’t make the laws! One of the most iconic bands from the 60s and 70s, this album features all of their popular hits such as Go Your Own Way and The Chain. This particular record is the 35th-anniversary edition, which any vinyl collector would love to add to their collection.

2. Vinyl Display Record Frame

vinyl display record frame

A vinyl collection can be stored in all sorts of ways, but the best way is to display them in places where they can be seen and appreciated every day. Give a vinyl collector this excellent vinyl display record frame, a wall-mountable frame that fits 12-inch album covers. It’s made of strong acrylic pane to keep vinyl records secure and comes with a hidden button that opens the frame to access the record.

3. Vinyl Coasters Set

vinyl coasters gift set

Allow a vinyl collector to live and breathe their love for music. This vinyl coasters set will give them an excuse to touch some vinyl records while making their morning coffee. Each set comes with six coasters with graphics of the most iconic musicians, including Elton John, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and the Beatles. The coasters measure four inches in diameter and are perfect for protecting any table from scratches and marks. 

4. Booze & Vinyl Book

booze vinyl book present

Any vinyl collector will surely love to listen to their classic records while sipping on a glass of fine booze. Get them this Booze & Vinyl book, a collection of cocktail recipes and insights about the songs, lyrics, and the artists. This will surely enrich a musical experience, especially for a hardcore vinyl lover.

5. Record Storage Carrying Case

record storage carrying case

A vinyl collector’s most prized possession is their collection, so this gift will surely be loved and appreciated. This record storage carrying case keeps vinyl records safe and scratch-free while transporting them around. Made of durable materials, the case comes with convenient carry handles for a secure grip. With a capacity of up to 30 records, it also comes in a variety of different colors that will match anyone’s personality!

6. Sun Set Vinyl Record Shirt

sun set vinyl record shirt

Let any vinyl collector show off their love for vinyl records with this cool t-shirt. Made from 100% cotton and printed with a high quality and classic vinyl design, this shirt can be worn for any occasion. With two different colors to choose from and available in several sizes from small to 3XL, this t-shirt is sure to go well with anyone’s outfit.

7. Record Wall Display Stand

record wall display stands

Help a vinyl collector display their most prized possessions through their home. These record wall display stands work as an individual shelf that can hold any vinyl of all standard sizes. It’s very minimalist in appearance so that the attention will always be on the vinyl record. Made of solid steel with a durable white acrylic finish the set comes in quantities of one to 12.

8. Music Vinyl Clock

music vinyl clock gift idea

This clock will make for the perfect addition to any vinyl collector’s home. Give it to your music-loving friend and instantly transform their room into a new happy place. The clock is handmade using recycled vinyl records. It also features a sleek sticker design, silent quartz clock mechanism, and decorative plastic disc to ensure durability and longevity.

9. Record Weight Stabilizer

record weight stabilizer

Make music-playing sessions smoother and more pleasant for a vinyl lover with this record weight stabilizer. An excellent gift for vinyl lovers, it weighs a mere 318 grams and helps to stabilize the vibrations without putting too much strain on the vinyl. And they don’t have to worry about scratching the record as the stabilizer is equipped with a cotton felt base pad to prevent any damage.

10. Adventures In Record Collecting Book

adventures in record collecting book

The perfect gift for record collector’s, this book features vinyl champions of the world Gilles Peterson and King Britt. Give any vinyl collector this Adventures In Record Collecting book to help them learn about the lives of their idols and discover how to improve and expand their collections and passions. Featuring a range of interviews with record collectors, the book also includes pictures and highlights of their collections.

11. Vinyl Record Jigsaw Puzzle

vinyl record jigsaw puzzle

Both a decorative piece and an enjoyable pastime, this vinyl record jigsaw puzzle will make a great gift for any vinyl collector. Shaped like a vinyl record the puzzle has 244 pieces and measures 12 inches in diameter when complete. This will help a friend get some fun and relaxing activity after a long day, and they can even display it alongside their vinyl collection after completion.

12. The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust Vinyl

the rise and fall of ziggy stardust vinyl

Any vinyl collector would love to have this legendary David Bowie record in their collection. One of the most iconic studio albums from this worldwide superstar, The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust Vinyl CD may be the last classic record your friend needs to complete his collection of prized possessions.

13. Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit Gift

vinyl record cleaner kit gift

Help them keep their vinyl collection in tip-top shape with this essential record cleaner kit. Complete with everything they need to shine those vinyls, including a velvet record brush, cleaning liquid, stylus brush, and travel pouch. Everything is made of high quality materials to keep the records safe and unscratched!

14. Too Many Vinyl Record T-Shirt

too many vinyl records t-shirt

Do you know someone who has hundreds of vinyl records in their collection? Allow them to flaunt it to the world with this hilarious t-shirt. Made of 100% cotton and printed with a high-quality graphic, your vinyl-obsessed friend will surely love wearing this wherever they go. Available in five different colors and sizes from small to 3XL, this is an excellent gift for record collectors of all ages.

15. Why Vinyl Matters Book

why vinyl matters book

For anyone who needs reassurance collecting records is a legitimate hobby, get them this Why Vinyl Matters Book. The book explores the history, revival, and several iconic stories about vinyl records and artists, including Lars Ulrich from Metallica, Time Burgess, and Henry Rollings. A vinyl collector will surely love learning more about pre-digital music and re-ignite their passion for collecting!

16. Dark Side Of The Moon Vinyl CD

dark side of the moon vinyl cd

No vinyl collection is ever complete without this legendary Pink Floyd record. After all, they were the classic leaders of rock music in the 60s and still are today. This iconic Dark Side Of The Moon vinyl CD may be the only missing piece in your friend’s vinyl collection. Including hits such as On the Run and Money, they’re sure to appreciate this vinyl CD gift.

17. Geometric Turntable Slipmat

geometric turntable slipmat

Improve the sound quality of your friend’s vinyl records with this mesmerizing geometric turntable slipmat. Made of 100% high quality cork, this slipmat helps improve the grip of the turntable on a vinyl record and improves the overall quality of the music. The slipmat measures 11 inches in diameter with a 4mm thickness.

18. 1000 Record Covers Book

1000 record covers book

Help your friend explore the vast world of record vinyl covers each with their different stories and artistic expressions. This 1000 Record Covers book features the best vinyl record covers in history, including those from way back in the 60s up until the 90s. It’s going to give any vinyl collector a trip down memory lane. Who knows, they might just find some new records to add to their collection!

19. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Vinyl CD

sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band vinyl

If there is one band’s album that deserves to be the center of attention in any vinyl collection, it’s The Beatles. Any friend who has a passion for collecting vinyl records will definitely want this in their record library. This 50th-anniversary edition is complete with authentic stickers and a colorful cover that will brighten up any collection.

20. Record Display Storage Holder

record display storage holder

Do you know someone with so many vinyl records that they don’t know how to store them anymore? Give them somewhere safe to store their prized possessions with this record display storage holder. This holder can be mounted to a wall for easy access and can hold up to 25 records at once. Made of solid steel and finished in high quality satin, they are sold in both single and double packs.

21. Keep Calm And Spin Vinyl Mug

keep calm and spin vinyl mug

Bad mornings call for coffee and vinyl. Give a vinyl-lover this keep calm and spin vinyl mug to make any of their mornings brighter. Made of the highest quality ceramic and finished in a sleek black color. The mug can hold up to 11 ounces of any beverage and is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

22. 33 45 78 RPM Shirt

33 45 79 RPM shirt

If you know a vinyl lover in your life, there’s no better gift than this 33 45 78 RPM shirt. A secret code number for record enthusiasts everywhere, they’ll love showing this off to their friends. Made of 100% cotton the shirt features a minimalistic but clever design that any vinyl lover will appreciate. The shirt is super comfortable and machine washable, making it the ideal gift.

23. Vinyl Record Coasters Set

vinyl record coasters set

Allow the record enthusiast in your life to literally live their passion with this vinyl record coaster set. Each set comes with 12 coasters, each featuring an iconic record that a vinyl collector is sure to recognize. The coasters are equipped with a rubber disc on the bottom to prevent slipping and spilling, while also ensuring their table stays scratch free.

24. Vintage Record Player Patent Poster Prints

vinyl record player patent poster prints

An excellent addition to any room where they listen to records, these vintage record player patent poster prints are sure to create the perfect vibe. Including four prints measuring eight by ten inches each, the posters interpret the science, engineering, and innovation of vintage vinyl record playing. The posters are handcrafted in high quality Fuji Crystal active paper to reflect the high quality illustrations and give off that vintage feel.

25. Record Player Car Fragrance

record player car fragrance

A diffuser disguised as a vinyl turntable is exactly what any vinyl collector needs in their car. Give a friend this record player car fragrance to add diversity and style to their vehicle. It comes with three replaceable fragrance tablets with unique scents and colors. It’s not only going to make their car smell great, but it will also help show off their love for vinyl records.

26. Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves

vinyl record outer sleeves for vinyl lovers

A vinyl lover’s collection means the world to them. Give them the gift of securing their most prized possessions with these vinyl record outer sleeves. Made of high-density polypropylene, these sleeves help prevent scratches, dust or other debris from damaging vinyl records. Each sleeve measures 12.75 inches square, perfectly fitting any single vinyl record or LP.

27. Novelty Vinyl CD Socks

vinyl cd socks gift for vinyl lovers

Keep your friend’s feet comfy while allowing them to showcase their passion for vinyl with these vibrant and funky novelty vinyl CD socks. Made of combed cotton and printed with bold patterns, this pair of socks screams style and comfort! The socks are very breathable and flexible, perfect for all-day wear and for listening to music.


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