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A classic instrument that is most definitely harder to play than it looks, the violin requires a great amount of patience and practice!

If you’re trying to find a violinist gifts that will leave them smiling, then you’ve come to the right place. To help you surprise your favorite violin lover with a gift that they’ll love, we’ve spoken to tens of players to get their top recommendations.

No matter if they’re a music student or violin teacher, we’ve done the research for you and picked the best features and pros of every item. From new violin strings to tuners, and even metronomes, here are the best gifts for violinists you can buy.

1. Violin Hard Carry Case

violin hard carry case

Ensure their prized possession stays safe wherever they go with this professional grade hard violin case. Ideal for full size 4/4 violins, this case comes in a cool black with a waterproof oxford interior blue. Featuring various storage compartments for accessories and bows, this case is perfect for any player looking to protect their violin. Measures 32 inches long and weighs only 2.5 pounds.

2. Mechanical Metronome

mechanical metronome gift

Help them practice their tempo with this luxury mahogany mechanical metronome. Unlike digital metronomes, this mechanical metronome requires no batteries and can be set from 40 to 208 beats per minute. Featuring a physical ticking mechanism, this gift is perfect for anyone who prefers good old traditional metronomes to keep them in sync. Measures 9.5 inches tall and comes with a 2 year warranty.

3. Violin Cufflinks

violin cufflinks present

What better way to let everyone know they play the violin than with these awesome violin cufflinks. Perfect for any formal occasion or event, these cufflinks are sure to be an excellent conversation starter. Featuring a miniature violin made out of wood, these cufflinks are sure to impress anyone. Complete with a hard carry travel case to keep them safe, any violinist will adore this thoughtful gift. Measures 3 inches long.

4. Rotating Violin Figurine

rotating violin figurine

Brighten up any room in their house with this jaw-dropping 24 carat gold plated violin figure. Featuring Swarovski crystals, this beautiful figure rotates slowly while playing an 18 note musical track. Activated by winding the base, this eye-catching and unique item is sure to impress any violin player. Measures 4.1 inches tall.

5. Violin Necktie

violin necktie present

Made from a 1200 needle count fabric, this violin necktie is sure to get any violin player noticed at every event. Featuring premium stitching and lining, the tie comes with detailed little violins carefully stitched all over. Presented in protective packaging, this skinny style tie is the perfect formal attire for any violinist. Measures 56 inches long and made from high grade microfiber.

6. Violinist Figurine

violinist figurine

Looking for that special violin gift? Then look no further than this awesome handmade violin figurine. Made from an array of carefully welded nuts and bolts, this figure is perfect for displaying on their mantelpiece or shelf. Features a pose of a violinist playing their instrument. Measuring 6 inches tall, anyone who loves art and violins is sure to appreciate this thoughtful present.

7. Cats Playing Violin T-Shirt

cats playing violin shirt

Know somebody who loves violins and cats? Then this is the purrfect gift for them! Featuring a group of four cats playing the violin and double bass, this is guaranteed to make them smile. Available in 6 different sizes and 5 different colors, this lightweight t-shirt is an excellent present for that cat-loving violin player in your life. Made from cotton and polyester material.

8. Violin Decanter

violin decanter

Help them relax and celebrate after a musical performance with this incredibly detailed violin decanter. Shaped exactly like a violin, this piece also features a display stand to tilt the decanter upwards for maximum presentation. Fully functional with a removable cork, this is an ideal gift for any music lover you know. The decanter has a capacity of 1000 milliliters and is ideal for scotch, vodka or whiskey.

9. Pirastro Rosin

pirastro rosin

A must have gift for violin players, this rosin is suitable for violins, viola and cellos. Specifically formulated to compliment Oliv and Evah strings, this rosin provides a good grip and excellent tone. Made by Pirastro who have been developing strings and rosin in Germany for over 200 years, any player is bound to appreciate this present. Weighs 1.3 ounces.

10. String Cleaning Kit

string cleaning kit

Ensure their violin stays in tip-top condition and sounding pitch-perfect with this all in one cleaning kit. Complete with cleansing and glossy oil, this kit will help them clean their strings and body frame. Featuring safe ingredients, they’ll be able to protect the varnish and enhance the shine of their instrument from the first application. Each spray bottle includes 20ml of glossy and cleansing oil.

11. Violin Canvas Art

violin canvas art

Brighten up any room in their house with a gift any violin player will love. Spread over three canvases, each one features their favorite musical instrument combined with red roses that really bring the artwork to life. Printed on stretched canvas and ready to hang, these 12 by 12 inches of art will make a great addition to any house.

12. Violin Throw Pillow Cover

violin throw pillow cover

Spice up their couch with this colorful throw pillow cushion cover. Featuring various classic music notes and cuttings, this unique print is printed on both sides with vivid colors and imagery. Available in four different sizes from 16 by 16 inches to 24 by 24 inches. Perfect for any room, this cushion cover will add a splash of color to any couch.

13. Wind Up Violin Music Box

violin music box

Add a bit of classical music to anybody’s life with this wind up violin music box. Featuring exquisite craftsmanship with a glossy surface, this music box is ideal for any home desk. Simply wind up by turning the bottom spring and release to listen to the calming melody. Measures 7.5 inches tall.

14. Violin Mug

violin mug

Add something unique and flashy to their mug collection with this awesome specially crafted violin mug. Featuring a violin as the handle, this porcelain mug has a capacity of 12.9 ounces and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. Ideal for any occasion or recipient, this is sure to be used regularly.

15. Girl Power Violin T-Shirt

girl power violin shirt

Release their inner girl power with this bold statement shirt. Ideal for anyone who’s achieved their goal of becoming a violinist, this shirt is to remind them that they can achieve anything. Featuring the slogan “never underestimate a girl with a violin”, the shirt is available in 5 different colors and 6 different colors. Made from cotton and polyester material making it machine washable.

16. Silver Violin Pendant Necklace

silver violin pendant necklace

Let them carry around their favorite instrument around their neck with this beautiful violin pendant. At 46 mm long, the necklace also comes with a small bow attached to complete the piece. Ideal for any mother, daughter, sister, brother, husband or son, this piece of jewelry is guaranteed to be loved. Made from sterling silver.

17. Violin Shoulder Rest

violin shoulder rest

Playing the violin for hours can be pretty uncomfortable, especially for beginners! Give them one less excuse to stop playing with this handy shoulder rest designed to increase their playing sessions. Also included with the set is a violin mute and rosin, which is perfect for anyone starting to learn the violin! Weighs only 57 grams and suitable for violins of any size.

18. Clip-On Tuner

clip-on tuner gift

Ensure they’re always in tune with this handy and portable clip-on tuning device. Ideal for guitar, bass and violin, it features a full color display that will easily guide anyone to the perfect tuning. Featuring a swivel head, the display can be spun around for easier viewing and tuning, making it an essential accessory for any player. Measures 3.5 inches tall and weighs only 1.58 ounces.

19. Violin Finger Guide

violin finger guide

Help anyone become a master violin player these helpful finger guide placements. The perfect gift for any beginner, these stickers help streamline the process of learning how to play the violin. Ideal for any player, the stickers feature a patented 2 color 3 shape design. Available for all size violins from 1/4 to 4/4, simply peel them off, stick them on and start playing!

20. Violin Socks

violin socks

Let everyone know what their favorite instrument is with these beautiful string socks. Featuring a large violin design for them to show off, these socks are made from a blend of cotton and nylon, making them flexible and breathable. A great gift for any music lover or string musician, these are sure to become their favorite pair. Suitable for sizes 7 to 12.

21. 101 Disney Songs

101 disney songs

Take them back to their childhood and the world of Disney with this awesome Disney songs book. Featuring over 101 different songs from classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, and Pinocchio, any Disney lover is sure to love this gift. Featuring 114 pages full of sheet music, what’s not to love?

22. Violin Miniature Replica

violin miniature replica

Give the world’s smallest violin to carry around with them or show off in their home, you never know when someone might need some sympathy! An excellent gag gift for any violin player, this little thing is three inches long and is sure to have anyone crying with laughter. Measures 3 inches long and features its own little carrying case.

23. Retro Violin T-Shirt

retro violin t-shirt

Take their fashion to the next level with this vintage fiddle tee. Available in 5 different colors and 6 different sizes, this t-shirt literally screams I love violins! Made from cotton and polyester, this is a perfect gift idea for any special occasion from birthdays, to their first performance.

24. Instrument Cookie Cutter Set

instrument cookie cutter set

They probably won’t be playing the violin all day, so give them something to when they’re not. Help them make some tasty violins with this multi-instrument cookie cutter set. Featuring 5 different unique shapes of classic instruments and musical notes, these cookie cutters are made in the US and are sure to make some delicious treats!

25. Violin Strings

violin strings

Make sure they are always prepared for the inevitable event of snapping a string with these excellent backup strings. Suitable for 3/4 and full-size violins, this pack comes with a full set of strings including G, D, A & E strings. Perfect for any aggressive violin player, these will certainly come in useful!


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