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For many people, the gym is their life.

To help any weightlifter take their workout or recovery to the next level, our team has found the best gifts for weightlifters of all experiences. No matter if they’re benching 300 lbs or just getting started with deadlifts, these gifts will help anyone with their gym sessions.

From deadlift straps, to dip belts, blenders and massage guns, any weightlifter is sure to appreciate these helpful and thoughtful gifts.

1. Arm Curl Blaster

arm curl blaster

Give the gift of toned arms with this must have piece of gym equipment. Featuring a light weight aluminum alloy material, adjustable straps and a foam padded neckpiece this item is sure to maintain the posture for all body types while also isolating the arms. Anyone can use this to grow biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles, all while being supported at the same time.

2. Fat Gripz

fat gripz gym gift

Who doesn’t want bigger forearm muscles? This piece of exercise equipment made of military grade material increases the diameter around the weight. This forces the forearms to grow by activating muscle fibers. Give the gift of helping your loved ones work smarter, not harder as they increase their grip strength and grow bigger muscles.

3. Ninja Professional Blender

ninja professional blender

This blender is a great gift for anyone looking for a high powered motor with a sleek design. The 72oz pitcher is great for enormous protein shakes or mass gainers. Perfect for crushed ice, smoothies, frozen drinks, ice cream and much more; this machine is sure to please any gym lover.

4. Dip Belt

dip belt gift idea

Add extra weight to their pull-ups and triceps with a dip belt. This belt is constructed from a 30 inch steel chain, and a carabiner allows for the weights to be added more easily. This is perfect to be used while doing chin up and dips. One size fits all, so no size guessing necessary.

5. Massager Gun

massager gun

Give the gift of reduced pain and muscle soreness with this massager gun. This massager gun reduces soreness from tight muscles by vibrating the muscle area super fast. Equipped with multiple settings, there is sure to be a level for everyone. The light weight, no noise device also has a battery that will keep it charged for three hours with just a single charging session.

6. Folding Push Up Bars

folding push up bars gift

Know someone who wants to do push-ups, but their location doesn’t easily allow for it? These dual folding push-up bars can be used anywhere with their elegant design made of quality materials and an elastic band system that allows for easier assembly and disassembly. Because of this, it allows for push-ups to be completed on any terrain.

7. Weighted Battle Rope

weighted battle rope

Give your friends a new way to build muscle as opposed to traditional and boring weights. A battle rope works both arms independently to build strength while giving a gruelling workout. The rope is protected by a nylon sleeve and covered by a heat shrunk grip to protect the hands. If buying for a someone new to rope training, a shorter rope is best as longer is more taxing on the arms.

8. Hanging Ab Straps

hanging ab straps

Designed with tough, durable materials, these hanging ab straps are ideal for anyone. Target core muscle groups and get stronger, leaner abdominals in less time. The extra wide straps, elbow padding, nylon and steel carabiner guarantee the strength of this product. In fact, it holds up to 400lbs. The hanging ab strap comes in multiple color options, and there are many ways to hang it, making it suitable for any location.

9. Weightlifting Shoes

weightlifting shoes

These weightlifting shoes are sure to bring anyone’s exercise routine to new heights. Fitted with a midsole wedge, toe strap, rubber outsole and an upper portion comprised of canvas. They come in a multitude of colors and sizes, making them a perfect gift for anyone in need of a new pair of shoes who loves to lift heavy weights.

10. Under Armour Gym Bag

under armour gym bag

Protect their gym essentials with this lightweight and handy gym bag. The bag is fitted with water-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials on the side and bottom to safeguard what’s inside. There is a large front pocket, an adjustable and padded shoulder strap, a large vented pocket for laundry and/or shoes. To keep it fresh, the bag is also machine washable.

11. Resistance Bands Set

resistance bands set

This set of five adjustable resistance bands make a great gift for anyone to use inside or outside. Each band is 48 inches long and is a different resistance depending on the color. Combine some or all of them together to get an increased weight and an even tougher workout. Made of eco-friendly latex and these bands are tested to be snap, stretch and sweat resistant.

12. George Foreman Grill

george foreman grill gift

Make cooking easier for weightlifter with this George Foreman grill. This 60 square inch grill cooks meats, vegetables, sandwiches and much more and it cooks it much faster. It also comes with removable plates and a drip tray for easy cleaning. To make it even easier to clean; it’s also dishwasher safe. They’ll have no excuse to skip meals with this!

13. Foam Roller

foam roller present

Give the gift of relaxation with this foam roller. This roller is constructed of a multi-density exterior over a rigid, hollow core. These quality materials ensure that the foam roller won’t lose shape after repeated use. Roll through tight muscles to reduce soreness and relax. Ideal for using after a heavy workout any weightlifter is bound to thank you later.

14. Deadlift Straps

deadlift straps

These cotton deadlift straps come in three sizes, making them the perfect gift for anyone interested in weight lifting. These straps can be used on any lifting movement to secure a tighter and stronger grip. The straps also have an added seam on the stitching for extra comfort and security.

15. Smart Weight Scale

smart weight scale present

Everyone has a scale, so, why not get an upgrade? The smart scale syncs via Bluetooth to any mobile device. Step on, and it will give anyone a range of helpful metrics including weight, body fat percentage, body type, visceral fat, body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR, BMI and more. The scale uses four precision sensors and four electrodes for accuracy. 

16. Digital Food Scales

digital food scales

Tell your friends and family to ditch those old measuring cups, they just aren’t accurate enough. Instead, they need a digital food scale. This scale has four high-precision load sensors to ensure accuracy. The platform is 9 inches by 6.3 inches and equipped with an LCD screen to help see the readout in g, kg, lb, oz, fl. oz and ml. The strong tempered glass and stainless steel construction make for a durable product.

17. Under Armour 64 Ounce Water Jug

under armour water jug

Keep them from getting thirsty during their intense workout with this double-wall foam insulated water jug. This water jug holds 64 ounces of water, is BPA free and sweat proof. It has a fold-down carrying handle and can keep beverages cold for up to 12 hours. Ideal for any gym lover, this is sure to be a useful present.

18. Neck Harness

neck harness gym gear

Help them to increase their neck strength and overall stability with a neck harness. Made of breathable neoprene, steel chain, and a steel D ring this harness is sure to outlast extended use. It is also correctly balanced to ensure that the weight does not cause injury. The harness comes in a variety of colors and is sure to increase the difficulty of their workouts.

19. Adjustable Weighted Vest

adjustable weighted vest

Increase the difficulty of any exercise routine with this weight vested. This weighted vest weighs 100 pounds in total and weights can be removed or added to impact the total weight of the vest. Shoulder pads are also included, and one size should fit most. This is a great gift for anyone who wants to step up their gym game.

20. Arnold Schwarzenegger Poster

arnold schwarzenegger poster

This high quality canvas poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger will look great hanging on any wall. This horizontal/ rectangle poster is 50cm X 70cm and made with eco-friendly ink. It would make a perfect gift for any Arnold Schwarzenegger fan and is sure to help motivate them to get the body of their dreams.

21. Ronnie Coleman Biography

ronnie coleman biography book

Yeah Buddy! My Incredible Story is a biography that takes a deep dive into the life of body building legend Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie Coleman is known for the fact that he has been crowned Mr. Olympia eight times, making him one of the greats. Anyone who has an interest in him or the bodybuilding world would find this book hard to put down.

22. Floor Wall Fan

floor wall fan

This fan has a variety of ways it can be used; making it the perfect gift. Featuring three powerful speeds, metal fan blades and a pivoting feature that allows for directing airflow. It also easily converts from a floor fan to a wall mounted fan. Assembly is easy as can be with no tools required.

23. Lifting Gym Gloves

lifting gym gloves

Have your friends back (and hands) when you protect their palms with these weight lifting gloves. No more torn hands or calluses when it comes to weight lifting. The gloves also give added wrist support which is helpful when lifting heavy weights. Made of neoprene these gloves are resistant to water making them durable and also breathable for dry hands.

24. Tactical Fitness For Warriors & Heroes Book

tactical fitness book

For those looking for original law enforcement gifts, this fitness book is ideal for anyone in the military, police, or special forces. Including various full-body workouts and exercises, this tactical fitness book was developed by a former Navy SEAL. Designed for both men and women, these workout plans will help anyone reach their physical peak.

25. Barbell Pad

barbell pad gym gear

A perfect gift for the weightlifter in your life. This barbell pad is made of a non-slip surface, so they will feel secure with it on their shoulders. It also protects the shoulders and neck against impact, which allows anyone to increase the intensity of their workout. Giving them faster results with less pain and discomfort. It also fits all standard and Olympic barbells.

26. Weight Support Belt

weight belt gift

Real leather makes a great gift for anyone, and this genuine buffalo hide weight belt is no different. This material is so soft and flexible that it will not break, tear or wear. The suppleness of the material also ensures that it won’t dig into the skin of the wearer. On average, it has given a ten percent increase to the weightlifters who wear them.

27. Occlusion Training Bands

occlusion training bands

Surprise any health aficionado with this set of two training bands. These bands are applied as an occlusion cuff to restrict blood flow, which helps one to achieve lean muscle and definition quickly. The bands are two inches wide and are made of a strong elastic material with an easy undo mechanism.

28. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Protein

optimum nutrition gold standard protein

Give your friends and family the gold standard in protein with this 100 percent whey blend with over 5 grams of BCAA’s and 24 grams of whey protein per serving. It is keto friendly and free from any nasty chemical and ingredients making it the best protein anyone can get. This protein powder is also available in more than twenty flavors for you to choose from.      

29. Hand Exerciser

hand exerciser gift

Don’t let them lose their dexterity with this hand exerciser made from ABS plastic, stainless steel springs and FDA-approved santoprene. With this product, each finger can be exercised individually or all at once. This tool is very helpful for strengthening grip, and various tension levels allow the user to grow with the product.

30. Forearm Developer

forearm developer

This forearm developer is easily adjustable, making it the perfect gift for any weightlifter. The adjustable grip allows a perfect fit for each person. At 14.5 inches in length, 8 inches wide, and 6 inches in height, it can be used by anyone. This machine builds stronger muscles in the forearms and wrists.

31. Ab Roller Exercise Wheel

ab roller exercise wheel

Give the gift of a stronger core, leaner arms and well defined shoulders with the ab roller exercise wheel to a loved one. The wheel is made of stainless steel, non-slip rubber and durable PVC. The handles of the roller wheel are made of EVA foam padding for comfort meaning they can work out for longer.


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