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Just like cheerleading, gymnastics is great exercise for all youngsters and teaches them plenty of life skills and lessons. Want to help them take their gymnastics to the next level? Then look no further!

From essential gymnastics equipment such as balance beams and mats to jewelry and personalized gymnastics gifts. We’ve handpicked the best presents every gymnast would love to receive.

No matter if they’re training to be the next Simone Biles, or they’re brand new to gymnastics and just need some encouragement, discover the best gymnastics gifts below.

Best Gifts For Gymnastics

1. Gymnastics Pirouette Bar

gymnastics pirouette bar

Get them this gymnastics pirouette bar for more versatile training sessions. Whether for at home or training areas, this bar is super durable for activities such as pushups, handstands, squat-ons, stalder drills, half turns, quarter turns, and other similar fitness sessions. The bar has a rail that is made of high-quality fiberglass with a pair of steel legs and a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs.

2. Folding Gymnastics Balance Beam

folding gymnastics beam

Surprise any loved one with this essential folding gymnastics balance beam home gym gear. Providing comfort and durability, the folding gymnastics balance beam is covered with a suede fabric and a high-density material for ultimate water-resistant performance. This balance beam is also exceptionally lightweight and easy to carry around and store.

3. Folding Exercise Gymnastics Mat

folding gymnastics mat

Help them practice their routines at home with this essential folding exercise gymnastics mat. Measuring 10 by 4 feet and featuring a 2-inch thickness, this multipurpose mat is suitable for much more than just gymnastics. It is formulated with moisture-resistant technology, puncture-resistant, and non-absorbent vinyl. With its velcro sides, it’s also possible to attach multiple mats together for more room.

4. Muscle Foam Roller

muscle foam roller

Help them take care of their aching muscles with this handy muscle foam roller. Ideal to use before and after heavy workouts, this roller helps people improve their flexibility. It promotes a great stretching routine to flush away stored lactic acid and increase blood flow to the massage site. The muscle foam roller is comfortable to use and a great travel buddy weighing only 1 lb.

5. Kids Home Training Bars

kids home training bars

Keep your budding gymnastic active by giving your kids a set of home training bars. Safe and sturdy, these bars are built of long-lasting polished steel with a fine powder-coated finish. The home training bars are ideal for children between 3 to 7 years old. The set can hold up to 150lbs and can be easily folded away when not in use.

6. Gymnasts Buckle Grips

gymnasts buckle grips

Anyone would be happy to receive these gymnastics buckle grips as a gift. Fit for both beginner and professional gymnasts, these grips flag comfort and durability as they are built with two layers of long-lasting premium leather. This set comes with accessories to sustain heavy-duty practices, such as a mesh carrying bag and a pair of neoprene wristbands.

7. Octagon Mat

octagon mat gift idea

Help anyone improve their gymnastic routines with this unique octagon training mat. The mat features a unique design that is perfect for trying new gymnastic skills. With this mat, anyone can learn front or back handsprings, leaps, walkovers, and other moves. Meeting the industry standard, this octagon mat is made from a high-quality polyethylene foam for excellent durability.

8. Flexibility & Stretching Leg Strap

flexibility stretching leg strap

Help them achieve a perfect stunt stand with this flexibility and stretching leg strap. This easy-to-use door strap stretcher is what they need to enhance the range of their motion, balance, and flexibility. This comes with a comprehensive guide on how to properly put the strap on the foot for maximum comfort.

9. Medal Hanger

medal hanger

Help them show off their gymnastics achievements with this awesome gymnastics gift. It comes with 12 separate hooks divided into 3 rows to hold approximately 36 medals. This is ideal for various types of women’s gymnastics and other athletic competitions. With a black matt finish composed of elastic and sturdy steel metal, this is the perfect present to show off their medals.

10. Wooden Gymnastics Rings

wooden gymnastics rings

For anyone who wants to take their gymnastics training to the next level, these rings are sure to help. Supporting up to 1500 lbs capacity, these wooden gymnastics rings are crafted from birch wooden material to ensure a wide and comfortable grip. All the straps are adjustable in case one needs to match a certain height. On top of all that, these rings have impressive features like extra blue non-slip hand tapes and an anti-dust, sweat-resistance composition.

11. Gymnastics Pendant Necklace

gymnastics pendant necklace

Let them show off their passion for gymnastics with this beautiful pendant necklace. Stunningly made of 925 sterling silver and gymnastic-plated rose gold, this pendant also comes with an 18 inch long matching chain. The gymnastics pendant necklace is for all enthusiasts who have the heart for such an incredible physical activity.

12. Gabby Douglas Olympic Poster

gabby douglas poster

Your loved one deserves a poster of their favorite Olympic idol, Gabby Douglas. Featuring a high-quality glossy photo poster of the Olympic hero herself, this could be the missing piece to your friend’s or daughter’s collection. This fits almost all regular frames, and it can also be easily hung in any space.

13. Personalized Gymnastics Duffle Bag

personalized gymnastics duffle bag

Ensure they never forget any gymnastics gear with this personalized duffle bag specially picked by you! This custom-made bag displays a trendy style designed with recycled material and created with a side zipper compartment, a single zippered main compartment, and a detachable/adjustable shoulder strap. It is also decorated with precision-cut vinyl material that assures a long-lasting life.

14. Eat Sleep Gymnastics T-Shirt

eat sleep gymnastics t-shirt

Show off their love for gymnastics by getting them this Eat Sleep Gymnastics t-shirt. Whether they wear this during practice or in a tournament, this could really boost their confidence to simply flaunt their love for gymnastics.  With its super soft blend material, this shirt gives off extra comfort whenever it’s worn. This shirt comes in various solid colors, including gray, charcoal, blue, and black.

15. 3D Gymnastics Night Light

3D gymnastics night light

Brighten up their room with this 3D gymnastics night light. With a total of 23 different colors, this night lamp can switch modes using either the remote control or the touch button. This lamp can be charged with a USB connection or powered by three AA batteries. It also has very low heat conduction, meaning it can be left on for a long time, and it produces a soft light that doesn’t hurt the eyes.

16. Stunt Training Stand

stunt training stand

Help them practice their balancing routine using this ingenious stunt training stand. It is designed to establish balance and prevent accidental tipping. Made with safe soft materials, the stands are built with fine components protecting users from scratches or cuts. This is a good gift for anyone starting out in gymnastics and is looking to practice at home.

17. Athletic Chalk Balls

athletic chalk balls

Save them from the sticky and cakey feeling by grabbing these athletic chalk balls for their next gym session. Compared to common gritty chalks, these balls are filled with premium grip chalk with excellent hand absorption. The athletic chalk balls are wrapped in a permeable fabric that coats the hand evenly and prevents slipping during training sessions.

18. Overcoming Gravity Book

overcoming gravity book

Gravity plays a vital factor in activities such as gymnastics, so you might as well give your loved one a book that explains the great scope of its mechanism. The Overcoming Gravity book serves as the exercise bible for readers and sports enthusiasts. It contains a thorough guide of bodyweight strength training and other helpful facts about gymnastic techniques.

19. Gymnast Water Bottle

gymnast water bottle

Get this stylish water bottle for the obsessed gymnast in your life. With its cute and adorable printed design, they’ll be reminded of how much you care for them, especially because it is made of BPA free premium plastic. Safe from harmful materials, this water bottle is a perfect gift for someone who’s always training and needs to stay hydrated.

20. Gymnastics Party Dinnerware Bundle

party dinnerware bundle

Throw anyone a gymnastics themed birthday with these essential party dinnerware supplies. Featuring the bright silhouettes of gymnasts on uneven bars and balance beam, the design vibrantly shows the athletes in life-like actions, which add to the overall magic of the bundle. The gymnastics party dinnerware bundle is packed with 8 round dinner plates, 16 luncheon napkins, 8 round luncheon plates, and 16 beverage napkins.

21. Simone Biles Poster

simone biles poster

Decorate their room with their gymnastics idol and Olympic hero Simone Biles. The poster is made of 100% high-quality canvas that is formulated to attest durability. With a size of 18 by 24 inches, this poster fits any regular frame and is easy to hang. Ensuring a high-clarity image, the Simone Biles poster is printed in advanced technology and high-quality pigment.

22. Gymnast Stud Earrings

gymnast stud earrings

Cap off their performance preparation by giving them a pair of gymnast stud earrings. Finished with solid, nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver, any girl would love to wear this while doing what they love the most. The pair of stud earrings display a gold heart and a stunning silver touch on the hook.

23. Gymnastics Typography Figure T-Shirt

typography figure t-shirt

Simple yet breathtaking, this gymnastics typography figure t-shirt features the values that every gymnast holds. It is a thread locker exclusive shirt with double needle hemmed bottom and sleeves, taped neck and shoulders, seamless knit collar, and 100% preshrunk cotton. This shirt fits sizes small up to extra large and is available in a range of solid colors from pink to blue.

24. Courage To Soar Book

courage to soar book

Inspire any gymnast with this book Courage to Soar. Inside the pages is the official autobiography of four-time Olympic gold-winning and record-setting American gymnast Simone Biles. The star gymnast aims to influence other aspiring athletes by sharing her battles against tremendous odds and how her family, passion, perseverance, and faith helped her play the right cards in life.

Cheap Gymnastics Gifts

25. Gymnastics Bracelet

gymnastics bracelet

Wish your favorite gymnast luck by giving them the most beautiful gymnastics bracelet. The adjustable rope clasp and pretty infinity wrap are what make this bracelet even more charming. It also features a handmade look that promotes warmth to its overall look. Plus, this bracelet is designed with moveable letters forming the word ‘gymnastics’ and ‘love’ in the infinity symbol.

26. Rhythmic Dance Ribbons

rhythmic dance ribbons

For any gymnast who likes to practice rhythmic dance at home, these dance ribbons are sure to come in handy! These dance ribbons come in a package that has two dancing ribbons in 12 assorted colors. Each ribbon measures 78.7 inches with a stick length of 11.8 inches. With smooth and exquisite craftsmanship, these dance ribbons promote a dynamic and elegant performance.

27. Gymnastics Throw Pillow Cover

throw pillow cover

Add a mystical factor into their room as you transform their pillow with this gymnastics throw cover. Made of 100% microfiber fabric, these pieces are printed on both sides featuring a white figure of a graceful gymnast in the middle of the galaxy. The invisible zipper makes on, and off features run smoothly. Each pillow cover is guaranteed long-lasting and eco-friendly.

28. Personalized Vinyl Wall Sticker

personalized vinyl wall sticker

Surprise your special gymnast with a personalized vinyl wall sticker. Displaying a custom girl name, this wall sticker is made of decals that are perfect for mirrors, glass, walls, and other types of home decors. They are easy to apply and quickly removable. With a high-quality vinyl composition, this wall art can withstand time and offer longer life service.

29. Gymnastics Pasta Shapes

gymnastics pasta shapes

Add a twist to her favorite pasta dish with these fun-shaped gymnast noodles. This healthy pack of non-GMO natural wheat pasta weighs 14 ounces are fun to make and easy to serve. These noodles are made the old-world Italian way, and so the pasta comes out slow drying, creating a porous texture and more delicious taste.


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