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Japan is a fascinating world for many westerners as it’s just so different! With so many unique traditions, cuisine and culture, it’s easy to see why so many people are obsessed with Japan.

If you’re looking for a special Japanese gift for that Japan lover in your life, then look no further. We’ve handpicked the best authentic and cute Japanese gifts from the web to help your surprise any Japan lover.

No matter if they’re into manga, anime, cute objects, or Japanese cuisine, we’ve got a great list of Japanese gifts.

All inspired by the great country of Japan, even Japanese citizens living in the western world will agree with our picks!

Cute Japanese Gifts for Japan Lovers

1. Cute Panda Sake Set

cute panda sake set

Surprise any Japan lover with this incredibly sweet set of Panda sake cups. Featuring cute Panda faces on the four cups and server bottle, these cups are as kawaii as it gets! Beautifully presented in a gift box with foam protection, these cups will make a welcome addition to any home.

2. The Great Wave off Kanagawa Print

the great wave off kanagawa

Give any room a subtle hint of Japan with this awe-inspiring traditional canvas print. Dating back to the 1800s, this famous artwork depicts a great wave off the shores of Sagami Bay crashing into several boats. Considered the most recognizable piece of Japanese art in the world, anyone is sure to recognize this beautiful work of art.

3. Japanese Zen Garden

japanese zen garden gift

Bring some calm into anyone’s home with this relaxing Japanese zen garden. Compact at only 11 by 7.5 inches, this zen garden is ideal for any office desk or table. Complete with white sand, pebbles, river rocks and rake tools, this unique gift will help anyone relax while bringing a bit of Japan into their home.

4. Samurai Figurine

samurai figurine

A perfect give for anyone who is fascinated by the samurai, this figurine is guaranteed to look awesome in any study or shelf. Standing just over 8-inches tall, this figurine is incredibly detailed and based on authentic armor designs and samurai swords. A key part of Japan’s history, anyone obsessed with Japan will love this gift.

5. Shark Attack Sushi Platter

shark attack sushi platter

Make their meals even more exciting with this jaw-dropping shark sushi platter! Ideal for any type of food (but especially good for seafood), this platter features a sharks head and tail popping out of the water. Dips and sauces can also be placed in the shark’s mouth while chopsticks or utensils can be rested on its tail.

6. Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree Light

cherry blossom bonsai tree light

Upgrade anybody’s night light and add some color to their room with this Japanese themed bonsai tree light. Complete with remote control, the LED lights can be changed to over 48 different colors, letting anyone change the mood of the room. Also featuring adjustable branches, at 18 inches tall this makes an excellent light for any bedroom or living room.

7. Professional Japanese Chef Knife

professional japanese chef knife

Sharpen things up in any kitchen with this authentic Japanese chef knife! Made 100% from high-quality Japanese steel, this knife is ideal for cutting sushi and meats in any home kitchen or restaurant. At 8 inches long and featuring an ergonomic design, this blade also features a wooden handle giving it the perfect design and balance.

8. Japanese From Zero

japanese from zero

The perfect gift for anyone wanting to visit Japan, this Japanese From Zero book will teach anyone the fundamentals of the Japanese language. At 329 pages long, the book covers a range of beginners and conversational phrases. Ideal for self-learners and anyone who wants to pick up the basics of the Japanese language, this is sure to be an excellent resource.

9. PlayStation Logo Long Sleeve Shirt

playstation logo long sleeve shirt

Add a unique piece of clothing to their wardrobe with this Japanese inspired PlayStation shirt! Featuring the iconic PlayStation logo, which is one of Japan biggest and most popular brands, this shirt also features the famous controller buttons on the sleeves. Officially licensed and machine washable, any fan of Japanese gaming culture is bound to love it.

10. Japanese Quince Candle

japanese quince candle

Bring the smell of Japan into anyone’s life with this classic 10-ounce Japanese quince candle. Featuring a unique scent that will remind anyone of the cherry blossoms of Japan, this calming fragrance is loved by many. Including original packaging by Seda France, this candle will last many tens of hours while releasing its incredible scent!

11. Angry Shiba Plush

angry shiba plush

Brighten up anybody’s day with this super cute and soft and angry Shiba plush! Based on the Japanese Shiba Inu breed of dog, this cute plush makes an excellent pillow or toy for both kids and adults. Featuring a cute but angry face, this squishy little guy comes in two different sizes of 15.7 and 19.6 inches.

12. Japanese Scented Aromatherapy Candles

japanese scented aromatherapy candles

Bring the scent of Japan indoors wherever you are in the world, with this awesome set of aromatherapy scented candles. Featuring cute Japanese inspired illustrations on the lids and memorizing, and patterns on the sides, each of these four candles has a unique scent. Featuring Japanese Sakura and Taroko orange, these candles are the perfect gift set for any Japanese lover.

13. Japanese Coca-Cola Logo T-Shirt

japanese coca-cola logo tee

Add some Japanese themed clothing to your friend’s wardrobe with this awesome officially license Coca-Cola tee. Featuring the brand name in Japanese writing, this is as authentic as it gets. Available in five different colors and six different sizes from small to 3XL, this tee is perfect to wear with any outfit.

14. Japanese Soda Variety Pack

japanese soda variety pack

Taste the culture of Japan with this mouth-watering soda variety pack! Featuring a range of soda classics from Japan with flavors such as lychee, yuzu, orange, melon and blueberry, these unique drinks by Shirakiku will leave anyone wanting more. With their interesting carbonized lids, they’re unlike any soda drinks in the western world!

15. Japanese Tattoos Book

japanese tattoos book

Discover the history of Japanese tattoos and what they mean in this colorful and educational book. Ideal for anyone who loves tattoos or is thinking of getting a Japanese style tattoo, this book uncovers the common symbols, styles and meanings. An excellent gift for a tattooist or anyone who’s a fan of Japanese culture, this is sure to be an interesting read!

16. No Face Man Piggy Bank

no face man piggy bank

Spirited Away movie fans are sure to love this no face man piggy bank. Based off one of the most iconic characters from the movie, this little guy will eat any money you place on his tray. Battery operated, this unique gift is sure to be a big hit for any Studio Ghibli fan.

17. Akira Yoshizawa Origami Book

origami book

Help anyone learn the difficult art of origami with this complete origami book by master artist Akira Yoshizawa. Featuring step-by-step tutorials for over 60 different models, the book contains over 1000 unique diagrams that teach anyone how to create awesome paper models. Including models such as penguins, crabs, elephants and rabbits, anyone receiving this is sure to have a fun time making them.

18. Ice Cream Flavor Kit Kats

ice cream kit kats

Explore the weird Japanese world of Kit Kats with this unique ice cream flavour. Exclusive to Japan, they have a huge range of different flavored Kit Kat that we simply can’t get in the western world. Imported directly from Japan, these 12 Kit Kat bars are sure to be like nothing you’ve tasted before.

19. Pusheen Sushi Plush

pusheen sushi plush

Make your besties smile with this super cute and kawaii Pusheen plush. Made from an incredibly soft and huggable material, this plush is perfect for both kids and adults alike. At just under 10 inches tall, Pusheen is happily snacking away on sushi with her own platter board and chopsticks.

20. Japanese Style Ceramic Bowls

japanese ceramic bowls

Brighten up anyone’s mealtimes with these beautiful Japanese style ceramic bowls. Featuring unique cherry blossom prints inside each bowl, this set of four bowls is made from high-quality ceramic. Both microwave and dishwasher safe, these are perfect for sushi, desserts, snacks and cereals.

21. Japanese Pillow Covers

japanese pillow covers

Give any couch a Japanese makeover with these fantastic Japanese style pillow covers. Featuring four different prints on both sides, these pillow covers will bring lots of color into anybody’s house. Featuring cherry blossom designs, these 18-inch square covers are super soft and ideal for beds, couches, chairs or even in the car.

22. Japanese Candy Assorted Box

japanese candy assorted box

Dive into Japanese candy culture and taste the unique candy of Japan with this fantastic assorted candy pack. Featuring 32 different candies, this pack contains various gummies, chocolate, and hard candy to tickle those taste buds. Imported directly from Japan, you won’t be any to find any of these candies in the US.

23. Sushi Socks

sushi socks

Take anyone’s love of sushi to the next level with this hilarious sushi socks collection! Presented in a sushi takeaway box, this set contains three different pairs that resemble delicious sushi pieces. Including styles such as salmon nigiri, Tamago nigiri and cucumber maki, these socks also come in two sizes and are suitable for both men and women.

24. Japanese Language Flash Cards

japanese language flash cards

If you know anyone heading off to Japan soon, then make sure they at least know some basic Japanese phrases! Help them learn Japanese quick and easily with these handy language flash cards. Containing plenty of basic words and phrases for beginners, this is the perfect gift for any frequent travellers.

25. Tales of Japan Book

tales of japan book

Dive into Japanese history and culture by learning about their ancient folktales and stories. Including 15 different traditional Japanese folktales, this book covers the works of Lafcadio Hearn & Yei Theodora Ozaki. With each tale accompanied by striking illustrations, these tales are by turns terrifying, exhilarating and poetic.

26. Ramen Cat T-Shirt

ramen cat tee

Add some cuteness to any wardrobe with this super kawaii cat tee! Featuring a cute cat eating ramen drawn in anime style, this tee is sure to get a lot of attention. Available in four different colors, six different sizes, and three different fits, this tee is purrfect for anyone looking to rock a Japanese inspired look.

27. Reusable Cat Chopsticks

reusable cat chopsticks

Experience a tradition of Japanese meals while also being environmentally friendly with these cute and reusable cat chopsticks. Made from smooth bamboo, this set contains five pairs of chopsticks and five cat holders to keep the ends from touching the table. Super cute and long-lasting, these chopsticks are bound to be used regularly.

28. Matcha Green Tea Powder

matcha green tea powder

One of the best things to come out of Japan is most definitely matcha green tea! Surprise any of your tea-loving friends and family with this delicious bag of organic Japanese matcha. Available in four different bag sizes, this authentic culinary grade matcha is perfect for adding to smoothies, lattes, baked goods and other dishes.

29. Spirited Away Blu-ray

spirited away blu-ray

What better way to experience the finest Japanese films has to offer than the anime masterpiece Spirited Away. A must-see for anyone interested in Japan, anime, fantasy, or cartoons, this masterpiece is the highest-grossing Japanese film ever and for a good reason. Available on blu-ray and DVD, this classic by Studio Ghibli will be loved by all.

30. Manga Cookbook

manga cookbook

What better way to introduce someone to the world of Japanese cooking that with this awesome Manage cookbook. Inspired by various different types of food found in Manga comics, this book has step by step illustrated diagrams showing readers how to prepare Japanese meals in any western kitchen. Including dishes such as okonomiyaki and yakitori, this book is sure to arouse those taste buds.


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