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Full of rich history and culture from K-pop to kimchi, there are millions of people all over the world obsessed with Korean culture.

No matter if you’ve just come back from Korea and forgot to buy everyone souvenirs, or you know someone who’s a big fan of Korea, we’ve found the best Korean gifts.

From traditional Korean gifts, to K-pop must buys, whatever your friends love about Korea, you’re sure to find a suitable gift for them below.

Best Korean Gift Ideas

1. Korean Snack Box Set

korean snack box

Korea is known for its various tasty snacks that are exclusive to the region… until now! Gibe your loved ones a taste of Korea with this awesome Korean snack box set. Featuring 17 different assorted snacks, these are great to eat at lunch or at work. Including favorites such as homerun ball and sac sac, they’re sure to enjoy these treats.

2. South Korea Teddy Bear

south korea teddy bear

Give them a constant reminder of Korea with this South Korea teddy bear mascot. Eight inches tall, this cuddly bear comes with a unique white South Korea t-shirt with flag. Ideal for anyone who loves South Korea, this teddy bear is certainly a sweet gift to get for anyone.

3. Traditional Korean BBQ Grill Pan

traditional korean bbq grill pan

Ensure they can cook their own Korean style feast with this traditional Korean BBQ grill pan. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor dining, this pan comes with various sections to cook a selection of meats and vegetables while draining the fat and grease. Made in Korea, this authentic grill will help turn anyone in a master chef.

4. A History of Korea Book

history of korea book

For anyone fascinated with Korea, what better way to learn about the country and it’s history than with this in-depth history book. Covering all the major historical events over the past 1500 years, this book showcases how Korea has been shaped over the years. Ideal for history lovers and students, they’re sure to enjoy reading this book.

5. Korean BBQ Sauce

korean bbq sauce gift

Add some Korean flavor to any of their meals with this must try Korean BBQ sauce. Ideal for smothering on steaks or any kind of meat, this Bulgogi sauce will take any of their dishes to the next level. Made from natural non-GMO ingredients, this sauce is paleo & keto friendly, making it suitable for everyone.

6. Taekwondo Fleece Blanket Doll

south korea fleece blanket

The perfect gift for anyone who’s a fan of Taekwondo, this super cute fleece blanket quickly transforms into a doll when not in use. When needed, it easily unfolds into a large throw blanket to keep anyone warm. Super soft and lightweight, this space saving blanket is sure to be loved by any Korea lovers.

7. Traditional Korean Hand Fan

traditional korean hand fan

Give them something from many centuries ago with this traditional Korean hand fan gift. Handcrafted and made from bamboo, this hand fan is fully functional and comes in a fabric case. Great for the summer months, this gift is also a cool collector’s piece that will look good in any display.

8. Makgeolli Brew Kit

makgeolli brew kit

Tickle their taste buds with this make your own makgeolli kit. Including everything they need to make their own Korean makgeolli brew, this kit also comes with simple instructions in English for everyone to understand. Featuring high quality ingredients, any fan of Korea is sure to enjoy tasting this brew.

9. Korean From Zero Book

korean from zero book

For those who love Korea and want to experience their culture even more, then learning Korean is definitely the next step. Help any of your friends improve their Korean language skills with this awesome Korean from zero book. Including online resources and lesson, this book will introduce them to the language and help them master the basics.

10. Traditional Korean Doll

traditional korean gift doll

Looking for a super unique and traditional Korean gift? Surprise any Korea lover with their very own Korean doll. Standing 12 inches tall, this doll comes with detailed handmade clothing, including various symbols and insignias. Available in two different styles of red & green or pink, this doll is a superb Korean gift for anyone.

11. BTS Cake Figures

BTS k-pop cake figures

You can’t talk about Korea without mentioning the K-pop megastars BTS! The perfect Korean gift for any K-pop fan, these cake figurines are the ultimate collectibles. Including each member of BTS, these three inch tall figures look great on a cake or on a tabletop display. Made from quality PVC, these figures will be loved by everyone.

12. Korean Alphabet Flashcards

korean alphabet flashcards

The perfect Korean gift for anyone who’s struggling to master the Korean alphabet Hangul, these flashcards make learning fun and easy. Containing a total of 40 flashcards, one side displays the hangul symbol while the other explains the pronunciation and stroke-order. Finished with a glossy coating, each card is both water and tear resistant.

13. Korean Beef Bone Broth

korean beef bone broth

Help them explore Korean cuisine with this delicious Korean beef bone broth soup. Ready to eat with six individual packs included, they are super quick and easy to make using a microwave or boiling over a stove. For those feeling more adventurous, they can also add their own vegetables to make the flavor even more unique.

14. Big Book of Korean Cooking

big book of korean cooking

Know somebody who is obsessed with Korean food? Teach them how to make their own Korean dishes at home with this awesome Korean cookbook. Including recipes from everyday meals to celebration cuisine, this book will become their new bible for Korean food. With favorites such as bulgogi and bibimbap, the book also covers unique Korean cooking techniques.

15. Traditional Korean Tea Cups

traditional korean tea cups

Add some traditional Korean cup ware to their collection by gifting them their very own traditional Korean tea cups. Made from solid wood, these tea cups are lightweight yet durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Featuring Korean words engraved into the side of the bowl, any fan of Korea is sure to love them.

16. Korean Alphabet Stamp Letters

korean alphabet stamp letters

Give them a unique and traditional Korean gift with these antique rubber stamp alphabet letters. Including 24 individual rubber stamps with Hangul letters, these are ideal for use in photo albums, scrapbooks, making cards and plenty of other uses. Simply dip the stamps on an ink pad (not included), and they’re good to go!

17. Korean Vocabulary Flashcards

korean vocabulary flashcards

Improve and test their knowledge of Korean vocabulary with these handy flashcards. Full of basic Korean words and phrases for beginners and travelers, each card also comes with an English translation to help them practice. With 60 cards in total and complete with a stylish portable box, this is the perfect gift for any Korean learner.

18. Reusable Panda Chopsticks

reusable panda chopsticks

Add some cute and adorable pandas to their lives with these awesome reusable panda chopsticks. Made from natural chestnut, these chopsticks feature detailed bamboo engraving on each stick and come with these handy panda bear chopstick holders. Presented in a beautiful gift box, at 9 inches long they are ideal for eating any Korean food.

19. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

bluetooth karaoke microphone

Get their K-pop party started with this wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone. Blast out all their favorite Korean songs and let them sing along in style with this easy to use and highly functional microphone. With buttons on the side to enable different modes including echo, this microphone also comes with a rechargeable battery.

20. Korean Stories For Language Learners

korean stories for language learners

Learn the ancient tales of Korea while also learning their language, thanks to this impressive story book. Including 42 traditional Korean tales in both Korean and English, the book also comes with notes and exercises aimed at improving their language. Full of wonderful illustrations, by the end of the book any reader will be familiar with Korean culture and basic Korean words.

21. Embroidered K-Pop Hat

k-pop hat gift idea

Help them show their love for K-pop with this essential embroidered K-pop symbol hat. Featuring the well known K-pop logo embroidered on the front of the cap, this is sure to let everyone know how much of a fan they are. Available in various colors to suit everyone’s style and personality, it’s sure to be worn regularly.

22. Soju Shot Glasses

soju shot glasses

Party in Korean style thanks to these traditional Korean style shot glasses. Featuring unique Korean traditional flowers on the side, these are a must have for anyone who loves a drink. Including five separate glasses in the set, they also come presented in a handy storage box to make them ready for gifting.

23. Korean BBQ Snack Stix

korean bbq snack stix

For anyone who loves a snack every now and then, feed their hunger with this bag of Korean BBQ snack stix. Vegan friendly and super crunchy, these stix are non-GMO, soy-free and gluten-free. Based on the traditional Korean BBQ dish, this snack is like eating the same meal without any of the mess or preparation!

24. Custom Korean Name Necklace

custom korean name necklace

Surprise your friend with this beautiful Korean gift. Available in steel, rose gold and gold, this necklace can be customized to anyone’s name, making it super unique and personal. Suitable for anyone who doesn’t know Korean, they will automatically translate it and make sure it’s correct before shipping it.

25. Parasite Blu-ray Movie

parasite blu-ray movie

A hugely popular and successful Korean film in recent years is Parasite, a unique story of survival and betrayal. Winning several Oscars at the Academy Awards, this movie is definitely a must watch. Available in English and Korean, this movie will help anyone practice their Korean while enjoying the movie.

26. Chungwoo Capsaicin Sauce

chungwoo hot sauce

Add some spice into their life with this hot and spicy dressing for any meal. Ideal for Korean BBQ and any other types of meat, this unique sauce will take them on a tour of Korean spice. Ideal for anyone who loves spice, they’re sure to have no complaints about how spicy this is!

27. Soju Bottle Plush

soju bottle plush

Bring some fun to any party and anyone’s house with this Soju bottle plush. A super popular alcoholic drink in Korea, anyone who’s been or lived there has most likely seen or drank it! Standing 10 inches tall, this cute plush is super soft and is sure to be their new drinking buddy.


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