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League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world with millions of fans logging on daily to battle it out.

Do you know someone who plays League of Legends almost every day? Surprise them with these League of Legends gifts that they’re sure to love!

From League of Legends merchandise to gaming accessories that will make them better at the game, discover the best LoL gifts for players below.

1. MSI 144Hz Gaming Monitor

MSI 144hz gaming monitor

Transform a loved one’s gaming experience with this essential LoL gift. With a one millisecond response time eliminating choppy frame rates and screen tearing, this will be a big upgrade from any 60Hz monitor. Intended for professional eSports tournament players, the 144Hz gaming monitor has a display size of 24 inches and will significantly improve their gameplay.  

2. Vayne Figure

vayne figure

For any player who mains Vayne, this figure is the perfect item to complete their gaming setup. The figure is crafted from 100% high quality PVC material making it both durable and easy to clean. It depicts a cute mid-action display capturing the tumbling movement of Vayne The Night Hunter. The figure stands eight inches tall and is sure to please any LoL player.

3. Official Gnar Plush Toy

gnar plush toy present

Add an adorable Gnar to their room with this cute and cuddly plush toy. Made of polyester fiber, this plush toy is guaranteed safe and oozes with softness. The plush toy displays the bright hues of Gnar’s character and is an excellent gift for anyone who plays the champion in-game. At 12.5 inches tall, this plush is great for cuddling when they’re not gaming and is definitely one of the best LoL gifts.

4. RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

RGB mechanical keyboard

Know somebody who’s still gaming on a normal keyboard? Give them a major upgrade! This RGB mechanical gaming keyboard has nine adjustable light modes, classic mechanical blue switches, and a skin-friendly matte finish. This gaming keyboard will bring ergonomic comfort as it is amazingly foldable with a 30 degrees tilt. Compact and portable, the RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is a plus for reducing hand fatigue during long gaming hours.

5. Eat Sleep League Repeat Hoodie

eat sleep repeat hoodie

Any League player is sure to relate to this hilarious gaming hoodie. The hoodie expresses a day in the life of a certified League of Legends gamer. The fabric is composed of polyester and cotton material to give it a comfy feel. The Eat Sleep League Repeat hoodie has a classic fit and a twill-taped neck. Comfortable and stylish, this pullover hoodie is ideal for tournaments and casual events.

6. Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

logitech g502 gaming mouse

Every League of Legends player needs a reliable and accurate gaming mouse. Make sure they have the best with the Logitech G502. With the fastest and most accurate sensor on the market, this mouse will deliver a flawless performance every time. With an adjustable weight feature, the mouse can be highly customized to suit anyone’s gameplay. If you’re looking for one of the top gifts for any LoL player than look no further than this mouse.

7. Yasuo Mouse Pad

mouse pad

Upgrade a loved one’s mouse pad with their favorite League of Legends main! This ultra wide mouse pad is perfect for anyone’s desk and is sure to get them in the LoL mood. Made of advanced waterproof material, this mouse pad is designed to prevent accidental damage from liquid and other spills. Complete with a non slip rubber base, it’s the perfect gift for any League fan.

8. Lil Devil Teemo T-Shirt

lil devil teemo t-shirt

Give your gamer friend a tee they’ll love with this League of Legends Lil Devil Teemo t-shirt. The shirt is composed entirely of cotton, giving it a soft and gentle feel. The Lil Devil Teemo shirts come in different colors, making it ideal for anyone’s wardrobe. Available in sizes from small to double extra large, it’s also officially licensed LoL merchandise from the creators of the game.

9. Ashe Funko POP Figurine

ashe funko pop figurine

Capture their hearts with this adorable League of Legends Ashe figurine. The perfect present for anyone who mains Ashe, it stands just under four inches tall and features her iconic ice bow. A fine addition to anyone’s gaming collection, this figurine will look awesome alongside their gaming setup and will let everyone know who their favorite champion is.

10. Sleeping Poro T-Shirt

sleeping poro t-shirt gift

Let a loved one wear a shirt that displays cuteness overload. This sleeping Poro t-shirt features an adorable and funny Poro that every League of Legends player will recognize. Made of cotton and polyester, the shirt has a bottom hem, double-needle sleeve, lightweight, and classic style that will look great on anyone.

11. Braum Official Plush Toy

braum official plush toy

Any League of Legends player won’t be able to say no to this Braum plush toy. Featuring the popular League of Legends character Braum, in its cutest form, this plush toy has a height of five inches. It brings comfort and warmth to all gamers and fans of League of Legends, making it an excellent present.

12. Where’s My Jungler? T-Shirt

where's my jungler t-shirt

Let them say it by wearing it! The Where’s My Jungler t-shirt is composed of polyester and cotton materials that makes it both durable and soft. This legendary tee comes in sleek colors of black, navy, asphalt, royal blue, and grass. It fits sizes small to triple extra large and features a lightweight, bottom hem classic fit.

13. Official Taric Figure

official taric figure gift

Any Taric fans would love to have this charming figurine. It displays the lovable side of the League of Legends character, Taric, in a creative design. The figurine is produced using high-quality PVC material, making it both durable and easy to clean. The official Taric figure also comes with a sturdy box to protect the item from transportation impacts.

14. The Secret Blueprint To High Elo Book

the secret blueprint to high elo book

Help a loved one level-up their League game with this Secret Blueprint To High Elo book. The book contains hacks such as unique tactics, secret strategies, climbing tricks, step-by-step guides, and much more. The perfect gift for any loved one having a hard time climbing the ranked ladder, they’re sure to learn lots of tips from it.

15. I Just Care About League T-Shirt

t-shirt idea

Finally, a shirt that is perfect for League of Legends addicts! The I Just Care About League is a humorous shirt that features a hilarious statement every LoL player can relate to. Made of cotton and polyester materials, gamers can choose from a range of colors, including cranberry, royal blue, asphalt, navy, and black. It also comes in various sizes of small to triple extra large.

16. Lee Sin Funko POP Figure

lee sin funko pop figure

Surprise a League of Legends fan with this captivating Lee Sin character figure. This action figure displays the character’s role in a cute design that every gamer will love. Made of a non toxic vinyl material, the Lee Sin figure is ideal for collectors and stands just under four inches tall.

17. Realm Of Runeterra Book

realm of Runeterra book

Spoiling your loved one with what they love is not a total crime! Without a doubt, any LoL fan would love to have this League of Legends Realm of Runeterra book. Inside the pages, the book unveils the mysteries and magic of the adventurous realm of the most popular computer game of all time.

18. Twisted Fate Figure

twisted fate figure toy

Put yourself in their good books and add this Twisted Fate League of Legends figure to your friend’s collection. Featuring the card master of the popular computer game, the figure is crafted in an elegant and stunning design. It measures 4.3 inches in width and 4.2 inches in height, making it a great addition to any desk or cabinet.

19. Straight Outta Mid Lane T-Shirt

straight outta mid lane shirt

Put a smile on their face and let any loved one rock this funky straight outta mid lane t-shirt. A funny gaming shirt, it displays every LoL player’s mantra in a stylish and eye-catching design. The tee is formulated from both cotton and polyester to give it a durable and soft. It features a double-needle sleeve, bottom hem, classic fit, and lightweight style, making it the ultimate present.

20. Official Ziggs Figure

official ziggs figure

This quirky Ziggs figure will bring delight to any League collectors. The model features the in-game character Ziggs in all his glory. Made of PVC material, this Ziggs figure is entirely non-toxic and has an excellent color finish. The figure stands six inches tall and will look perfect on any gamer’s desk or cabinet.

21. Re-program Your Brain To Succeed Book

re-program your brain book

For any League of Legends player stuck in low ranks, it can be very frustrating and tedious. Help them break out of bad habits and climb the ranked ladder with this essential gift! The Re-program Your Brain To Succeed book unravels the top mistakes most players make that are holding them back. Within the 93 pages, the players will have the chance to discover helpful insights, mysteries of climbing, and the top secrets of high-elo players. 

22. Poro Plush Toy

poro plush toy gift idea

For anyone who loves collecting plushies, they’ll love this Poro plush! Made purely of a high-quality cotton, the Poro plush toy will be the cutest and softest plush in their collection. The filling of the toy is packed with cotton to ensure that it gives off ultimate coziness and comfort when cuddled.

23. Official Beemo Plushie

beemo plushie toy

Here’s a Beemo plush toy for every League of Legends fan you know! This official Beemo plush toy is approximately 10 inches tall and comes complete in his adorable bee outfit. Its core composition is made of polyester fabric. Lovable and certainly huggable, the Beemo plush toy is a fantastic addition to your friend’s gaming collection.

24. Zed Comic Book

zed comic book

For any League of Legends fan who loves the story and lore of the game, they’re sure to love this origin comic book. The comic book revolves around the leader of the assassins, Zed, and his journey of protecting his homeland of Ionia. Readers will get to know the character a lot deeper and learn about their favorite champion from the game.

25. Poro Coffee Mug

poro mug

For those friends who just can’t seem to get enough of cute Poro’s, this is the perfect gift for them! Featuring an adorable print of the popular in-game character, this mug can hold up to 11 ounces of any beverage and is perfect for drinking from while playing LoL.

26. Official Teemo Figure

teemo figurine

Add a Teemo official figure to their collection, and they’ll thank you forever! This Teemo figure is made of a PVC material, making it super soft and colorful. It displays the fan favorite character Teemo in his default skin from League of Legends. The figure stands 4.5 inches in height and is sure to look awesome on any desk or display cabinet.

27. Lux Comic Book

lux comic book

Get this League of Legends Lux comic book to complete their comic book collection. The book entails the thrilling life of Luxanna Crownguard as she hides her true identity to continue using her magical powers and accomplish her mission. Readers will enjoy following her journey and the roadblocks she has to conquer along the way.

28. Official Arcade Ezreal Mouse Pad

arcade ezreal mouse pad

For any player who mains Ezreal, they are sure to love this vibrant mouse pad. The mouse pad has an anti-fraying edge and double-stitched features to support a gamer’s intense gameplay. It also has a non-slip rubber base to prevent it from moving around while in use. The design is purely cloth spandex printed and measures 14 by 15 inches in length.

29. Comic Socks

comic socks

Soft and cozy, the League of Legends comic socks are the perfect way to show off their love for their favorite video game. The socks are made of polyester, nylon, and cotton to deliver a blend of comfort and durability. These socks are perfect to wear while they main their favorite ADC champion.

30. Dual Keychain Set

Time to activate the romantic bone in your body and give a loved one this League of Legends keychain set. Not so cheesy and corny, these keychains are engraved with sweet messages that are perfect for lovers, couples and best friends. The keychains are made of high polished, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic stainless steel.


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