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Hate it or love it, Minecraft is a super popular video game with millions of fans all over the world. From children to adults, the freedom Minecraft provides makes it great fun for all ages.

If you know a big Minecraft fan with an upcoming birthday or special celebration, then there’s nothing better than getting them some Minecraft merchandise! Luckily, there are hundreds of different Minecraft gifts out there to choose from that are sure to bring a smile to their face. Even if you’ve never played Minecraft before, don’t worry, we have the perfect gift guide.

Having scoured the web, we’ve found the best Minecraft gifts for 9 year old boys to 16 year old boys and beyond. From figurines to bedsheets and party supplies, any Minecraft lover will enjoy these awesome Minecraft gifts!

1. Transforming Sword & Pickaxe

Let them play Minecraft in real life with this awesome transforming sword and pickaxe. One minute it’s a Diamond sword, the next it’s a pickaxe! Suitable for Minecraft fans of all ages, this two in one Minecraft toy is great for battling creepers or digging for resources. Measures over 17 inches long and weighs 1 lbs.

2. LEGO Zombie Cave

LEGO is known for being an excellent toy for promoting creativity and building skills. Combine the power of both LEGO and Minecraft with this awesome LEGO Minecraft zombie cave kit. Featuring 241 individual LEGO pieces, this LEGO set also includes various Minecraft figurines such as Steve, zombie figures, and bats. Suitable for ages 7 and above.

3. Box Set Minecraft Guide Books

Know somebody who’s new to the Minecraft world? Give them the gift of knowledge with this handy Minecraft book set. Containing four different books, this box set will teach individuals how to explore, build, navigate and create complex contraptions using Redstone. All the books are official and written by the developers of the Minecraft game, so you know it’s good advice! 368 pages in total for reading ages 6 and above.

4. Creeper Onesie Pajamas

kids creeper onesie

You’d be surprised at the things zombie creepers and kids have in common, especially when they wake up in the morning! Transform somebody into a zombie creeper with this fun creeper onesie pajamas set. Officially licensed merchandise, this Minecraft creeper onesie is also a great Halloween costume. Available in sizes 8 to 16 and features a zipper closure.

5. Color Changing Potion Bottle

Looking for that unique and unusual Minecraft gift? Let their Minecraft imagination come to life with this colorful potion bottle. Featuring eight different colors including cyan, green, peach, yellow, red and white, this potion bottle also has a three-minute timeout feature to help preserve battery. Officially licensed merchandise, any Minecraft player is sure to like it. Measures 7 inches high by 5 inches. Requires 2 AAA batteries.

6. Thermos Flask

Keep them hydrated wherever they go with this Minecraft themed Thermos creeper flask. Made by Thermos, the company who invited the thermos flask, you can expect nothing but quality from this gift. Made from durable stainless steel, the flask keeps drinks cold up to 12 hours. Perfect for any Minecraft marathon! Features a 12 ounce capacity.

7. Creeper Lunchbox

Ensure their lunch stays safe at school (or work) with this creeper lunchbox bag. Featuring a huge creeper face on the side, this lunchbox bag is made from quality durable materials to ensure it can be reused time and time again. Manufactured by Thermos, you can feel safe knowing its sure to last. Measures 9.5 by 7.5 inches and made from polyethylene.

8. Bed Sheet Set

Send them to sleep with Minecraft on their mind with this awesome four piece Minecraft bed set. Including two pillow covers, one duvet cover and a fitted bed sheet, this set will transform their bedroom into the ultimate Minecraft lair. Featuring a huge creeper on the duvet, any Minecraft addict will love this gift. Made from brushed microfiber polyester.

9. Enchanted Bow & Arrow

enchanted bow

Let their Minecraft adventures continue around the house with this fantastic enchanted bow and arrow. Fully functional and capable of firing the arrow, this enchanted bow looks like it’s been taken straight from the game itself with its pixelated graphic style. Suitable for any Minecraft fan, this gift is sure to go down a treat. Unlike other gifts, this bow is 100% functional and will fire its arrow up to 20 meters.

10. Party Supplies

You can’t have a Minecraft party without Minecraft party supplies! Throw the ultimate Minecraft party for your loved one with these excellent party supplies. Including everything you need to transform your table into something out of Minecraft, this kit includes napkins, paper places, plastic cups, a tablecloth and tattoos for up to 16 people. Invite their friends and throw the best Minecraft party! Includes 65 different pieces in total.

11. Creeper Wallet

Keep all their money safe with this handy Minecraft creeper wallet. Perfect for scaring away those criminals, this wallet is great for keeping all of their money safe. Featuring a huge creeper face on the side, this wallet is officially licensed and made from durable polyester nylon construction. Bi-fold style that measures approximately 3.75 by 4.25 inches.

12. Ender Dragon Plush

Bring their Minecraft adventures to life and befriend a real dragon with this incredible Ender Dragon plush toy. Standing just under 9 inches tall, this plush is super soft and is sure to remind them of the game. Officially licensed merchandise, this plus is ideal for snuggling with in bed, or while playing Minecraft!

13. TNT Mug

TNT mug gift

Give somebody a real surprise with this iconic square TNT Minecraft mug. Labelled with TNT on three of the sides, this mug is made from high-quality plastic and holds 10 ounces. Complete in custom packaging, this official merchandise is ideal for any Minecraft super fan and will make an excellent gift. Measures 5 inches tall.

14. Panda Plush

panda plush toy

You can never have too many fluffy teddy bears around your house… Add to their collection with this fantastic Minecraft plush. Measuring 9.5 inches long, this officially licensed Minecraft merchandise is sure to become their new favorite. Perfect for cuddling, they’ll definitely fall in love with this cute Minecraft gift. Suitable for 3 years and over.

15. Alex FUNKO Figurine

Give them something to play with when they can’t play Minecraft. This Alex figurine is just like from the video game and is perfect for any creative Minecraft fan. At 3.75 inches tall, she can be kept as either a collector’s piece or used as a toy. If you’re looking for a collectible present, then this is the perfect gift idea.

16. Creeper Snapback Cap

creeper snapback cap

Help them be the coolest kid on the block with this awesome Minecraft creeper snapback cap. Featuring a large print of the zombie creeper on the front, this snapback cap is officially licensed and has an adjustable strap on the back. Suitable for both kids and adults, you can’t go wrong with this excellent Minecraft gift. Features an acrylic and wool construction.

17. Animal Figures Set

People often focus on the creepers in Minecraft, but let’s not forget the range of cute animals! Perfect for any Minecraft fan who loves animals, this six animal figures set features all the animals from the game. Including a chicken, wolf, pig, sheep, cow and ocelot, any animal lover will definitely appreciate this gift.

18. USB Rechargeable Torch

Let them adventure into the dark with this awesome Minecraft inspired rechargeable torch. Just like in the game, this torch will help light the way with its various light settings. Fully rechargeable with a USB port, this officially licensed merch will last up to 8 hours on a full charge. Great for kids who love adventuring, its sure to be a useful gift!

19. Party Balloons

Get everybody in the Minecraft mood with these colorful party balloons, each set includes 24 high-quality balloons with a range of different designs. These designs include, TNT, white skeletons, ender dragon, treasure chests, creepers and cows to name a few. At 12 inches tall, these are sure to make any party memorable!

20. Coding With Minecraft Book

coding with minecraft book

Teach them something in Minecraft, while also developing their future skills. Coding with Minecraft is a hands-on introduction that will teach anybody how to program and code complex contraptions in Minecraft. Using the game as a foundation, this is a great introduction to programming that can be expanded in the future to real-world programming languages. Features 256 pages of info and suitable for reading ages 12 and above.

21. UNO Card Game

A perfect family game for everyone to enjoy, this Minecraft UNO edition brings a new twist to the classic game. Featuring special Minecraft characters on the cards, they’ll feel right in their element with this deck. Perfect for two to ten players, this game will bring hours of endless fun… just like Minecraft! Contains 112 cards in the deck. For 2 to 10 players, ages 7 and older.

22. Gaming Mouse Pad

Get them in the Minecraft gaming mood with this excellent large Minecraft gaming mouse pad. Featuring a unique and recognizable Minecraft print, this mouse pad is an excellent addition to any Minecraft fan’s PC. Perfect for any PC gamer who loves Minecraft, this gift is sure to help them get into the Minecraft gaming zone.

23. Wall Poster

Decorate any room in the house with this huge Minecraft poster. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, gaming rooms or any room with a wall, this Minecraft poster is officially licensed and ready to go on the wall or in a frame. Featuring a leopard chasing away a zombie creeper, this is sure to bring a smile to any Minecraft fan’s face. Measures 22 by 34 inches.

24. Steve Plush Toy

steve plush

Give the gift of Steve with this cute and cuddly toy plush. Standing 16 inches tall, Steve is made out of 100% polyester and is extremely soft to the touch. Great for guarding people against bed monsters or cuddling in the car, this plush is great for all ages.

25. Stud Earrings

Officially licensed by Minecraft, these wolf stud earrings and perfect for any girl gamer. Made from stainless steel enamel, these earrings are approximately 0.375 inches square are look great on anyone. Give them something different and unique that they are sure to wear, even when they’re playing Minecraft!


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