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What gift do you buy a 9 year old boy that has everything?

To save you hours of scratching your head and trawling Amazon, our team has done all the hard work for you!

Having asked hundreds of boys what toys they would like, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best toys for 9 year olds. From skateboards and drones to even Fortnite gifts, here are the best gifts for 9 year old boys you can buy today.

Best Presents For 9 Year Old Boys

1. LEGO Lamborghini Car Set

LEGO lamborghini car set

What could be a better gift for a 9 year old boy than this awesome Lamborghini car set? This interactive playset gives boys the challenging task of building these LEGO cars. Featuring two incredible six by two inch Lamborghini car models and a realistic start line, as well as two race car driver minifigures, it’s perfect for mini-car lovers!

2. HD Camera Drone

HD camera drone present

For those boys who have always wanted a drone, everything they need is in this kit! With a crystal clear 1080p camera complete with 120-degree all-around view and adjustable angle, it’s sure to make memory-documenting and all around recording a blast. Just the touch of a button activates three different speeds to suit the user’s interest, and at 24 minutes flying time, it’s bound to catch a ton of spectacular views!

3. National Geographic Earth Science Kit

national geographic science kit

The perfect interactive gift for any child interested in geodetics and nature. This activity set is centered around experiments that can be shared, from building exploding volcanoes to digging for and growing crystals, there’s enough interactive fun for everyone! This kit will make finding the undiscovered magic within the depths of the earth possible from the comforts of the home and fuel their learning.

4. Remote Control Truck

remote control truck for 9 year old boys

This remote control truck is the perfect gift for any 9 year old boy out there. Equipped with realistic features including LED headlights, it’s not only fun, it’s decked out in the coolest gear too. Its new and improved 390 Brushed Motor now makes for greater horsepower, and new protective functions including splash-proof make it easier to have a seamless off-road experience.

5. Mini Skateboard

mini skateboard gift for 9 year old boys

They say start ‘em young, so what better present to get them than this mini skateboard! Perfect for beginners, these skateboards are equipped with a better grip and surface, as well as 60mm Urethane wheels that help users balance and skate easier. Ideal for anyone who has shown an interest in skating, this is an excellent first skateboard for any young boy.

6. Fortnite Loot Llama Piñata

fortnite loot llama toys

Not sure what to get them? Every 9 year old boy has dreamed of smacking open a Fortnite piñata in real life. Have a blast whacking open this llama and find different themed goodies, or just unbox it by tearing it open and digging through to find the loot of choice. Figures, weapons, harvesting tools and so much more can be found in this little piñata!

7. Razor RipStik Board

razor ripstik board

Know someone who’s just dying to go surfing or snowboarding, but you don’t live anywhere near the sea or snow? This is the perfect alternative to use, with no water or snow needed. With this caster board, its compact size makes it easier to transport and best suits those with a narrow stance. High-grade materials make for a smoother overall ride. Anyone who tries it will surely have the best boarding experience of their lives!

8. NERF Elite Shockwave Blaster

NERF elite shockwave blaster

Looking for the most badass gift option for action and fun-loving boys? Then this blaster should definitely be at the top of your list. Packed with over 30 foam darts that can reach as far as 90 feet, additional attachments and different settings for firing, anyone looking for a little play-shooting action will surely appreciate a blaster! 

9. Razor Kick Scooter

razor kick scooter toy

Kick it old school, because old school doesn’t mean any less fun! This little scooter makes for the best gift for those who just want to enjoy a good scoot around the park. With five flint pads and a replacement spark cartridge, it’s a complete kit for any young scooter lover! It’s lightweight and foldable design makes it ideal for carrying around from park to park.

10. Tinkering Labs Electric Robotics Kit

electric robotics kits gift idea

An excellent gift for those who’ve always wanted to build robots but never really knew where to start! This DIY kit comes with over 50 usable and reusable parts, allowing users to build and rebuild anything that might pique their interests… from doodling robots to motor-powered LEGOs, let their imagination and creativity run wild!

11. Remote Control Racing Boat

remote control racing boat

A wonderful gift for those who are fascinated with boats, they’re sure to love this present. This remote control racing boat is designed to reach speeds up to 25 kilometers per hour! Faster than any other remote control sailboats. Its 180-degree capsize recovery also helps the boat recover quickly and avoid capsizing. Excellent for kids who dream of one day owning a boat.

12. Deluxe Magic Gift Set

deluxe magic gift set

If your loved one into magic? Help them delve into the world of magic tricks and become an excellent performer, this set is the perfect gift for someone with a curious mind. Including 10 classic tricks of the trade: disappearing ball, magic coin box, secret silks, great escape, magic number prediction, and a ton of other tricks… the possibilities with this set are endless!

13. National Geographic Geodes Kit

national geographic geodes kit

The perfect little kit to get little ones in tune with geodes and geography! This National Geographic kit allows them to break open actual rocks (one to two inches in diameter) with a ton of amazing crystals made from natural geodes. A guide is included for easy identification, learning and fun trivia.

14. Dirty Dunk Basketball Laundry Hoop

basketball laundry hoop

What better way to get kids to clean up their mess than this basketball laundry hamper? Easy to assemble, its over-the-door fit hangs perfectly on any size door, amazing for sitting seamlessly in one place. This makes space-saving easier and chores so much more fun. No more cluttered floors and messy beds!

15. Kids Cooking & Baking Set

kids cooking & baking set

For your budding little chef, this is the perfect all-around gift! Guaranteed to please everyone, this cute set is made from safe, non-toxic, food-grade materials. The set also comes with different cooking and baking utensils, four delicious recipe cards, cookie cutters and even a little apron. Great for getting boys into cooking and baking without having any accidents.

16. RGB LED Light Strips

RGB LED light strips

Just vibe with these LED light strips! The perfect gift for every gamer who is obsessed with RGB lights. These 60-foot-long LED light strips come with cutting edge technology featuring multiple controls via remote, smart timing off/on mode, plug and play, group management and a built-in mic to help change the light colors. Ideal for any gaming room or bedroom.

17. Kids Beginner Microscope Kit

beginner microscope kit

The most fitting gift for any curious mind, this beginners microscope kit is a great investment for educating kids while also letting them have fun! This beginner microscope kit comes with a fully-functioning microscope, four glass slides, two collection vials, one specimen box, and a pair of tweezers to make kids feel just like a scientist.

18. PlayStation Icon Lights

playstation icon lights rgb

A spectacular gift for all gaming enthusiasts, this lamp will surely be the highlight of their room! Boasting three different light modes, it includes standard lighting and special effect color phasing, which they can choose depending on their mood. Makes for a good conversation starter, and is guaranteed to help them show their love for PlayStation.

19. Minecraft Twin Bed Set

minecraft twin bed set

Make them excited for bedtime again with these awesome sheets. The perfect Minecraft gift for youngins who spend a lot of time mining, these sheets are sure to be well received. What better way to make them look forward to bedtime than placing their favorite game and characters on their bedsheets? Set includes one twin comforter, one flat sheet and one standard pillowcase.

20. Blast Pad Rocket Launcher

blast pad rocket launcher toy

Looking for a new outdoor activity? This is the perfect gift for boys who have lots of energy. Step outside and keep active in the funnest way using this blast pad rocket launcher. Simply jump on the blast pad and watch their missiles soar high! Comes with one blast pad base, one launch tube, one blast pad and hose, and three rockets with foam tips that all fit into the base for easy storage.

21. Throw Throw Burrito Game

throw throw burrito game

Loved the card game Exploding Kittens? Just wait ‘til they get their hands on this one! Throw Throw Burrito is the world’s first dodgeball-card fusion game. Clear the room and put away the breakables, this game is bound to get rowdy real fast! Try to collect matching cards the fastest, all while dodging and throwing burritos! A game that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser for anyone that receives it.

22. Kids Punching Bag Set

kids punching bag set

For those boys who have shown an interest in boxing, this is the perfect practice set to gift! Comes with an inflatable punching bag made of high-grade materials, convenient to store and carry anywhere. This set also comes with a pair of boxing gloves. Not only does it offer a fun experience, but boxing also helps anyone stay in shape and keeps them active.

23. Roblox Action Figure Collection

roblox figures for 9 year old boys

One of the best Roblox gifts available, surprise any youngster with this six-pack of figures features their favorite famous characters to accompany them on their adventures. Mix and match different parts to create a unique character, or leave them as is and let them create their own storylines. Each character comes with their own weapon of choice.

24. NERF Tactical Vest

nerf tactical vest

Perfect for those who engage in foam-dart wars regularly, this set is packed with their very own foam-dart proof vest. With fabric fasteners and special pockets which can carry 12 elite foam darts and four dart clips, back them up with firepower the next time they’re caught in the crossfire!

25. Handheld Retro Games Console

handheld retro games console

Give them a blast from the past and a look into the video games of your childhood. Featuring over 400 classic games, including Tetris and Space Invaders, to name a few, any adult will also be patiently waiting for a go! Make for a better experience by connecting the console to a TV and playing alongside friends and family.

26. Electronic Mini ATM

electronic mini atm

Want to teach your 9 year old how to save early? Then an electronic mini ATM is the absolute perfect gift. This electronic piggy bank helps youngsters learn the value of money and how to save it, especially when they are saving up for something. A fun way of depositing and withdrawing that doesn’t require any breaking and entering!

27. Star Wars Mandalorian Figure

star wars mandalorian figure

Young Star Wars fans are sure to beam at the sight of such a figurine! Designed with the utmost detail and inspired by the TV show itself, the figure can be shifted in different poses or left as is. Standing at just under four inches, this Star Wars toy is sure to look fantastic in any superfan’s bedroom.

28. Boys Digital Sports Watch

boys digital sports watch

Perfect for the boy on the go, this sports watch is both waterproof and shockproof, making it appropriate for multiple outdoor activities like swimming and surfing. It can also survive showering, hand washing, and a soaking in the rain. With its other features such as the date, hour and minute, calendar, and clock, this can also help your youngsters be more responsible with their time.

29. NERF Vortex Aero Howler

nerf vortex aero howler

This fun, innovative toy is perfect for the pro football-players to be! The ball howls as it zooms through the air, with its tail designed to send it flying quite the distance. It can really help players to develop their hand-eye coordination and their grip as they both pass and catch this toy.


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