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If you know someone in your life who loves the game Overwatch, then we’ve got some awesome recommendations for Overwatch gifts.

Our team has surveyed tens of dedicated Overwatch fans to find out what gifts they really want.

From new gaming gear and accessories, to figurines, posters, and plushies, discover the best Overwatch gift ideas to get your gamer friends below.

Best Overwatch Gifts 2022

1. Razer DeathAdder Overwatch Mouse

Any lover of Overwatch would love to receive this gaming mouse as a present. If you give this as a gift to an Overwatch fan, they’ll absolutely adore the precision and accuracy that they will get. It comes with Chroma lighting to give it that neon look and comes with DPI settings of up to 16,000. With a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks, we think any Overwatch fan is sure to enjoy this gift.

2. Genji Gaming Keycap

This gaming keycap is the perfect gift to get for someone who loves to play Genji in Overwatch. They’ll be able to use it on their mechanical keyboard without issue, and the high-quality build of this keycap means they’ll be able to use it for a long time. It looks great, feels great, and totally completes any Overwatch lover’s collection, making it a great Overwatch gift we recommend for any fan.

3. The Cinematic Art of Overwatch

We suggest gifting this Overwatch artwork book so that they can admire the fantastic visuals of the game. It covers the entire history of the Overwatch game from launch up until the most recent update in 2021. The game has world-renowned cinematics, and this book features all of them in full detail. It even offers some background and behind-the-scenes details that highlight how the magnificent cut scenes were crafted.

4. Overwatch Loot Box Cookie Jar

This loot box cookie jar is a fantastic addition to any Overwatch lover’s memorabilia collection. This cookie jar protects cookies within its durable ceramic build, and it’s instantly recognizable to any fans of the game. The fact that it looks so great is reason alone to grab this as a gift for your Overwatch loving friend. It comes well-packaged within a collector’s box, and its dimensions are 8 inches cubed.

5. D.Va Varsity Jacket

If you have a friend or family member who loves to play D.Va in Overwatch, then you will definitely want to grab this gift. This jacket is both lightweight and super comfortable to wear. It keeps the wearer warm with its medium thickness and button-down style, and the printwork on it is absolutely fantastic. Overwatch fans that see them wearing this will be green with envy, that’s why we think it’s a great gift idea for any Overwatch fan.

6. Mei Funko POP Figurine

This Mei Funko POP figurine is a beautiful gift that you can get for any Overwatch fan. Based on the game’s iconic character, this makes for a great display item that they can place next to their gaming setup or in their display case. It’s durable, but chances are that they will want to leave it in the great-looking collector’s box that it comes in.

7. LEGO D.Va & Reinhardt Set

Whether they are a child or an adult, they will most definitely love this LEGO set. It features two of the most iconic playable characters from Overwatch, D.Va, and Reinhardt, and each one is crafted with extreme care and precision. Both figures look almost exactly as they do in the game, and that’s why we think this an excellent gift idea.

8. NERF McCree Blaster

As one of the fan-favorite characters in Overwatch, McCree collectible items are a great gift idea for any fan who loves the game. This NERF blaster comes with six rounds, a barrel that swings open just like McCree’s in-game model, and a reactive hammer to really give them the feeling they’re wielding his iconic weapon. The set also comes with a collectible die-cast badge to really make them feel like McCree.

9. Reaper Action Figure

Get them this Reaper action figure if you know that they love to play this character in game. This figure stands menacingly and brings to life the in game model of Reaper. They can take full advantage of the flexible limbs this figure features so that they can pose Reaper in any position they please, including the iconic Death Blossom ultimate skill.

10. Overwatch Bed Sheets Set

Any gamer that loves to play Overwatch will absolutely adore this bed set. It comes with a comforter and sheet sporting the Overwatch logo and various logos for the characters in the game and pillowcases for two pillows. The super soft fabric of this bed set means that it’s super comfortable, and it’s also durable and fade-resistant. That’s why we think it’s a great gift idea for any Overwatch fan.

11. Overwatch Logo Throw Blanket

This throw blanket is a great piece of memorabilia that you can pick up for an Overwatch fan. Not only does it look fantastic, but it is also warm and soft, making it a perfect gift to get for someone who’s always cold. Measuring 45 inches by 60 inches, this large blanket will provide ample coverage no matter how big the person. Don’t hesitate to get them this officially licensed Overwatch item as a gift.

12. B.O.B. Funko POP Figure

This fantastic figurine is a great gift idea for an Overwatch lover that mains B.O.B. Featuring the iconic character in full detail, they can appreciate just how great B.O.B looks here in the real world. Standing six inches tall, it comes inside a great-looking collector’s box, making it an excellent display item to go along with any other Overwatch collectibles that they may already own.

13. Pachimari Plush Toy

This plush toy makes for an excellent gift for any Overwatch fan. It’s inspired by the iconic game, making it a fantastic collectible item. The soft fabrics blend perfectly with the details and style, and it truly brings to life Pachimari. This plush toy can easily be washed and cleaned, so you can rest assured that they will get tons of enjoyment from this toy for years to come.

14. D.Va Wall Art Poster

This D.Va wall art poster is printed on premium glossy photo paper, giving it a professional and high-quality look that will last for a long time. It makes for a perfect addition on any wall or gaming area, and is an awesome gift idea to get for an Overwatch fan or D.Va main. Don’t hesitate to grab this poster for any Overwatch lover, as it has an awesome aesthetic and quality look that anyone would love.

15. Moira Funko POP Figurine

Get them this Moira Funko POP figurine if you know that they love to main this character when they play Overwatch. It comes in a fantastic collector’s box and, when taken out, it stands at nearly 4 inches tall. This stylized figurine is an excellent addition to any Overwatch lover’s collection. The great look and durability of this figure also mean it’s sure to last a lifetime.

16. Overwatch Official Cookbook

If you know someone who loves to cook and loves to play Overwatch, then it’s a no-brainer that you should snap up this gift. This cookbook comes packed with recipes based around some of the most iconic characters and items from Overwatch. They’ll love being able to cook up the recipes inspired by the game and enjoy the interesting way that they have related the food items to that of Blizzard’s hit game.

17. Overwatch Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly comes in tons of great collector’s edition game sets, and this Overwatch edition is one of our favorite picks. It features six pieces of the most iconic characters from the game. They’ll be able to play as D.Va, Lucio, Mercy, Reaper, Tracer, or Winston as they strive to earn points and gain locations. This collector’s edition makes for a perfect gift for an Overwatch fan.

18. LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball Kit

This Wrecking Ball toy is an awesome gift to get for an Overwatch fan who loves to play this character in game. Whether they are a kid or an adult, this LEGO set is a fantastic gift as they can bring their favorite Overwatch character to life. This toy comes packed with lots of small details and features and makes for a great display item in anyone’s Overwatch collection.

19. Reaper Overwatch Cap

Get them this Reaper Overwatch baseball cap if you know that they love to main this character when they play the game. This hat is super simple and looks great with any outfit, but for those who love Overwatch and its characters, then they will instantly recognize the Reaper icon. This durable hat is comfortable and is made out of acrylic & wool, and features a snap closure, meaning it will fit anyone perfectly.

20. Overwatch Logo Water Bottle

Help keep any Overwatch gamer hydrated during their gaming sessions with this essential water bottle. If you know an Overwatch fan, then don’t hesitate to get this as a gift. This water bottle can hold up to 17 ounces and keeps drinks warm for up to 8 hours and drinks cold for over 12 hours! This official Overwatch item is made out of stainless steel for maximum durability.

21. Overwatch Kids Towel

Any child who loves to play Overwatch will absolutely love to receive this towel as a gift. This towel is super soft and absorbs a ton of water, making it great for drying off after a bath. This towel’s breathable fabric also means that it won’t stay wet for a long time after they dry off. The comfortable cotton build ensures that it’s always a joy to use, whether after a bath or while at the pool.

22. Overwatch Heroes T-Shirt

Get them this shirt if you know that they love to play Overwatch. It features 12 of the 32 playable characters from the game, including D.Va, Tracer, McCree, Genji, and more. The cotton blend of this shirt makes it super comfortable, and the fact that it is machine-washable means that they can easily clean it off when they need to.

23. Overwatch Anthology Volume 1

This anthology book is an awesome gift for someone who wants to indulge themself in the lore of the game. This book covers every hero from Overwatch and gives a deeper look into their backstory and why they became a part of the team. They’ll love diving deeper into the lore of the game and brush up on some trivia that they may not have previously known.

24. Overwatch Crew Socks Set

These crew socks make for an excellent gift for any fan that really wants to show that they love the game. These socks feature some of the game’s most famous characters, including Tracer and Reaper, and come in fun colors that will look great with any outfit. They are machine-washable and come with a reinforced heel and toe, making them very comfy and durable.

25. Overwatch Logo Bi-Fold Wallet

They can keep their money and cards secure in this stylish wallet. This Overwatch wallet features a metal badge on the front that is a beautiful recreation of the iconic logo. It can fit multiple cards inside of it and comfortably fit some cash as well. This durable wallet will last for years and easily slips into any pocket.

26. Overwatch Beanie

Get them this beanie so that they can stay warm and comfortable even when the weather gets cooler. It comes with embroidered front art showcasing the Overwatch title and iconic logo. It also has a small fuzzy pom on the top in yellow and black, making it a must-have item for any Overwatch fan. They’ll be able to enjoy comfort and warmth every time they slip this beanie on.

27. D.Va Gaming Mouse Pad

This gaming mouse pad is an excellent gift idea for those who love to play Overwatch. Every time they sit down at their gaming computer, they will be able to see the awesome artwork of D.Va against a clean white background. This skid-free gaming mouse pad comes with stitched edges and a rubber base, ensuring that it won’t slip when being used and that the edges will never become frayed or worn.

28. Tracer Cosplay Mask

Grab this Tracer mask for an Overwatch fan who wants to cosplay as their favorite character at parties or events. This mask fits most adults and recreates the likeness of the popular hero in great detail. If they love to dress up for conventions or parties, then this makes for a great gift, and it can also be gifted for Halloween costumes. When they wear this mask, they’ll be able to feel like their favorite hero.

29. Soldier 76 Collectible Pin

Overwatch fans will go nuts if you grab them this Soldier 76 collectible pin. It comes packed in a collectible display case that looks fantastic on its own if used for display. The pin itself is made out of zinc alloy that comes inlaid with high-quality enamel and is finished in an electroplated nickel coating. Every detail from the popular hero is showcased here perfectly, and this 3 inch tall pin is the perfect addition to any collection.

30. Overwatch Character Shot Glass Pack

These shot glasses make for a great gift for Overwatch fans. Each glass is crafted out of high-quality materials and comes with front and back printing. Some of the most iconic heroes from the game are featured, along with the Overwatch logo itself. Tracer, D.Va, Mercy, and Symmetra are included. They’ll love to receive this pack of shot glasses to use and put on display.


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