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One of the most iconic video games ever made, Pac-Man has been played by millions of people all over the world.

But there are some fans who just love Pac-Man a little bit more than others!

If you know a Pac-Man lover who is obsessed with Pac-Man merchandise, then we’ve got just the Pac-Man gift to put a smile on their face.

From wall art and t-shirts to mugs and figurines, discover the best Pac-man gifts for all ages and budgets below.

1. Pac-Man Canvas Wall Art

pac man canvas wall art

Any fan of Pac-man will adore this vintage style Pac-man wall art. It arrives ready to hang so your friend can add it to his or her kitchen wall in a matter of seconds. With four pieces in total, and it can be hung in a variety of rooms such as their bathroom, dining room, or bedroom.

2. Pac-Man Heat Changing Coffee Mug

pac-man coffee mug gift

This Pac-Man heat changing mug will change colors before their very eyes, depending on the temperature of their beverage. When cold, it will display the Pac-Man logo, but when your friend adds something warm to the mug, it will transform into a scene from the classic Pac-Man game. The mug can hold a maximum of 10 ounces, making it great for coffee, tea, and other delicious drinks.

3. Inky Ghost Light

inky ghost light present

Light up any room with this adorable Pac-man Inky ghost light. The perfect Pac-man gift for any fan, this light features adjustable brightness levels as well as two modes. It comes with a USB cord so your buddy can light his or her room easily. It measures just over 10 inches tall, making it perfect for any room in their house.

4. Pac-Man Amiibo Figure

pac-man amiibo figure

With the Pac-Man amiibo, they’ll be able to supercharge their gameplay on their favorite console. It is compatible with several systems including the new Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo 2DS. The Pac-Man amiibo can add a unique character to the game, customize the character, or unlock exclusive adventures. Plus, the Pac-Man figurine will make a good desk ornament when not in use.

5. Arcade Room Wall Art Sign

arcade room wall art sign

Help them add Pac-man vibes to any room with this arcade Pac-man metal sign. Free from electrical wires and lights, there’s no need to plug it in! The sign has a black background and colorful text which really stands out. Since it has Pac-man characters and colors, it is an excellent gift for Pac-man lovers of all ages. They can hang it anywhere, including in their bedroom, bathroom, or arcade room.

6. Pac-Man Throw Blanket

pac-man throw blanket

Keep them warm in the winter with the Pac-Man throw blanket. Choose from a handful of sizes ranging from 50 inches by 40 inches to 80 inches by 60 inches. The extra large sizes ensure that the blanket will be suitable for people of all ages. Made from 100% microfiber fabric, it’s sure to last for many years to come.

7. Pinky Ghost Figurine

pinky ghost figurine

Decorate their office with the this awesome and cute Pinky ghost figurine. Standing just under four inches tall, it’s the perfect size for any desk, counter, or table. Highly collectible and produced by Funko POP anyone looking for Pac-man merchandise is sure to appreciate this gift. The figurine also features a bright, bold pink color that they’ll adore.

8. Pac-Man Lamp

pac-man lamp gift idea

Suitable for both adults and children, this Pac-Man lamp can help eliminate the fear of entering a dark room. Controlled by a remote, this ensures that they’ll be able to light the room before stepping inside. It offers a variety of brightness setting and can be plugged into any outlet without the need for batteries.

9. Pac-Man Plush Set

pac man gifts plushies

The Pac-Man plush set is beautiful and fun for every arcade lover. Each plush is roughly four inches in diameter so they can be used almost anywhere. Any Pac-man lover will be able to play with the toys at home, in the car, or just keep them on display. The set includes seven toys guaranteeing they’ll have one toy for each character. The figures feature bright, accurate colors that perfectly replicate their in-game counterparts.

10. Official Pac-Man T-Shirt

official pac-man merchandise t-shirt

The Pac-Man official t-shirt is a perfect gift for any fan of the series. It is made of 100% cotton so it will provide them with years of comfort and durability. This officially licensed shirt features a high-quality print, so it is possible to see every fine detail. The t-shirt is available in various sizes ranging from small to XX-Large, making it an excellent piece of Pac-man merchandise.

11. Pac-Man The Board Game

pac-man the board game

Get them off the arcade machine with this Pac-Man board game they’ll love playing with friends and family members. This game can accommodate a maximum of five players at once. Players can choose from a handful of characters, including Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde, and Pac-Man. Enjoy an authentic experience thanks to classic arcade sounds when Pac-Man moves around the game board.

12. Pac-Man Ghosts Lounge Shorts

pac-man merchandise lounge shorts

These Pac-Man lounge shorts offer both style and comfort, making them a must for any fan of Pac-Man. Made from 100% cotton, these shorts are sure to last several years. Thanks to the elastic and drawstring waistband, they’ll comfortably fit anyone making them excellent loungewear. The side seam pockets make it possible for them to carry various items with ease. There’s no doubt these shorts will become their favorite fashion accessory.

13. Pac-Man Briks Full Collection

pac-man briks full collection

Finally, give them the opportunity to build their own Pac-Man with this Briks collection set. It comes with 304 classic briks so they’ll be able to build five 3D figures from the video game. Once completed, they’ll have one Pac-Man figure and four ghosts. Get them away from the television screen with the adorably fun Pac-Man Briks collection.

14. Pac-Man Water Bottle

pac-man water bottle

Make sure they drink plenty of water by giving them this essential Pac-Man stainless steel water bottle. The stainless-steel design guarantees that this bottle will not rust or corrode. It has a maximum capacity of 22 ounces so it’ll work well for extended trips or long gaming sessions. Stylish and cool, they’ll easily be able to carry this water bottle with them everywhere.

15. Mini Arcade Machine

mini arcade machine gift

Give them the ability to play Ms. Pac-Man from anywhere in the world with this compact mini arcade machine. They’ll never have to worry about power cords since the machine is powered via USB or four AA batteries. They will be able to play this classic game in all of its glory thanks to the 2.75-inch full color display.

16. Funko POP Pac-Man Action Figure

pac-man action figure

The Pac-Man Action Figure is designed to add life to any room. The stylized figure measures just under four inches so they’ll always have enough room for it. The colors are gorgeous, and the glossy finish means this figure will shine from across the room. Any fan who collects Pac-Man merchandise will love adding this gorgeous action figure to their collection.

17. Handheld Arcade Console

handheld arcade console

Give them the chance to relive Pac-Man’s glory days with this handheld arcade console. They’ll never run out of opportunities to play because the console features Pac-Man, Pac-Panic, and Pac-Mania. They can play Pac-Man from anywhere including in libraries by taking advantage of the headphone jack. The 2.75-inch full color display ensures an authentic, nostalgic experience that Pac-Man lovers will enjoy.

18. Monopoly Pac-Man Board Game

monopoly pac-man board game

This board game combines the best of both worlds, Monopoly and Pac-Man. The game adds a new spin to the classic title and ensures that fans of both will love the unique experience. Pac-Man enthusiasts will appreciate being able to play the classic arcade game each time they pass go. This game will prove to be an all-time favorite for Pac-Man lovers everywhere.

19. Sculpted Pac-Man Coffee Mug

pac-man coffee mug

Affordable and practical, this sculpted Pac-Man coffee mug delivers a quick pick-me-up when it is needed the most. A high-quality ceramic design guarantees they’ll be able to drink from this mug for years and years. With a 16-ounce capacity, Pac-Man fans will always find a reason to use this custom sculpted mug.

20. Classic Arcade Wall Art Prints

classic arcade wall art prints

Turn any dull room into a modern masterpiece with these beautiful arcade wall art prints. The original wall décor measures 8 by 10 inches making it suitable for any room. The prints are accurately reproduced, ensuring every fine detail of the classic games is present. With four different retro games included, these prints can easily be hung on any wall.

21. Pac-Man Tamagotchi

pac-man tamagotchi

They’ll love raising their Tamagotchi character with help from Pac-Man. They can work hard, raise their character well, and receive a surprise character for their efforts. The compact, portable Tamagotchi device allows fans to enjoy a unique Pac-Man experience everywhere they go. It also comes with a battery included that is sure to last for many years.

22. Pac-Man Plush

pac-man plush toy

This highly detailed Pac-Man plush is the ideal gift for anyone who loves Pac-man merchandise. The durable stitching ensures this plush will offer years of enjoyment. At four by four inches, the plush is soft, cuddle, and easily portable. Suitable for ages three and older, the Pac-Man plush will make a great gift for any fan of the series.

23. Pac-Man Shot Glasses Set

pac-man shot glasses set

Beautifully crafted and totally practical, this Pac-Man shot glasses set is a wonderful gift for older fans of the series. Each glass has been officially licensed, guaranteeing its authenticity and long-term value. Each glass holds roughly 1.5 ounces, making them great for shots of coffee, espresso, or hard drinks. When they get thirsty, a Pac-Man fan will always reach for one of these glasses.

24. Blinky Icon Light

blinky icon light

Help them eliminate their fear of the dark with the cute Pac-Man Blinky icon lamp. Powered by AA batteries, the light can be installed anywhere and easily moved without the need for unplugging. The shade is made of durable plastic, ensuring it won’t break with one drop. The Blinky Icon Light is adorable, practical, and a great collector’s item for a Pac-Man fan.

25. Pac-Man Kitchen Apron

pac-man kitchen apron

Help them cook up a feast in their kitchen with this Pac-Man kitchen apron that is sure to keep their clothes clean while barbecuing. The bold layout features the most popular characters from the Pac-Man series with an all-over print. The handy front pocket is a perfect place for them to store a handheld console or spatula. Equipped with side ties, they’ll never have to worry about the apron being too big.

26. Pac-Man Arcade Socks

pac-man arcade socks

Thick and durable, these Pac-Man arcade socks will be sure to keep their feet comfortable and warm during the cold winter months. Officially licensed, they’ll receive an authentic, high-quality product that will last for years to come. The stretchy polyester and spandex blended material allows the socks to stretch and accommodate any Pac-Man fan regardless of their size.

27. Mastering Pac-Man Book

mastering pac-man book

Mastering Pac-Man is designed to help players improve their skills and conquer their Pac-Man goals. Fans of the game will be taught how to create unique patterns and develop strategies for fast games. The in-depth video game guide is sure to help Pac-Man fanatics take their skills to a new level.

28. Funko POP Ms. Pac-Man

miss pac-man figurine

Add some femininity to their Pac-Man collection with the Ms. Pac-Man action figurine. The figure features bright, bold colors and aims to be a perfect reproduction of the classic Pac-man character. At just under 3.75 inches tall, the adorable action figure breathes new life into any boring gaming station or office.

29. Pac-Man Party Decorations

pac-man party decorations

Throw them the perfect birthday party by decorating their house with these Pac-Man party decorations. At 12 feet in length, the decorations will cover most walls entirely. While great for birthdays, this versatile Pac-Man decoration can also be used for carnivals, fiestas, banquets, and gaming nights. The collage of colors will help bring any room to life.

30. Pac-Man & Ghosts Stud Earrings

pac-man stud earrings

Allow them to show off their love for Pac-Man with these stud earrings. They are made with 304 stainless steel, so they’re sure to last a lifetime without rusting. The stud length makes it easy to wear these geeky earrings. The no fade design means these earrings will shine beautifully for years to come.


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