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The fast-paced beach sport loved by millions, volleyball is a daring game of speed, agility and strength. Anyone who plays volleyball is always looking to improve their game and push themselves to the next level. So what gift do you get someone obsessed with volleyball and lives for the game?

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to gifts for volleyball players, then don’t worry. We’ve done all the hard work for you. Having spoken to various volleyball players from around the world of different ages, we’ve come up with an extensive list of gift options.

No matter your budget or who you’re buying for, we’ve got you covered. Explore all of the volleyball gifts any player or fan is sure to love below.

Gifts For Volleyball Players & Fans

1. Volleyball Bath Bombs

volleyball bath bombs

Help them relax off the court and an intense game with these awesome handcrafted volleyball bath bombs. Containing three per pack, each one is handcrafted in the USA with all natural ingredients and contains Epsom salt for muscle soaking. Individually shrink-wrapped, these bath bombs are the perfect gift for any volleyball player.

2. Volleyball Hair Scrunchies

volleyball hair ties

What better way to keep their hair out of their face while playing than with these volleyball themed hair scrunches. Suitable for both guys and girls, these hair scrunchies feature a unique volleyball print that is ideal for wearing on the court. Made from soft elastic and incredibly durable, there’s plenty of them to last an entire season!

3. Volleyball Charm Bracelet

volleyball charm bracelet

Help them show their love for volleyball wherever they go with this cute charm bracelet. Featuring a beautifully crafted volleyball charm, players will be able to show off their team spirit every time they wear it. With an adjustable strap, this bracelet can be adjusted to fit most wrists with ease.

4. Tandem Sport Pass Rite

pass rite training gift

Help them train like a pro with this fantastic volleyball training equipment. Featuring velcro wrist and ankle cuffs, this resistance training gear helps teach proper passing techniques by limiting excessive upward arm movement. Perfect for beginners or players that need to iron out their weaknesses, this training gear is sure to make them a better player.

5. Padded Arm Sleeves

padded arm sleeves

Anyone who’s just starting to learn volleyball will usually complain about how painful it is or how they can’t hit the ball correctly. Improve their passing and reduce the pain with these awesome padded arm sleeves. Suitable for anyone who’s learning to play, these sleeves will help them hit the ball perfectly while reducing arm pain.

6. Serve Training Equipment

serve training equipment

Training without a partner can be a real challenge for many volleyball players. Ensure they get their practice in with this solo serve training equipment. Suitable for use on their own, this equipment is ideal for perfecting that serve. The elastic cords guide the ball back after every swing reducing the need to fetch the ball after every serve.

7. Sports Ball Pump

sports ball pump

Ensure their volleyballs are kept at the optimal pressure with this handy sports ball pump. Complete with a pump, needles, flexible hose and pressure gauge, this kit can be used to inflate any ball to the right pressure before a game. Heavy duty and suitable for any ball, this kit is sure to be used frequently.

8. Volleyball Shaped Pasta

volleyball shaped pasta

An excellent gift idea for anybody obsessed with volleyball, this volleyball shaped pasta is the perfect meal after an intense game! Shaped like volleyballs in two different colors, these pasta shapes are made out of durum wheat and vegetable powders to ensure the best nutrition. Made in the USA, these pasta shapes are also non-GMO.

9. Training Gloves

grip training gloves

Picking up the required skills and techniques for volleyball can be challenging when you first begin. Give them some help with these practical setter training gloves. Designed to encourage less hand contact while setting, these gloves contain pads on the palms which encourages wearers to use their fingers and as little hand contact as possible.

10. 3D Volleyball Player Lamp

3d volleyball lamp gift

Send them off to sleep dreaming about volleyball with this cool volleyball lamp gift. Featuring seven different colors to choose from, this LED lamp also has several diming and flash speeds to get that perfect ambience in any room. Powered by USB cable or three AA batteries, this lamp is an excellent gift for any volleyball fan.

11. Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

stainless steel sports bottle

Ensure they keep hydrated on the court with this super colorful and insulated stainless steel sports bottle. With a range of different colors to pick from, this bright sports bottle is the perfect choice for any volleyball player. Complete with three different lids and the ability to keep water cool for up to 24 hours, they’ll certainly appreciate this gift after a match.

12. Ankle Support Brace

ankle support brace gift

Being a very physical sport, there’s always a chance players can get injured during a game of volleyball. Prevent them from injuring themselves with this essential ankle support brace. Suitable for everyone, this brace can help prevent injuries as well as helping players to recover from them. Supportive and comfortable, it’s also adjustable without any unlacing or removing footwear.

13. Resistance Leg Bands

resistance leg bands

Improve their lower body strength where it matters with this adjustable leg resistance training aid. With four level of resistance and two leg straps, this aid is perfect for toning and improving those crucial volleyball muscles. Help them improve their agility, speed and jump height by following the included digital training programs.

14. Portable Volleyball Set

portable volleyball set

Take their love for volleyball anywhere with this awesome portable volleyball set. Including everything they need to set up a volleyball court on the beach or grass, this set comes with a net, pegs, poles, ball, pump, and a carrying bag. Give them everything they need to enjoy volleyball while they’re traveling or on the go.

15. Volleyball Earring Studs

volleyball earring studs gift idea

Let them show everyone how much they love volleyball with their own pair of volleyball earring studs. Made with crystal rhinestones, these shiny studs are sure to attract lots of attention. Perfect for both on and off the court, these are a cute gift for any big volleyball fan.

16. Premium Competition Volleyball

premium competition volleyball

If they want to take their game to the next level, then they need to be practicing with a premium competition volleyball. Not only are these the ones they use in professional leagues, but it will also get them used to the pressure and feel of the ball. This premium competition ball is NFHS approved and available in over ten different colors.

17. Strength Training For Volleyball Book

strength training for volleyball book

Help them gain a competitive edge on the court with this fantastic strength training book. Featuring various exercises and workouts that will help them improve their muscles, this book is perfect for anyone trying to up their game. With step by step photos and diagrams for every exercise, this book is sure to be a cherished gift.

18. Reaction Balls

reaction balls gift

Improve their reaction time and agility with these unique reaction balls. Designed to bounce unpredictably, these balls are perfect for training reaction times, hand speed and general reflexes. Suitable for any workout or training session, these balls come in four different colors, each representing a different level of difficulty.

19. Slide Socks

slide socks

Give them the gift of sliding with these incredibly effective over the shoe slide socks. Designed to reduce the risk of injury when turning and twisting, these socks also help the player slide better on vinyl and tough floors. Simply slide the sock over the front half of the shoe and they’ll instantly be able to slide everywhere without much effort.

20. Spikeball Game Set

spikeball game set

Anyone who plays volleyball will most likely be familiar with spikeball. This fast-paced game involves a trampoline like net where players bounce the ball back and forth with their bare hand. Excellent for improving reaction time, reflexes and agility, this spikeball game kit comes with everything they need to play both indoors and outdoors.

21. Forearm Strengthener

forearm strengthener device

Does your volleyball friend keep complaining that their forearms are too small and weak? Answer their prayers with this handy wrist and forearm developer device. Perfect for targeting the forearms and wrists, this device can be used anywhere without having to go to a gym. With an adjustable grip and resistance, this is a great gift for anyone obsessed with volleyball.

22. Volleyball Drill Book

volleyball drill book

Reaching a volleyball plateau is a terrible thing and can often be demoralizing for most players. Help them break out from their slump and improve as a player with this awesome volleyball drill book. Featuring over 125 technical drills, this book has plenty of new training ideas to improve their game.

23. Volleyball Sports Bag

volleyball sports bag

Carrying their kit to and from games can be very stressful, especially if they have multiple bags. Make their game days less stressful with this convenient multi-compartment sports backpack. With enough room to carry a ball, shoes, and a laptop, this is the perfect bag for carrying all of their sports gear.

24. Volleyball Socks

volleyball themed socks

Brighten up their day every day with these funny volleyball themed socks. Perfect for game day and casual wear, each pair comes with a distinct volleyball print including a net, ball and whistle. Sold in packs of two and available in black and purple, these socks are sure to be their favorite gift.

25. ASICS Women’s Volleyball Shoes

asics womens volleyball shoes

Give them an edge on the court with these highly rated ASICS volleyball shoes. Featuring a rubber sole with a gel cushioning system, these shoes are ideal for jumping around in. Incredibly lightweight and durable, they also contain a breathable mesh fabric for maximum comfortability and performance.

26. ASICS Men’s Gel Shoes

Make them the king of the court with these ASICS gel-rocket volleyball shoes. Featuring a rear and forefoot gel cushioning system that offers shock-absorbing support, these gel shoes will help reduce the impact of every jump. Lightweight and breathable, these shoes can give anyone the extra boost that they need.

27. Mizuno Kneepads

mizuno kneepads

Help them stay safe on the court with this genius gift idea. Know somebody who spends more time on the court floor than standing up? Keep their knees safe with these fantastic kneepads. Made in the USA and padded with low-rise protection, these kneepads are slim enough that they won’t get in the way while playing.

28. Muscle Roller Stick

muscle roller stick gift

What better way to cool down after an intense game than with this practical muscle roller stick. Great for aiding in the recovery of sore and stiff muscles, with regular use this device can improve strength and circulation while also reducing the risk of future injury.


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