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Everyone knows that person who just loves movies! The self-proclaimed movie buff, they spend most of their time going to the cinema to watch the latest releases, or re-watching their favorites at home.

To help you find that perfect gift for the movie lover in your life, our team has hand picked the best gifts from all over the web.

No matter if you’re searching for Lord of the Rings gifts, Harry Potter gift ideas, or just something for an aspiring filmmaker, you’ll find all the best gifts for movie lovers below.

Best Gifts For Movie Lovers

1. Star Wars Episode IV Film Cell Display

star wars film cell display present

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a die-hard movie fan that wanted this Star Wars Episode IV film cell display. Authentically made in the UK, this special edition plaque comes in a seven by five inch black MDF frame that also has an easel for easy display — a perfect addition to anyone’s Star Wars collection.

2. The Godfather Blu-ray Collection

the godfather blu-ray collection

For any movie lover, they’re sure to want The Godfather Trilogy on blu-ray. The best present you could probably give to any movie fan, it comes complete with Dolby sound, subtitles, and the finest quality. With 4K Ultra HD, anyone will love watching the finest mafia trilogy starring Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire, and James Caan on their TV.

3. Accidentally Wes Anderson Book

accidentally wes anderson book

Put a smile on any movie lovers face with this satisfying Accidentally Wes Anderson Book. Complete with photographs that look like they’re taken straight from a Wes Anderson movie, this book showcases a range of wonderful places from all over the world. At over 368 pages long, the book also tells the tales behind the real-life stories of the places inspired in his films.

4. Vincent & Jules T-shirt

vincent & jules pulp fiction t-shirt

Remind your best friend that you always have their back with this classic Vincent & Jules T-shirt. An iconic shot from the movie Pulp Fiction, any movie lover is sure to enjoy showing off their love for Quentin Tarantino. Sizes range from small to double extra large and are available in a range of different colors. Made from 100% soft cotton, this t-shirt is bound to be an excellent conversation starter.

5. 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

1001 movies you must see before you die book

Ensure any movie fan makes the most of their life with this essential 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die book. Don’t let any movie-lover miss these most influential and creative stories in film. Packed with more than a century of movie history, each film profile comes with plot summaries, production notes, a portion of known facts, and other remarkable details.

6. Movie Night Snacks Care Package

movie snacks car package gift

Complete someone’s movie night by surprising them with this delicious movie night snacks care package. Packed with a range of different candies for them to snack on during the movie, this is exactly what anyone needs before embarking on a movie marathon. The delicious snacks are guaranteed to give them enough energy to power through any movie box set.

7. Iconic Movies Jigsaw

iconic movies jigsaw

A fun puzzle featuring the most phenomenal films of all time, this Iconic Movies Jigsaw is definitely an item on your loved one’s wish list. The puzzle has 1000 laser cut pieces to arrange, which forms a collage of some of the world’s most iconic and favorite films. Its board is made of sturdy blue chipboard with a dimension of 12 by 10 inches.

8. The Bad Movie Bible

the bad movie bible book

They might have seen some of the best movies in the world, but now it’s time to watch the worst!  As films are not always oscar winners, this Bad Movie Bible embraces the flaws of box office bombs. The 240-page book has exclusive behind the scenes images, as well as explanations from movie critics on what went wrong. With so many bad movies included, this is sure to be a fun read for any movie nerd.

9. Movie Ticket Shadowbox

movie ticket shadowbox

This movie ticket shadowbox is a thoughtful present for any movie geek. Ideal for storing tickets from all their best movie experiences, they’re sure to love putting their favorite movie memories on display. The ticket shadow box has a pre-installed hook at the back of the frame for easy hanging anywhere and requires no assembly!

10. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

gifts for movie lovers poster

A must-have piece of wall décor for any movie lover, this poster will definitely help them show off their love for movies. The icons are filled with award-winning animations, modern blockbusters, and even influential movie classics. The illustrations are created uniquely for the poster, so every scratch is fun and exciting. The A2 size poster arrives in a hand-wrapped proactive paper and premium quality box.

11. Cocktails of the Movies Book

cocktails of the movies book

This Cocktails of the Movies book is ideal for making all their favorite iconic movie drinks come to life. The new pocket edition serves up to 64 unique cocktails featured in a range of films. Some classics include Some Like It Hot from “Marilyn’s Manhattan” to The Big Lebowski’s “The Dude’s White Russian”. Each featured cocktail comes with instructions, history, and of course, the step by step instructions.

12. The Movie Buff Mug

the movie buff mug gift

Challenge any movie lover in your life with this awesome movie buff mug quiz. A unique mug that challenges anyone’s knowledge of films, it features a range of iconic items from classic and loved movies. With 50 individual images to guess, they’re sure to have hours of fun trying to guess them all.

13. Eat What You Watch

eat what you watch book

If you know someone who wants to try famous recipes from their favorite films, then this Eat What You Watch cookbook is the answer. The cookbook has recipes from 40 cult-favorites and classic films, including recipes from “Big Night”, “When Harry Met Sally”, Charlie Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush”, “Sixteen Candles”, and many more.

14. Alfred Hitchcock Blu-ray Collection

alfred hitchcock blu-ray movie collection

The Alfred Hitchcock Blu-ray Collection is an awesome treat for movie fanatics that offers several unforgettable thrilling cinema classics. Known as the master of suspense, this Alfred Hitchcock box set lets fans enjoy 15 iconic films that highlight his admired career throughout his years in the movie industry. The films are digitally restored for the best Hitchcock marathon experience.

15. The Blockbuster Party Game

the blockbuster party game

Test your friend’s movie knowledge with this awesome Blockbuster Party Game. Starting with a head to head showdown, players must shout out as many movies as they can before the time runs out. As the game progresses, players must choose three movies and race to describe, quote, and act them out to the rest of their team. Suitable for four to twelve players, this is sure to test their movie knowledge!

16. Cinemaps Movie Atlas Book

cinemaps movie atlas book

For those movie buffs who want to know everything there is about a certain movie, they’re sure to love this cinemaps movie atlas book. Featuring maps for over 35 of the most popular movies, this book has plenty of beautifully illustrated maps from Pulp Fiction to Back to the Future.

17. Cinephile Card Game

cinephile card game

Get the party started with this cinephile card game! A party game that’s all about movies and pop culture, this is sure to test the knowledge of any die hard movie lover. An awesome present featuring over unique 150 cards, this game can be played in different difficulty levels fit for film nerds down to casual movie-goers.

18. Coen Brothers Blu-ray Collection

coen brothers blu-ray movie collection

Make your loved one’s wishes come true by gifting them this Coen Brothers blu-ray collection. Including Coen brothers films such as Raising Arizona, Miller’s Crossing and Fargo, any film fan is sure to enjoy these gifts for movie lovers. Each film is presenting in high definition and comes packed with fun fact details that any film nerd will enjoy.

19. The Movie Book

the movie book

Contribute to your friend’s film knowledge by giving them this ultimate movie book. The book answers the most frequent questions about concepts, ideas, and expansion behind movies. It covers the wonders of the 100 most celebrated cinema creations from the black-and-white era up until the 21st century sci-fi. Anyone who is passionate about cinema will find this book interesting, regardless of the genre they like.

20. Totoro Plush

totoro plush toy

This is the perfect gift for anime lovers of all ages. The title character from the iconic film My Neighbor Totoro, any movie lover can now have their very own Totoro in real life. Super soft and squishy anyone is sure to love hugging this while watching their favorite Studio Ghibli film.

21. A Geek’s Guide to the Movieverse

guide to the movieverse book

Any friend who is mad about movies deserves A Geek’s Guide to the Movieverse. Inspired by the enormously popular and pop culture creation of Den of Geek. The geek guide has sneak peeks of disastrous happenings in movie sets, revelations on the hidden subtexts of family movies, collateral damages of Tom Hanks movies, the making of risky box offices, unknown movie sequels, and well-guarded alternative endings.

22. Movie Theater Butter Popcorn

movie theater butter popcorn

Bring the cinema into anyone’s home by sending them an essential supply of movie theater butter popcorn. Each popcorn tub is made of real butter with no artificial preservatives added, dyes, or any flavors. With 12 tubs per pack, they’re best paired with other delicious snacks and cold drinks for a fun and exciting movie night.

23. The Wes Anderson Collection Book

the wes anderson collection book

The illustrated hardcover of The Wes Anderson Collection book will bring a smile to every Wes Anderson fan’s face. The book features the filmography of unpublished behind-the-scenes images, ephemera, and artwork from his iconic movies Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Bottle Rocket, The Royal Tenenbaums, and many more. An excellent gift for movie lovers who like his unique style, they’re sure to thoroughly enjoy reading it.

24. A-Z Great Film Directors

z to z great film directors book

An amazing movie does not simply director itself. It needs the efforts of a skilled and remarkable film director to bring the magic to life. This A-Z Great Film Directors guide is the perfect gift for aspiring film directors to help them learn the fundamentals of film making from cinematic masters. The guide features 52 directors from all over the world whom they’re sure to recognize and look up to.

25. Novelty Popcorn Movie Socks

novelty popcorn movie socks

Make sure any movie fan is dressed for the movies by giving them this pair of novelty popcorn movie socks. A perfect gift for popcorn lovers and movie enthusiasts, these socks are made from both cotton and spandex to ensure a stretchy and comfortable feel. The socks are suitable for any footwear such as sneakers, boots, or even sandals.

26. Parasite Graphic Novel Storyboard

parasite graphic novel storyboard

Any big film fan knows how Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite shocked the Oscars with several wins. But may don’t know about the origins and history of the movie, until now. This parasite graphic novel storyboard features the stunning illustrations of the film’s behind-the-scenes exclusives. It also contains a few of the iconic dialogues and more concept drawings from the talented director himself.

27. Cinegeek Encyclopedia Book

cinegeek encyclopedia book

Support your loved ones geekiness for films with the ultimate movie encyclopedia book. Containing a list of the best films starring famous actors and other fantasy flicks, the book emphasizes a fanatic’s appreciation in a different light and concept. The cinegeek encyclopedia book includes bizarre Japanese film genres, actors who might have played James Bond, and other interesting film topics.

28. Seek And Find Book For Film Buffs

seek and find book for film buffs

Level up your movie-themed gifts and test your friend’s eyesight with this Seek And Find Book For Film Buffs. The trivia book allows fans to enjoy the quest of finding iconic characters from the greatest films made by the world’s known film directors. Featuring Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton, and many others, they’re sure to have fun exploring these challenging puzzles.

29. Pulp Fiction Poster

pulp fiction poster

Tarantino lovers rejoice! Add some character to any movie buff’s room with this Pulp Fiction poster. At 24 by 36 inches its super lightweight and low-glare satin finish paper creates photo quality art for any home. The forefront of the poster features Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace, but of course, they already knew that.

30. Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper

silicone microwave popcorn popper

Give your loved ones the joy of making tasty popcorn in the comfort of their homes without the mess. This silicone microwave popcorn popper is a toxic-free popcorn maker with a 2.3 inch collapsed height for compact and easy storage. It is made of PVC and BPA free silicone, which is highly durable and heat resistant. It also doubles as a bowl for eating out of once the popcorn is ready!

31. As Long As The Dog Lives Mug

mug for movie lovers present

Satisfy someone’s love for dogs in movies by giving them this funny coffee mug. Made from high quality ceramic, this mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe, and can hold up to 11 ounces of their favorite beverage. Printed on both sides, this is sure to be an excellent movie cup as long as they don’t watch Marley & Me.


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