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Pizza is love, and pizza is life!

Just like all the bacon lovers in the world, there are also millions of pizza lovers obsessed with finding the perfect slice.

No matter if you’re trying to find a gift idea for a chef in your life, or someone who just loves eating pizza, we’ve got you covered.

From pizza socks and blankets to cooking books and plushies, we’ve handpicked the best pizza gifts for every occasion below.

Gifts For Pizza Lovers

1. Wood Fire Pizza Oven

wood fire pizza oven

Nothing beats the flavor of fresh wood-fired pizza, and nothing will beat this Wood Fired Pizza Oven as a gift for your pizza loving friends! This handy wood fire pizza oven can create restaurant quality pizza in just 2 to 4 minutes and is ideal for anyone who wants to take their food to the next level.

2. Pizza Throw Blanket

pizza throw blanket gift

Keeping warm has never been so delicious! Feed your loved one’s pizza addiction with this mouth watering Pizza Blanket. The blanket is available in several different sizes, from 47 to 80 inches, and features a realistic double-sided design. Its soft fabric will keep anyone warm and is ideal for snuggling up while watching TV and eating pizza, of course.

3. Pizza Socks Box

pizza socks gift box

Surprise your loved ones with these amazing pizza socks! It is packaged in an exciting pizza box, and inside you’ll find four pairs of socks. Each pair is designed after the most popular pizza flavors, including pepperoni, Italian and Hawaiian. These cotton, polyamide, and elastane socks are sure to bring them warmth and comfort and are definitely the best gift for pizza lovers!

4. Portable Pizza Maker

portable pizza make machine

What better gift to give any pizza lover than a pizza maker! This pizza maker won’t fail to surprise your loved ones as it comes in a total package that is ready to use. It is fast and efficient when it comes to cooking and can whip up a 12 inch pizza quickly. It is also perfect for making quesadillas, nachos, quiche, croissants, giant cookies, and much more.

5. Pizza Hut Gift Card

pizza hut gift card

This is a perfect choice for anyone who loves pizza and specifically Pizza Hut. Gift a friend or family member this Pizza Hut Gift Card today and watch their face light up. The best part about these Pizza Hut gift cards is that they don’t expire, so your loved one can save them for rainy days or emergencies.

6. Pizza Slice Sleeping Bag

pizza slice sleeping bag

For anyone who loves dreaming of pizza, this novelty pizza blanket is the perfect gift. Its fabric is made from ultra-soft polyester that guarantees maximum comfort when snuggled inside the blanket. Everyone gets a slice as the blanket measures 60 inches in length and makes for a snug and cozy fit. Ideal for using while watching movies and TV.

7. Pusheen Pizza Plush

pusheen pizza plush toy

This cute and fluffy Pusheen Pizza Plush makes for the perfect pizza gift. Pusheen has been an icon of steadfast chill and chomp, and what better way to honor your loved one who loves pizza by giving them this plush. The exterior of the plushie is made with polyester and is definitely something they will never get tired of hugging.

8. Powered By Pizza T-Shirt

powered by pizza t-shirt

If your loved one is a pizza lover, then this is definitely something they will wear. The Powered by Pizza shirt comes in 10 different solid colors and has sizes available for men, women, and children. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, this powered by pizza t-shirt will never be out of place and will always be appropriate for a pizza lover.

9. Pizza Pattern Apron

pizza pattern apron

Want to keep someone clean while they make their own homemade pizza? This kitchen apron comes in the standard size of 31 inches long and 26 inches wide with an adjustable neck. It’s also made of high-quality polyester fabric that’s waterproof, making it a versatile choice for indoor and outdoor use. Grab one of these and celebrate the spirit of pizza by making some!

10. Pizza Grilling Tool Set

pizza grilling tool set

Help them make their own pizzas at home with this complete set. The Pizza Grilling Set includes a 13 inch pizza stone, a folding pizza peel, and a pizza cutter. All the essentials for making your pizza on a grill are here, making it the best gift for a pizza lover who loves making their own food.

11. Pizza Pattern Necktie

pizza pattern necktie

What better way to showcase their love for pizza than adding a pizza tie to their collection? If your loved one is an avid pizza fan, this patterned necktie is an excellent choice for a gift. This tie is made with premium materials and boasts of a 1200 needle count, which is above the usual 960. Help them look elegant while sporting off their love for pizza.

12. Pizza History Book

pizza history book

Help any fan learn the history of their favorite food with this essential reading gift. Your pizza obsessed loved one will surely enjoy this pizza history book while snacking on their favorite food. The book includes the history of pizzas, stories related to pizza, and unique recipes that they can try on their own.

13. Pizza Pattern Shirt

pizza pattern shirt

Allow a pizza lover to sport their love for their favorite dish with this Pizza Pattern Shirt. The shirt has a playful pattern filled with classic pepperoni pizzas and is made of cotton and polyester for utmost comfort. It also has a button closure, making it the ideal apparel for semi-formal events. Sizes are available in medium to double extra large.

14. The Elements Of Pizza Book

the elements of pizza book

A pizza can be considered a work of art — and that’s exactly what culinary expert James Beard believes and reflects in his book, The Elements of Pizza. Give this book to a pizza fan and encourage them to learn about the science behind the pizza-making process so that they can fuel their passions and upskill their culinary expertise.

15. His & Hers Pizza T-Shirts

his hers pizza t-shirts

Pizza is love, and love is pizza! When finding a gift for your pizza loving special someone, these His & Hers Pizza T-Shirts will get you additional cute points as a couple. The fabric boasts outstanding quality and sports a soft cotton material guaranteed to give you maximum comfort while sharing the love for pizza.

16. Mastering Pizza Book

mastering pizza book

A true fan will lean towards understanding and mastering the craft of pizza making. This makes the Mastering Pizza Book by Marc Vetri a good choice as a gift for your loved one. This book involves detailed texts and photos about the art of making pizza, as well as recipes and techniques for making your own at home.

17. Professional Pizza Eater T-Shirt

professional pizza eater t-shirt

Do you know someone who’s a professional pizza eater? Well, this is the perfect gift for them! This shirt will allow your pizza loving friend to showcase their love and skill in eating pizza. It comes in many color variations and flaunts a lightweight and classic fit, perfect to wear for any season and occasion.

18. Toy Story Pizza Planet Cap

toy story pizza planet cap

If you know someone who’s a fan of Toy Story and pizza, then they’re sure to love this Toy Story Pizza Planet Cap. The snapback cap is in an eye-catching red color, complemented by the Pizza Planet logo from the hit movie franchise. A unique collectible, it’s also bound to look great with any outfit!

19. Pizza Slice Stud Earrings

pizza slice stud earrings

Jewelry is definitely a popular gift for most girls. While they shine and shimmer, adding a little extra pizza piece for your pizza lover will definitely make them fall head over heels. These pizza studs are decorated with round simulated ruby, and the actual piece is made of 14k white gold plated 925 sterling silver. This is sure to catch the attention of your loved ones.

20. Bamboo Pizza Cutting Board

bamboo pizza cutting board

Ask any pizza fan, and they’re bound to tell you unevenly cut pizza is their biggest phobia. The Bamboo Pizza Cutting Board makes for a great gift for any pizza lover as its design allows for the pizza to be cut evenly. The package includes a pizza board made with high-quality bamboo and a pizza cutter with a bamboo holder and a steel sharp blade.

21. Stormtrooper Spinning Pizza Wall Art

stormtrooper spinning pizza wall art

If you know someone who’s a fan of pizza and Star Wars, then get them this Stormtrooper Pizza Wall Art. The print features an iconic Stormtrooper spinning his very own pizza dough (and for once not missing!). The image is overlaid on vintage dictionary pages, creating an 8 by 10 inch piece of art and making each one unique.

22. NFL Team Pizza Cutter

NFL team pizza cutter

It’s football day, and you and your buddies have your pizza ready. What better way to show unending support than giving your friend the NFL Team Pizza Cutter? This pizza cutter is easy to use and easy to clean with a 3.25 inch spinning wheel that can cut through pizza with ease. This is definitely the perfect gift for your pizza-loving football fan.

23. Corgi Pizza Socks

corgi pizza socks

Corgis & pizza? That’s already enough to convince you that this is indeed the best gift you can get someone who’s a pizza fan and a corgi lover. These socks are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex for the comfiest fit possible. They are also reinforced on the heel and toe area to provide maximum comfort.

24. You’ll Always Have A Pizza My Heart Bag

you'll always have a pizza my heart bag

Tote bags are known for their versatility and wide range of use. Your pizza lover counterpart will definitely appreciate this You’ll Always Have A Pizza My Heart tote bag as it’s decorated with a pizza cartoon and fun text. This will show your pizza-loving significant other how much you care for them and how much they love pizza!

Pizza Gifts For Dad

25. Circular Saw Pizza Wheel Cutter

circular saw pizza cutter

Be the boss of pizza parties when you pull out the Pizza Boss 3000. The perfect gift for any carpenter in your life, it’s the sturdiest pizza cutter that can cut through any pizza in record time. The blades are made of stainless steel and won’t give them a hard time cleaning them.

26. Foodies Box Sign Art

box sign art gift idea

This Foodies Box Sign Art comes in a vintage aesthetic that’s a perfect addition to any kitchen or room. The text reads, “You Can’t Make Everyone Happy, You’re Not Pizza”. This art box is a wonderful gift for any foodie as it showcases the joy pizza brings to people, something they understand all too well.

27. Pizza Slice Keychain

pizza slice keychain

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your pizza obsessed friend, then this is it. This keychain accessory is engraved with the text “you have a pizza my heart,” which is a cheesy pizza reference they’re sure to enjoy. It’s bound to swipe your lover off their feet as it also comes in a jewelry gift box.

28. Pizza Slice Socks

pizza slice socks

For your pizza lover companion, these men’s socks decorated with pizza slices are the ideal gift. Surprise a loved one by giving them this pair for their birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. These socks are definitely comfortable as they are made of cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex. Cool and quirky to show off, everyone is bound to love them.

29. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Game

taco cat goat cheese pizza game

Fun can definitely fit in your pocket with this Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game. This simple and fast paced game can be learned in only a minute, and a game will last 10-15 minutes. Make anyone the life of the party as you pull out a fun game from your pocket that can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages.

30. Pattern Waist Bag

pattern waist bag

What’s a better way to flex your love for pizza? This fashionable fanny pack design is an accessory anyone would want to have around. It is made of polyester and non-woven fabrics to create a durable mix. This fanny pack with pizza pattern is a very fitting gift for your loved ones who are obsessed with pizza.


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