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One of the most iconic superheroes along with Spiderman, Batman has been fighting crime for decades and has gathered millions of worldwide fans.

Surprise any Batman fan in your life with these awesome Batman gift ideas. Our team has handpicked the best Batman gifts and merchandise from all over the web so you can buy the perfect gift.

From figures and comic books to artwork and movies, discover the best Batman gifts for any fan in your life below.

Best Batman Gifts 2022

1. The Dark Knight Film Cell Montage

Every Batman fan is sure to love this exceptional Dark Knight film cell montage. With an acrylic paint type, this artwork features the most iconic scenes from the movie cut from an original film. Limited edition of only 2500 and officially licensed, this is sure to look fantastic in any fan’s house.

2. Definitive History Of The Dark Knight Book

For any fan who wants to learn more about the history of Batman, we highly recommend this Batman gift idea. Definitive History of The Dark Knight book contains over 400 pages filled with the long history of Batman, his tales of adventure, and all else in between. The book covers Batman’s first 1939 debut all the way up until recent times.

3. Batman Dark Knight Figure

If they already have enough Batman collectibles, then be sure to get them this Batman Dark Knight Figure as a present. Completing the classic gallery of the brand, this figure is a stunning PVC diorama with a flash of black and gold. This Batman Dark Knight figure is 9 inches tall and is sure to be the jewel in any collection.

4. Batman Stainless Steel Tumbler

Keep their beverage steaming hot or icy cold by gifting them this Batman Stainless Steel Tumbler. Its design is double-wall insulation that is excellent in preserving the right temperature for both hot and cold drinks. Made of premium grade copper lined stainless steel, this is sure to be their new daily tumbler for work or school.

5. LEGO Batmobile Kit

Let a loved one add the Batmobile to their LEGO collection with this essential DC Batman Batmobile LEGO kit. Inside are 342 brick pieces that can awaken the creative thinking of any Batman fan. The kit features a spinning flame exhaust, fold-out stud shooters, an opening minifigure cockpit for Batman. An excellent Batman gift for kids and big kids, any fan is sure to love this kit.

6. LEGO Batman Plush

Batman’s tough image can be portrayed in an adorable plush too. Make a loved one smile as you hand them this plush with a LEGO design. It is a perfect cuddle buddy for a true Batman fan to use while watching Batman movies. The primary material used is microfiber, and its soft plush quality makes this item an ideal choice for a gift.

7. Batman Logo Necklace Pendant

Help her show off her love for DC superheroes and grab the Batman Logo Necklace Pendant. This pendant is a two-tone stainless steel piece made fashionable for anyone who wants to flaunt it. It comes with a 22-inch box chain with a lobster claw clasp for easy putting it on and off. The Batman logo pendant is crafted with accuracy in mind and is sure to impress any diehard fan.

8. The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray Collection

Treat them to a movie marathon with this essential Dark Knight Trilogy collection. Viewers will experience a fresh introduction to the origins of the legendary Dark Knight. For anyone who hasn’t seen this trilogy yet, then they are definitely missing out. And for those that have already seen it, it’s always worth having a blu-ray copy on hand when they want to binge-watch some Batman.

9. Batman Car Floor Mats

Turn any vehicle into the Batmobile with these awesome Batman Car Floor Mats. Designed with all weather interior auto protection, these mats have heavy-duty rubber liners for vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. The base is formulated with modern technology, ensuring each mat is durable enough to withstand deformation or splits.

10. Batman Logo T-Shirt

There’s nothing cooler than a Batman Logo shirt. Featuring the bright hues of yellow and black, the logo stands out in this cotton tee. A zipper closure, short-sleeve, crew-neck shirt, and Batman logo screen print are set magnificently on the chest area. This tee is best paired with any pants or jeans for a solid Batman style.

11. Batman & Superman Figure

Superman and Batman in one figure is a true delight to any comic book fan. This Q-Fig Max figure features the funny and adorable characteristics of the two superheroes. Complex as it may seem, the figure breaks the ice between the two DC stars. The fluffy looking cloud feature of the figure completes the charm it needs.

12. Voice Changing Mask

Let them cap the night off with a bit of fun with this Batman Voice Changing Mask. With over 15 sounds, this mask can let kids and adult fans sound like the Dark Knight. To activate it, simply push the button on the side to trigger the sounds, phrases, even light up the mask’s eyes.

13. Batman Travel Mug

Now they can keep their 450 ml beverage hot or cold using this essential Batman Travel Mug. This mug is a double walled insulated container maintaining a specific temperature for beverages. An awesome style, the mug displays an instantly recognizable Batman logo. The Batman Travel Mug represents a stylish and convenient way of drinking hot chocolate, tea, and coffee even while on the go.

14. New Era Batman Symbol Cap

Let them look dope wherever they go with this Batman Symbol Cap. Both breathable and lightweight, this cap is their buddy for any sunny weather. This fitted hat is available in medium and large sizes. The overall cover is set in a gray hue, while the logo is carefully highlighted with the darkest shade of black, matching the powerful vibe of one true Dark Knight.

15. Sculpted Batman Mug

Start the day right with the Dark Knight, thanks to this awesomely Sculpted Batman Mug. The coffee mug is made of stoneware and ceramic materials, making it both microwave and dishwasher safe. Featuring Batman’s iconic cartoon face, its sculpted design provides the unique accent of the mug. With a capacity of 16 ounces, any fan will love to add this to their collection.

16. Batman Journal

For any Batman fan who wants to record their daily adventures, get them this essential Batman journal. The journal has a cover of real fabric featuring the iconic Dark Knight logo. It even features the golden and back belt of Batman, making the item more irresistible for all DC fans. Inside are a couple of clear and neat sheets ready for thoughts and ideas.

17. Batman Analog Watch

Telling the time will be your loved one’s favorite activity as they wear this Batman watch. It is a silver stone watch featuring a yellow seconds hand, round dial with Batman logo, and a 60-second bezel. The watch is designed with a glass dial window and a 45 mm metal case. Moreover, this Batman analog watch comes in a buckle closure and silicon bands with metallic accents.

18. Diecast Batmobile Model

For any fan obsessed with the Batmobile, they are sure to want this in their collection. Here is the 1989 Batmobile with a 2.75″ Batman Metals Diecast Vehicle and a figure to spoil the DC fan in them. This item has an opening cockpit to resemble the original Dark Knight vehicle.

19. Batcave Doormat

Let them greet house or office visitors in a cool way with this Batcave Doormat. Its primary material is an environmentally- friendly fiber featuring a basic and simple design of the Batman logo. With this mat, feet can comfortably step into the door without slipping on the surface. It’s helpful and stylish to any Batman fan.

20. Kids Batman Bedding Set

Kids love Batman, but they’ll surely love you more if you get them this fantastic Batman kid’s bedding set. Made of micro-raschel, the bedding ensures a soft plush feeling that’s perfect for bedtime. Featuring the iconic Batman logo, your little superheroes will instantly feel the coziness and warmth of this Batman bedding set.

21. Batman Logo Slippers

Comfortable and stylish, this pair of Batman logo slippers can change the game for their lazy days. The Batman Logo Slippers feature a design that reminds them of the brave adventures of the one true Dark Night right on their feet. The logo is set in a large print across the slippers’ font panels.

22. Vintage Batman Patent Posters

Add some vintage artwork into a loved one’s home with these Batman Patent Posters. This set of four vintage Batman wall art decors feature the captivating engineering and innovation of the iconic Bat car. It also covers the headgear and airplane patents artworks. Made of high-quality material, the artwork is printed in Fuji Crystal Archive paper producing high detail images and excellent quality paper stock.

23. Batman Anniversary Collector Plush

The perfect gift idea for any Batman superfan, this plush is sure to be a fine addition to their Batman collector’s items. The Blackout Batman plush just transforms the vibe of Batman into a huggable and soft cuddle buddy. The plush is made vibrant and ultra-soft. This Batman plush stands 10 inches tall, making it the perfect size.

24. Batman Logo Socks

Ignite the superhero within them with these Batman Logo Socks. This pair can fit up to shoe sizes 6 to 12. The Batman Logo Socks are perfect for weight lifting, arch compressions, and other intense physical activities. To ensure comfort and softness, the socks come with durable cushioned soles. These socks also go well with any type of shoe as long as it helps them conquer the everyday villains.

25. Batman Logo Belt

A Batman logo belt is an ultimate dream come true for any DC fan. With its adjustable construction, the belt can hold up body sizes measuring  43 to 59 inches. The Batman Logo Belt is designed with fine leather that can withstand different conditions. It also has a removable buckle, which allows them to trim the belt into the preferred size.

26. Batman Vs Superman Film Poster

The clash of the two most powerful DC superheroes can now be displayed in your loved one’s room. The Batman Vs. Superman Film Poster is printed on thick glossy paper, making the iconic scene a moment to preserve as part of a collection. To ensure long-lasting longevity, the ink used is high-quality, which results in some fantastic bright colors.

27. Batman Kitchen Apron

Help them dress to impress in the kitchen with this Batman Kitchen Apron. Made of polyester, the Batman Apron is both comfortable and easy to wear. The apron features a solid representation of the Batman logo. It comes with two front pockets and adjustable straps. It’s designed with a free size so anyone who feels like slaying the kitchen floor can win the day.

28. Folding Batman Twin Blade

This twin blade reveals the rebellious side of any Dark Knight fan. Although this is only encouraged for collection purposes, this does not mean it can’t highlight the warrior vibe of a DC fan. The blade is in a double cuff lock-in stunning steel construction. It also has a triple hinge and a holster case.

29. Batman Three Jokers Comic Book

Let any fan read about the battle of the three jokers with this essential comic book. The tale of Batman chasing this villain will always be fascinating to the majority. That is why this book reveals the unbelievable truth of having three versions of The Joker. With an excellent plot and many twists, this is sure to surprise even the most diehard Batman fans.

30. Batman & Robin Keychain

It will take an entire day to argue with a friend who’s who, but this Batman & Robin keychain is sure to be an awesome gift to your bestie. The keychain is crafted with durable stainless steel, free from rust and dark tarnish. These chains have adorable lines representing the uncanny bond between Batman and his Robin.

31. 3D Batman Light

You know your kids will sleep tightly with this 3D Batman light beside them. It excellently lights up any room, giving the space a superhero vibe to help them brave the night. The lamb’s head resembles Batman’s head in an adorable comical design. The lamp is to be powered with two AAA batteries for a great lighting experience. It is also built-in durable and high-quality plastic material.

32. Batman Cape Keychain

Remind them of their love for Batman wherever they go with these Batman Cape Keychains. Featuring a leather bat that can hold any car key, this keychain is made of eco-friendly zinc alloy and 100% genuine first-layer full-grain leather. Instead of watching their keys hang anywhere, introduce an organized and stylish keychain.

33. Batmobile Pop Up Card

Surprise any loved one with this awesome Batmobile pop-up card.  It would be an excellent way to greet and spoil the DC fan inside them. The card features a detailed 3D pop-up of the iconic Batmobile, which perfectly brings them to the best moments of Batman in his Bat car. Before they flip the card, an interesting short line that says for the man who has everything will set the mood.

34. Batman Ceramic Coffee Mug

A mug is never an underrated present, especially if it has a stylish Batman logo in it. Made of a ceramic material, this Batman coffee mug brings the exact Dark Knight feels to match any warm beverage. It features a unique and lustrous design, shaping the logo in its best display.

35. Batman Logo Stud Earrings

For the Batgirl in your life that has everything, they’re sure to love these Batman logo stud earrings. Designed in the most fashionable way, this pair of earrings set a superhero vibe for the day. The earrings are made of stainless steel, matching the strength that the Batman logo design represents. The primary hue is black, and it perfectly brings Batman’s power to life.

36. Batman Pattern Socks

Now is the time to channel their Batman fondness down to their feet with the Batman Pattern Socks. With its vibrant hues of yellow, black, and blue, the socks are the perfect buddies for a day full of fun and adventure. These socks can fit shoe sizes 6 to 12.


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