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Possibly the best TV show to ever air on TV, Game of Thrones has built a HUGE following around the world. Know a Game of Thrones fan who just can’t get enough of the show even though it’s finished? Get them the perfect Game Of Thrones gift with our help.

From figurines to artwork, books, and plenty of other Game of Thrones merchandise, we’ve found all the best GoT gifts to surprise any fan!

Discover the best presents for any occasion below.

Best Game Of Thrones Gifts For Him & Her

1. House Stark LED Table Lamp

house stark LED table lamp

Get them the perfect house decor that showcases where their loyalty lies. This House Stark lamp is a wonderful piece of memorabilia for any Game of Thrones fan and makes a delightful addition to any room. This officially licensed lamp is 3D sculpted and packed with 96 LEDs around the iconic House Stark wolf symbol.

2. Jon Snow Iron Throne Funko POP

jon snow iron throne funk pop

If you have a friend or family member who is a Funko POP collector and a fan of Game of Thrones, then this figure will make a great addition to their collection. Stylized in the signature Funko POP style, this Jon Snow figure showcases the titular character sitting atop the iron throne, a sight that any Game of Thrones fan wants to see!

3. Direwolf Cub Plushies

direwolf cub plushies

Direwolves are cute and terrifying at the same time. If you want to get someone every Direwolf cub from Game of Thrones in their cute form, then get them these plushies. Ghost, Nymeria, Grey Wind, Shaggydog, Summer, and Lady are all here and in cute plushie form. They also come in an attractive box, making them perfect for display and an excellent GoT gift.

4. The Iron Throne

the iron throne statue

The titular Iron Throne, of which Game of Thrones is named after, is the perfect gift for any Game of Thrones fan. Any fan will absolutely adore this hand painted 7.5-inch figurine. It makes a wonderful addition to any display case, desk, or cabinet and shows just how big of a fan they are. This item is also officially licensed merchandise by HBO so they’re sure to get the real deal.

5. Daenerys & Drogon Figurine

daenerys and drogon

No Funko POP collection is complete without having Daenerys and her faithful companion, Drogon. Get this gift for that special Game of Thrones fan and watch their face light up when they realize that they are now the proud owner of this absolutely gorgeous collectible vinyl figure. A fantastic gift for dragon lovers, they’re sure to put you in their good books upon receiving this.

6. A Game Of Thrones Novels Box Set

a game of thrones novel box set

Is your friend a fan of the Game of Thrones TV show but hasn’t read the novels? Then don’t hesitate to gift them this boxed set. This special box set comes packed with the first five novels that George R. R. Martin wrote and which the show was based on. Included in this set is A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast of Crows, A Dance with Dragons.

7. Game Of Thrones Monopoly

game of thrones monopoly

For any board game enthusiasts you know, they’re sure to love this Game Of Thrones Monopoly edition. Play as one of the six titular houses and fight for control over locations and land to amass the largest empire and conquer Kings Landing. Any Game of Thrones fan will absolutely love this gift, and it will bring them hours of fun with friends.

8. The Art Of Game Of Thrones Book

the art of game of thrones book

Gift them this Game of Thrones art book, which showcases gorgeous illustrations and other artwork from throughout the show’s 8 seasons. Any fan of art and the series will be ecstatic to receive this as a gift since it features some authentic artwork and bolsters any Game of Thrones collection significantly.

9. Viserion Dragon Figurine

viserion dragon figurine

This Viserion figurine is an outstanding gift for a Game of Thrones fan. Not only does this deluxe figurine feature a wingspan of 65.5 inches, but it comes with fully poseable wings which can be moved up and down. The tail, legs, and neck of this Viserion figure also move and can be adjusted to the owner’s liking, making this a particularly great showcase figure.

10. Game Of Thrones Mug

game of thrones mug

Get them a gift that they can use every morning when they have their coffee. This Game of Thrones mug features a stunning combination of the Iron Throne’s swords alongside dragon motifs. Made out of stainless steel and standing at 6.6 inches tall, this is the perfect Game of Thrones gift for any coffee lover.

11. Game of Thrones Trivia Game

game of thrones trivia game

Do you think your friend really knows all there is to know about Game of Thrones? Well, get them this Game of Thrones trivia game and test to see if they really know their stuff! This is a wonderful gift idea due to its replayability and fun-factor. With questions from the first four seasons of GoT, only diehard fans will win.

12. Game Of Thrones T-Shirt

game of thrones t-shirt

One of the most popular sayings from the show that everyone knows is “The North Remembers”. If you know that your friend or loved one is a devoted fan of House Stark, then this is the absolute best gift that you can get for them. They can show their loyalty to their favorite faction whenever they wear this shirt.

13. I Drink & I Know Things Beer Glass

i drink and i know things beer glass

If you know that the person you are choosing a gift for is a diehard fan of Tyrion Lannister, then this is quite possibly the greatest gift you can get them. Included is a beer glass featuring one of Tyrion’s most famous lines in the show, and alongside this gorgeous glass comes a unique bottle opener. This Hand of the King bottle opener comes stamped with a seal marked “Made in Casterly Rock”.

14. Jon Snow Battle Figure

jon snow battle figure

This Jon Snow action figure showcases him during his fight at the ever-popular Battle of the Bastards. Fans of the show and Jon Snow will adore this collectible figure as it looks great on any shelf or display case. This 8-inch figure comes complete with Jon’s legendary sword, Longclaw, as well as extremely detailed features for his clothes and face.

15. Dragon Eggs Candles Set

dragon eggs candles set

These dragon eggs candles make for a perfect gift for any Game of Thrones fan who wants to have some memorabilia that looks good in any room. Coming in at 4.5 inches high and 3.5 inches wide, the eggs of Viserion, Drogon, and Raegar have delightful scents. There is also a free wine stopper included in this set.

16. A Guide To Westeros And Beyond

a guide to Westeros and beyond

Surprise any Game of Thrones fan with this beautiful gift. A Guide to Westeros and Beyond is a visual exploration of all things Game of Thrones. This book contains unique and never-before-seen features from the hit TV series, making it a must-have collector’s item for any big Game of Thrones fan.

17. Westeros & Essos Globe Puzzle

Westeros esso globe puzzle

This globe puzzle will make a fantastic gift for any Game of Thrones lover who wants to build up their show memorabilia collection. They will be able to build up a detailed map of the entire Game of Thrones world stretching from Westeros to Essos and everywhere in between. This 540 piece puzzle is a joy to craft and to admire once it is complete.

18. Map Of Westeros Throw Blanket

map of westeros throw blanket

Get that special someone a gift that will make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside (quite literally). This fleece throw blanket will not only keep them cozy during cold nights, but they can admire every location in Westeros when they are awake. This officially licensed blanket is machine washable and measures 46 inches by 60 inches.

19. Daenerys Mother of Dragons Wall Art

mother of dragons wall art

If you want to get your friend a piece of Game of Thrones art that they can display in their house, then look no further than this canvas print featuring Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons. Fans of Daenerys Targaryen will adore this piece of art. It comes in a range of sizes from 12 by 18 inches to 24 by 36 inches, making it a perfect fit in any room.

20. Arya Stark Scented Candle

arya stark scented candle

For anyone who is a fan of Arya Stark, they are sure to love this scented candle! This scented candle has the delightful aroma of dense forest, making it a wonderfully natural piece of art that can brighten up any room and spread a pleasing scent. Arya Stark never smelled so good.

21. A Feast Of Ice And Fire Cookbook

a feast of ice and fire cookbook

If you know your loved one is big on cooking and also enjoys Game of Thrones, then this cookbook is definitely the gift for them! A Feast of Ice and Fire will help them to cook delicious meals based inspired by the show as well as the various novels the show is based on.

22. King’s Landing 3D Puzzle

king's landing 3d puzzle

Show them what it’s like to explore King’s Landing with this gorgeously crafted 3D puzzle. They will be able to build up iconic locations from the show and visualize what it would be like if they were walking the streets of this iconic city. Any Game of Thrones fan would love to receive this puzzle as a gift.

23. Daenerys & Jorah Battle Figurine

daenerys jorah battle figurine

Featuring one of the most iconic moments of the show, this special Funko POP Figure features Jorah Mormont and Daenerys Targaryen making their final stand against the dreaded White Walkers. Any fan of the series will be absolutely ecstatic to call this collectible their own, so don’t hesitate to pick it up for them!

24. Dinner Is Coming Apron

dinner is coming apron

This apron is a great choice of gift for someone you know who loves to cook and also loves Game of Thrones. Choose between 9 different designs, all pertaining to specific factions or events from the show, upon a cotton and machine washable front. This makes a great Game of Thrones gift for any fan of the series and cooking.

Game Of Thrones Gifts For Dad

25. Game Of Thrones House Coasters

game of thrones house coasters

Get them a Game of Thrones gift that not only looks great but is also practical and able to be used on a daily basis. These coasters feature the iconic Houses from the Game of Thrones show and serve to protect tables while looking fantastic. Get them for a friend or family member who is a fan of the show and could use some coasters!

26. Game Of Thrones Playing Cards

game of thrones playing cards

Surprise your friend or loved one with these brilliantly crafted Game of Thrones playing cards. These imported cards are a perfect fit for any tabletop game and feature iconic characters from the show. Fans of the show will love to get a hold of these collectible pieces, and those who love to play card games will also want them in their collection.

27. Game Of Thrones Shot Glasses

game of thrones shot glasses

These gorgeous shot glasses feature four of the most iconic houses in Game of Thrones, making them a very good gift for fans of the series who also like to enjoy a beverage every once in a while. These eye-catching glasses are made out of sturdy glass and showcase very well-made prints of the Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, and Greyjoy Houses.

28. Game Of Thrones Socks

game of thrones socks

Get them a gift that they can wear every day in the form of these Game of Thrones quote socks. Some of the most famous quotes from the hit TV show are showcased on these socks. Ranging from “A girl has no name” to “I drink, and I know things“, these socks will satisfy any fan of the show.

29. Winding Music Box

winding music box

This elegant little music box features the opening theme of the Game of Thrones TV series. Possibly one of the most iconic tracks in recent television history, this is sure to be an outstanding gift that any Game of Thrones fan would love to have in their collection.

30. Hodor Door Stop

hodor door stop

Get your friend this Hodor doorstop and remind them of the noble sacrifice he made in the show. This helpful door stop will, as the name implies, stop doors! But your friend will be reminded of Hodor every single time they use it and possibly be saddened a bit. Nonetheless, this is a wonderful gift.

31. House Stark Snapback Hat

house stark snapback hat

This snapback hat would be an excellent gift for fans of Game of Thrones and House Stark. Made out of durable materials which are washable, they will get plenty of use out of this hat. The snap closure fits most sizes, making it a safe gift for nearly any fan of Game of Thrones, big or small.


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