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Hate it or love it, teachers try their best to teach us math.

Show your math teacher how much you appreciate their teaching and patience by gifting them something special they’ll cherish forever.

Having spoken to math teachers from high school to college, our team has found the best math themed gifts they are sure to love. From neckties and coffee mugs to history books of math and math themed socks, here are our top picks to surprise your teacher.

Best Gifts For Math Teachers & Professors

1. Math Teacher Tumbler

math teacher tumbler gift

Product Features

  • Holds up to 30 ounces of liquid
  • Features a stainless steel body that is double insulated
  • Fits any standard size cup holders
  • Keeps cold drinks cold & hot drinks hot

A gift that is sure to make any math teacher smiler, this is sure to make them question their sanity. Made from high quality stainless steel, this tumbler can hold up to 30oz and will keep any hot drink warm for 8 hours and cold beverage cold for 24 hours. The perfect gift to keep their coffee warm, this is sure to be a good classroom conversation starter.

2. Teacher’s Pi Necktie

math teacher pi tie

Product Features

  • Made of microfiber
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Measures 58 inches in length
  • The perfect tie for any teacher to wear to class!

Add some style to their classroom outfit with this incredibly stylish and appropriately math themed necktie. Featuring embroidered pi symbols all over the tie, any math teacher is sure to recognize this symbol. Made from microfiber and measuring 58 inches in length, any math teacher is sure to love and wear this necktie gift.

3. Pi Dish Plate

pi dish plate

Product Features

  • Includes the first 100 digits of Pi on the outer lip
  • Both microwave and oven safe
  • Ideal for using at the office or at home
  • Sure to come in handy for any math teacher

Help them learn pi whilst eating pie! The perfect gag gift for any math teacher, this pie dish features the first 100 numerals of Pi along the outside of the dish. Fully microwave and oven safe, the thick ceramic provides an even and consistent cooking heat. Ideal for eating their lunch out of, this dish plate is sure to be used regularly.

4. Albert Einstein Bobblehead

albert einstein bobblehead

Product Features

  • Stands 7.5 inches tall
  • The ultimate math teachers present for their desk
  • Made from premium polyresin
  • Features exceptional detail down to his pipe

What better person to have on their desk than their very own Albert Einstein bobblehead! Standing 7.5 inches tall, this little guy just screams mathematics. The ideal gift for any teacher, this figurine is sure to look right at home on the desk or in their home. Presented in a gift box, this is a superb gift any math teacher will love.

5. Math Formula Thermos Bottle

math formula thermos bottle

Product Features

  • Holds up to 17 ounces
  • Measures 10 inches tall
  • Features unique math drawing design print
  • Double wall thermal insulation
  • Ideal for any math teachers desk

Keep their favorite beverage the right temperature throughout the day as they move from classroom to classroom with this thermos bottle. Featuring unique math equations written all over it, this double walled stainless steel bottle can hold up to 17 ounces and is fully leak proof. A great present for your favorite math teacher, they’re sure to love reading the equations.

6. Math Pun Coffee Mug

math pun coffee mug

Product Features

  • 15 ounce capacity
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Design printed on both sides
  • A great present for any math teacher or student

Every teacher needs their trusty coffee mug to power through those long classes. Give them something that is sure to make them laugh every time they see it with this hilarious math pun mug. With a 15-ounce capacity, the mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe, making it super durable and ideal for the classroom.

7. Mathematics and Art: A Cultural History Book

mathematics and art book

Product Features

  • 576 pages
  • An essential read for anyone who loves math
  • Showcases the history of math in culture
  • Full of incredible photos and illustrations

For teachers who absolutely love mathematics, what better gift to get them that this awesome book. Taking a look at maths and art over the years, this book dives into the cultural history and covers Greek, Islamic and Asian mathematics from over the years. It also explores how mathematical ideas are embodied in the visual arts and is sure to fascinate any math lover.

8. Fibonacci Spiral Necklace Jewelry

fibonacci spiral necklace present

Product Features

  • Mathematically accurate!
  • Available in gold or rhodium
  • Comes with a hand-stamped gift wrap box
  • Perfect to wear during classes and lessons

For those teachers who love Fibonacci, they’re going to love this necklace! Made from gold plated brass, this mathematically accurate necklace is a visual representation of the stunning Fibonacci spiral. Artistic and beautiful, any math teacher is sure to appreciate how awesome this is. Packaged in a gift wrapped box, they’ll definitely be wearing this regularly.

9. Symbols of Mathematics Pen

symbols of mathematics pen

Product Features

  • Comes with presentation case for easy gifting
  • Includes LED light and stylus tip
  • The perfect pen for any math teacher
  • Features unique pi and geometry engraving

Give your teacher the perfect pen for marking assignments and exams with this beautifully engraved pen. Featuring a range of mathematic symbols, this three in one pen features a ballpoint writing tip, LED light and stylus for touch screen devices. Complete with a presentation box, this pen is a superb gift idea for any teacher.

10. Funny Math T-Shirt

funny math tee

Product Features

  • Available in 10 different colors
  • Sizes small to 3XL
  • Made from cotton and polyester fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight with a classic unisex fit

Make them smile with this appropriately themed mathematics t-shirt. Featuring a range of mathematic equations and symbols on the front, this funny tee is sure to be a great conversation starter in any classroom. Available in ten different colors and six different sizes, your math teacher is guaranteed to love it!

11. Mathematics Infinity Scarf

mathematics infinity scarf

Product Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Very soft and silky feel
  • Features math equations print design
  • Ideal for cold winter moths!

Keep them warm during the cold winter months with this awesome infinity scarf designed for engineers and teachers. Lightweight with a silky feel, this scarf features a range of different equations that will light up any math teacher’s eyes. A perfect farewell or thank you gift, any teacher is sure to use this for years to come.

12. Sterling Silver Pi Necklace

sterling silver pi necklace

Product Features

  • Includes 18 inch sterling silver chain
  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal for wearing to class
  • The perfect math teacher appreciation gift

Add some Pi into their lives with this beautiful sterling silver Pi necklace. Perfectly polished and shiny, this charm necklace also comes with a matching 18-inch silver chain. An excellent gift for anyone who teaches and loves math, they are sure to appreciate this gift and wear it to all of their classes.

13. Math Art Prints Set

math art prints set

Product Features

  • Includes 4 different prints
  • Each measures 8 by 10 inches
  • Made in the US
  • Printed on high quality archive paper

Brighten up their classroom or any room in their house with these fantastic math art prints. Featuring a range of different prints from the Fibonacci and Archimedean spiral to Euler’s formula, any math teacher is sure to recognize these diagrams. Printed on high quality archive paper, these prints are guaranteed to last a lifetime and make an excellent farewell present.

14. A Teacher Changes The World Sign

a teacher changes the world sign

Product Features

  • Measures 8 by 6 inches
  • Each sign is handmade
  • The perfect gift for your favorite math teacher
  • Ideal for their office or classroom

Remind them why they chose to become a teacher in the first place and why they love their job. This freestanding wooden box sign is made from high quality materials and features a powerful message they’re sure to agree with and love. At five by six inches, this wooden sign will look great it any classroom or home.

15. Math Wall Clock

math wall clock

Product Features

  • An excellent addition to any classroom
  • A unique way to engage student learning
  • Measures 11.5 inches in diameter
  • Requires one AA battery

Give your teacher a mental workout, whether it’s inside the classroom or their office with this awesome math wall clock. Featuring a range of different math equations for each number, this clock is excellent for displaying in the classroom and getting students thinking about math. Battery powered and easy to install, this is sure to be an excellent addition to any classroom.

16. Digits Of Pi Socks

digits of pi socks

Product Features

  • Made from cotton and spandex for flexibility
  • Suitable for shoe sizes 7 to 13
  • Includes 85 digits of pi
  • Cool dress wear for any classroom

Every teacher needs a pair of snazzy math socks in their draw! Ensure they have even more maths related clothing in their wardrobe, thanks to these colorful digits of Pi socks. Including over 40 decimal places of Pi, these socks will fit anyone from sizes 7 to 13. Made of high quality cotton, they are also as comfortable as they are stylish.

17. Tangent Coffee Mug Gift

tangent coffee mug gift

Product Features

  • 11 ounce capacity
  • Design printed on both sides
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Made from quality ceramic
  • Great for work or at home

The perfect gift for any professor or teacher who loves puns, this coffee mug is sure to make them smile. Including a hilarious tangent math joke, this mug comes with the print on both sides and can hold up to 11 ounces. Both microwave and dishwasher safe, this is sure to be their new favorite mug!

18. Math Equations Tie

math equations tie

Product Features

  • 3 different colors to choose from
  • Made from 100% microfiber
  • Measures 67 inches long
  • Suitable for neck sizes 14 to 19 inches
  • Ideal for math teachers and professors

For anyone who just can’t get enough of math, give them something to admire wherever they go with this beautiful math equations tie. Including tons of hand written math equations all over, this is sure to be an excellent conversation starter at any event. Made from microfiber and measuring 58 inches long, any math teacher will certainly love this present.

19. Multiplication Table T-Shirt

multiplication table t-shirt

Product Features

  • Made from cotton and polyester
  • Screen printed in the USA
  • 6 colors to choose from
  • Sizes small to 3XL
  • Machine washable

Ideal for any math teacher who teaches younger students, this t-shirt is bound to help students improve their multiplication skills! With an entire 9 by 9 multiplication table printed on the front with answers, this tee is available in three different colors and four different sizes from small to x-large.

20. Math Formula Drink Coasters

math formula drink coasters

Product Features

  • Available in sets of 4 or 6
  • Measures 3.5 inches square
  • Comes in gift box ready to gift
  • Perfect for keeping their office desk clean

Keep their desk and exam papers free from coffee stains by gifting them these original math formula drink coasters. Available in sets of four and six, each coaster has a unique equation on it, ranging from Einstein’s mass-energy relation to the definition of Pi. Long lasting and made from cork, these are perfect for any math teacher in your life.

21. Math Teacher Socks

math teacher socks

Product Features

  • Fits US sizes 7 to 12
  • Made from cotton, polyester and nylon
  • Suitable for all day comfort
  • Ideal to wear to any math class

What better way to get them in the mood to teach some math than with these super comfy math formula socks. Suitable for sizes 7 to 12, these socks feature a custom blend of cotton, nylon and polyester to make them both comfortable and breathable for all day comfort. The perfect attire for the classroom, these socks are sure to get plenty of nice comments.

22. Mathematics Lanyard

mathematics lanyard present

Product Features

  • Safely keeps ID and names badges secure
  • Made from polyester
  • Easy to release with one hand
  • Essential for any teacher

Upgrade their existing lanyard with this mathematics themed one, designed especially for teachers. Ideal for holding their ID, key cards and any other important items, it also comes with a snap buckle release making it safe for all use cases. Made from soft polyester material, it’s ideal for wearing over long periods around campus.

23. Protractor & Set Square Cufflinks

mathematics cufflinks

Product Features

  • Includes presentation box for gifting
  • Hand crafted
  • Made in London
  • Measures 1 by 0.5 inches

The perfect farewell present for any math teacher, these cufflinks will definitely make them stand out in their formal attire. Presented in a luxury gift box, this pair comes with one set square and one protractor, which are both individual crafted. Stylish and unique, these cufflinks will look great on anyone.

24. When Math Goes Wrong In The Real World

humble pi book

Product Features

  • 336 pages of interesting math stories
  • Helps answer students questions about math
  • Great stories for the classroom
  • Interesting read for any math teacher

Any teacher probably hears the words “why are we learning about this?” at least once a day. Well, give them the perfect answer to that question with this awesome book. Called Humble Pi, the book focuses on scenarios when somebody got their math wrong in the real world. Full of great stories to tell the class, any teacher will thoroughly enjoy reading it.


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