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Music can capture so many emotions that it’s no surprise there are plenty of music lovers out there.

Whether you know someone who just can’t get enough of the latest music, or likes to play those classics on repeat, we’ve got the best gifts for music lovers of all ages.

From brand new speakers and headphones to unique instruments, they’ll be itching to play. Here are the top gifts for music lovers and audiophiles they’re sure to love.

Best Gifts For Music Lovers

1. Thumb Piano

portable thumb piano gift

The Kalimba thumb piano is a wonderful gift for anyone interested in music. It includes an eBook which gives easy to follow instructions so that in no time, anyone will be able to create their own beautiful music. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to listen to music and wants to start making their own.

2. Freddie Mercury Figurine

freddie mercury funko pop figure

Freddie Mercury’s talent is world renowned. This collectable figurine would be welcomed by any music lover who loved and appreciated his extraordinary talent while he was on Earth. Bearing a striking likeness to the iconic rockstar, the figurine features him holding his mic, which is something that Freddy often did while performing. This figurine could easily be the highlight of a fan memorabilia collection.

3. Waterproof Shower Speaker

waterproof shower speaker

If you have a loved one who just can’t stop listening to music, then this is the gift for them. This world class Bluetooth speaker has impeccable sound and is 100% waterproof, so there’s no worry about any water damage. Anyone who appreciates vibing in the shower would truly enjoy this speaker. With a long lasting battery and an equally strong suction cup to attach to almost any surface, music enthusiasts would be guaranteed to love this product.

4. Headphone Bookends

headphone bookends for music lovers

Any avid music enthusiasts would love these bookends that are crafted to look like headphones. If there is someone in your life who has a collection of music related books, or a valuable vinyl or CD collection, they will definitely get a kick out of these bookends. Impeccably crafted and sturdy, they are a perfect addition to a study or home studio for the music fan in your life.

5. Ukulele Starter Kit

ukulele starter kit for music enthusiasts

The whimsical ukulele is a gift for anyone who enjoys the creative expression of music. This starter kit includes not only the world renowned, high quality Kala ukulele but also a tote bag, starter guide and free online lessons for your musically inclined loved one. There is nothing more freeing than self-expression, and this ukulele starter kit helps to achieve that. The free spirit, creative and self-expressive would love this gift!

6. Otamatone Musical Instrument

otamatone musical instrument

The Otamatone synthesizer is a perfect gift for anyone who loves strange notes. With a diverse pitch and tone selections, a variety of unique sounds can be created. The 3.5 mm jack can be connected to headphones, amps and speakers easily, which is ideal for any music lover. As one of Japan’s most popular and fastest selling instruments, having this in anyone’s hands will provide them with endless entertainment.

7. Music Note Jewelry Necklace

music note jewelry necklace

A beautiful necklace for the feminine music lover in your life. Sporting a treble clef and a heart, this stainless steel necklace is guaranteed never to tarnish. As a bonus, a gift card with the saying “Music is what feelings sound like” is included. It is an “any occasion” kind of gift simply to express one’s love and the acknowledgement of the joy and passion of appreciating music, for that special lady.

8. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

echo dot smart speaker

Alexa is always ready to help. For the modern family and music lover, the Echo Dot is a perfect gift. With state-of-the-art technological capabilities, it is the most popular and most compact smart speaker for the brand. Streaming music has never been so easy. The volume is voice controlled, and you can also turn on your lights, adjust your thermostat, lock doors and more with the speaker.

9. Mixtape Card Game

mixtape card game gift

This game is perfect for your gen X friends to play on a games night. With cards based upon songs and scenarios of that time period, endless outcomes can be generated by reliving memories, emotions and live experiences from decades past. Hours of fun and entertainment can be had while never having quite the same experience as each person will interpret each card based upon their own experiences.

10. Guitar History Poster

guitar history poster

For friends who like to shred and appreciate a good guitar, this is the present for them. This infographic poster is for the guitar enthusiast who can easily distinguish between guitars and most likely knows each and every guitar listed. Printed on archival stock, these are heavy duty prints and pop culture art worthy of being proudly displayed.

11. Iron Maiden Eddie Figurines Set

iron maiden figurines set

Up the Irons! This collection of four skeleton eddies correlate with the fist four Iron Maiden albums. This is a perfect gift for the hardcore Iron Maiden fan who loves their music. Funko Pop are world renown for their limited edition collections, and this collection does not disappoint. A perfect tribute collection, any fan of the band would be so stoked to receive these figures.

12. DIY Guitar Pick Maker Kit

DIY guitar pick maker kit

This is a perfect gift for the guitar player in your life as it is both useful and creative. One is able to express themselves by designing their own guitar picks to suit their own personal style with the added benefit of actually using their own creation to play. This kit was designed by guitar players for guitar players, and the end result is sturdy and durable with a smooth edge design every time.

13. Band Figurines Set

band figurines set

This is an adorable eight pack of band figurines that would make a perfect gift for anyone who used to or currently plays in a school band. The pieces are coated in iron with lustre and shine, while the figurines themselves are posed playing various instruments from trumpets to flutes. This is a perfect gift for any music lover who happens to play an instrument.

14. Rolling Stones T-Shirt

rolling stones t-shirt

The Rolling Stones are legendary, and so is their iconic script and tongue merch. Even people who are not diehard fans of the Stones recognize that tongue. This gift is perfect for the crate searching music fans who appreciate the classics. This solid color, 100% cotton t-shirt is a quality present that comes in all sizes. Both comfy and stylish, what’s not to love!

15. Fleetwood Mac Rumours Vinyl

fleetwood mac rumours vinyl

Rumours is the 1975 multi-platinum award winning album from the group Fleetwood Mac. This vinyl is the perfect gift for vinyl lovers who appreciates the classics. Perfectly pressed, the clear, pristine recording is phenomenal. They might already have this on CD, but listening to it on vinyl is another experience. Your vinyl loving friend will thank you profusely for sharing this gift with them to add to their collection.

16. Concert Ticket Shadow Box

concert ticket shadow box

This is a perfect gift for fans of concerts, who like to keep their ticket stubs as mementos of their awesome experiences. This is definitely for those who prefer to spend their money on live experiences rather than material things. The go-getters, the travelers and the thrill seekers would love to have such a display in their homes to remind them of all of their awesome gigs!

17. Nirvana Logo T-Shirt

nirvana logo t-shirt gift

The period of grunge music is a very special time in American music history. Nirvana and their lead singer Kurt Cobain contributed so very much to this era of music. Coming in a host of different sizes, this officially licensed t-shirt would make a wonderful gift for fans of grunge and specifically Nirvana. Ideal for any music lover who’s a big fan and wants to carry on his legacy, it’s sure to look great with any outfit.

18. Fender Key Holder

key holder gift for music lover

Made with real amp components, this officially licensed keyholder is for the music lover with an affinity for classic brands of musical equipment. It includes four laser etched keychains and an easy to install mount kit. Perfect for musicians, fans of music and those who appreciate Fender products. It also keeps a person’s keys in a very convenient, super attractive and safe place.

19. Music Canvas Wall Art

music canvas wall art

This modern and colorful art installment is perfect for the living room for a family who enjoys music. This would be a perfect gift to help set a tone for a space filled with bright and airy pieces of furniture with highlights of orange, yellow, blue and green. The pieces inspire the feeling of a flowing, gentle breeze with a touch of quaint charm with the addition of white washed plank posts in the background.

20. Retro VU Meter T-Shirt

retro vu meter t-shirt

This t-shirt is a throwback to the vu meter that many in the music world are quite familiar with. It is a charming homage that would be appreciated by anyone involved in music. It comes in various sizes and colors, and would be a comfy shirt to wear at home and out and about. This shirt is one of those “must have” purchases that would very much be greatly appreciated by any audiophile.

21. Guitar Cutting Board

guitar cutting board

This is a super cool guitar shaped cutting board for the music lover who also appreciates cooking. Both skills are highly creative and bring comfort and joy. Bamboo is highly sustainable and good for the planet, which is also a bonus. It would look awesome in the kitchen of any home. The board also cleans up easily while also doubling as a serving tray. This would be an awesome gift for any music fan who also enjoys cooking.

22. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

bluetooth karaoke microphone gift

This is the PERFECT gift for the karaoke enthusiast in becoming the life of the party and singing in style. The wireless microphone can also be used as a speaker and recording device. The LED lights flicker with the beat and rhythm. It comes with a rechargeable battery and can be attached to a person’s phone. It’s a perfect gift for the music loving party animal.

23. Guitar Grill Tool Set

guitar grill tool set

This is the perfect gift for the music enthusiast who also likes to rock out on the grill. The spatula and tong set have a smooth and comfortable wooden grip. The stainless steel spatula and tongs are long enough so that there is no danger of burning oneself while flipping burgers and turning steaks. The set is easy to clean and is stain resistant. This is a super cool gift for the grilling, musical rockstar in your life.

24. Guitar Utensil Set

guitar utensils set

If you have a cooking rockstar friend or family member who likes to rock out in the kitchen, this utensil set is a perfect gift for them! Made with sustainable bamboo, these are study and efficient tools that will be appreciated. Two spatulas, a fork and a spoon are included in this stain and odor resistant set. The gift box is even designed to look like a guitar case. Your family member or friend will thank you immensely.

25. Vinyl Drums Clock

vinyl drums clock present

This gift is perfect for the garage band drummer to proudly display in their home. Handcrafted from a vinyl record, this one of a kind 3D wall clock is both modern and vintage and has so much style. It would be a perfect addition to a studio space and/or band practice area. This unique product is sure to garner loads of attention and is a functional clock for the drum enthusiast in your life.

26. Guitar Rack Hangers

guitar rack hangers

Designing a den for a music enthusiast? This would be a perfect gift for that special space. These vintage hook racks are both functional and stylish. These extremely rugged and durable racks can easily hold up to 25 kg in weight. They also add a personal touch to any space where music would be performed and or simply enjoyed. Each set contains three metal and resin hook racks that are simply stunning to behold.

27. Vinyl Record Coasters

vinyl record coasters for music lovers

These stunning vintage drink coasters are a perfect gift for the friend who enjoys classic rock and entertaining guests at home. Made out of vinyl records, this unique and one-of-a-kind gift will certainly be the envy of others. Displayed on each of the six coasters respectively are Elton John, Elvis, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Queen. This is a high quality product that also protects furniture from stains. They also make for easy clean up.

28. Gibson Guitar Patent Posters

gibson guitar patent posters

This poster is perfect for the guitar enthusiast with a love of classic instruments. This four piece poster set is of authentic patent prints of four of Gibson’s unique bass guitars. Nostalgic and vintage, these posters offer a piece of music history that is beloved and appreciated for the guitar enthusiast and music lovers worldwide. This is a thoughtful gift full of history and relevance for the history buff and music lover alike.

29. 90s Cassette Tape Earrings

cassette tape earrings present

This is a super unique gift for any female who loves 1980s nostalgia. Perfect for everyday wear, these cassette earrings are sure to be an excellent conversation starter wherever they may go.  Lightweight with stainless steel hooks, they are great for those with sensitive ears. Support for this business also helps small businesses thrive.

30. Musical Socks Set

musical socks set

These socks are both practical and super cute. A pack of 12 assorted music themed novelty socks would be perfect for anyone who has a love and appreciation for music. These comfortable socks could be worn with just about any outfit and compliment the look. These are perfect as holiday stocking stuffers that any woman or girl would thoroughly appreciate and enjoy.

31. Jazz Band 3D Pop Up Card

jazz band pop up card

This contemporary 3D pop up card is a perfect surprise for any lover of music. Featuring a jazz band playing their tunes under a cherry blossom tree. This handcrafted and skillfully designed card is artwork that will indeed be treasured by the recipient for years to come. The card comes blank to fully express your sentiments in your own words to your loved one. The card is six by eight inches and comes wrapped with a clear cello bag with an envelope.


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