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Anxiety can affect anyone no matter their age, gender, or race. Living with anxious thoughts is a constant battle of trying to calm down and quieten the mind, which is often easier said than done.

If you know someone who struggles with anxiety and anxious thoughts, then there’s plenty of gifts you can get them that will help their condition. From weighted blankets and oil diffusers to scented candles and fidget cubes, these gifts are sure to have a positive impact for anyone who suffers from anxiety.

Ensure you get the right gift by checking out the best gifts for people with anxiety and anxious thoughts below.

Best Anxiety Gifts For Anxious People

1. CBD Gummies

cbd gummies candy

Give them some legal, medical help with these all natural USA made CBD gummies. Including 60 gummies per jar, each one is rich in vitamins, omega and hemp extract. Made to relieve pain, stress and anxiety, these gummies aren’t just a placebo. With real hemp extract inside every gummy, they’ll feel relaxed and calm in only a few bites.

2. Oil Diffuser

oil diffuser gift

Help them relax in the comfort of their bedroom with this awesome aromatherapy oil diffuser. Perfect for using before going to bed, this diffuser will glow and change colors while producing a soothing mist that will calm and relax anyone. Compete with plenty of helpful features; this is sure to be used regularly.

3. Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket

Scientifically proven to relieve stress and anxiety, this weighted blanket is a game changer for anyone with anxiety. Designed to be 10-15% of the weight of the user, this blanket helps anyone de-stress thanks to its hugging sensation when used. Great for using when sleeping or on the sofa, this blanket will help anyone relax.

4. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

deep sleep pillow spray

Lying awake in bed at night with anxious thoughts can lead to insomnia and stress if not treated. Help anyone doze off faster with this natural sleep aid that will fragrance their bed and calm their nerves. Including scents of lavender and camomile, all they have to do is spray some on their pillow and experience the soothing smells.

5. Fidget Cube

anxiety fidget cube

Help relieve their anxiety wherever they are with this handy 3D fidget cube. This fidget cube is made from aluminium, giving it a sturdy and hard texture that won’t break from all the fidgeting. Great for playing with when feeling anxious, it can be folded into hundreds of different patterns to help distract and calm the mind.

6. Light Therapy Lamp

light therapy lamp

Winter months can be very hard for some people due to the lack of light and constant darkness. Brighten up anybody’s day with this incredible light therapy lamp. Designed to emulate the natural sunshine from the sun, this lamp is excellent for fighting the winter blues, jet lag, shift work and anxiety.

7. Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set

acupressure mat pillow set

Acupressure might sound like an expensive therapy, but oh how times have changed! Give anyone the gift of acupressure from the comfort of their own home with this mat and pillow set. Ideal for pain and stress relief, laying on this mat stimulates muscles and dramatically improves the user’s mood, helping them to relax and refresh.

8. Zen Garden

zen garden gift idea

An amazing gift for any home, this zen garden is a miniature version of a traditional Japanese meditative garden which allows users to play with the sand and relax. At nine inches square, this zen garden is perfect for any home or office. Complete with a 64-page meditation booklet, this is sure to keep anyone relaxed.

9. White Noise Machine

white noise machine

Creating a soothing and relaxing environment to calm down anyone and distract their brain with this handy white noise machine. Designed to produce non-repeating sounds of white noise, the system comes with ten fan sounds and ten ambient noise variations. USB and AC powered; this device will help anyone with anxiety calm themselves down by listening to the noise.

10. Anxiety Blob Plush

anxiety blob plush

Give them something to hug whenever they feel anxious with this soft and cute anxiety blob plush. Made with soft fabric fur, this plush is great for taking to bed, sitting on the sofa with, or using to take some anger out on. A physical expression of anxiety, this plush is sure to resonate with anyone suffering from anxiety.

11. Incense Sticks

incense sticks gift set

Known for their relaxing scents and fragrances, incense sticks are an excellent way to de-stress and unwind. This set comes complete with 140 incense sticks and seven different fragrances to choose from including sage, ginger, and peppermint. Also included with the set is an incense burner to hold the sticks in place as they burn and not make a mess.

12. Bath Bombs Gift Set

bath bombs gift set

Relieve them from any anxious state with a nice warm bath and handmade scented bath bombs. Featuring 12 different bath bombs per set, each one is handmade in the USA from natural ingredients and each one as a unique smell and color. Therapeutic and extremely relaxing, this is a great gift for people with anxiety.

13. Stress Balls

stress balls

Fight back against stress and anxiety wherever they are with these convenient and portable stress ball eggs. With three balls per set, each color has a different resistance ranging from 20lbs to 40lbs. Ideal for squeezing them until their hands give in, these stress balls are great to distract the mind and focus on something else.

14. Succulents Set

succulents plants set

Help them take their mind off any anxious thoughts by giving them a set of succulents to look after. Including five different succulents, these plants are perfect for bringing some nature into the house without taking up too much space. Pre-potted in two inch pots, these can be kept in their pots of transferred to new ones.

15. Yoga Set

yoga set

Ensure they stay active and healthy as good physical health is closely related to good mental health. Keep them on their toes (literally) with this cool seven-piece yoga set. Including everything they need to have their own yoga workout from home, this gift set is perfect for both beginners and experienced yoga masters.

16. The Big Activity Book For Anxious People

the big activity book for anxious people

Part journal, part coloring book, part coping mechanisms and part facts book, this big activity book for anxious people has everything any anxious person would ever need. Ideal for helping reducing anxiety in a fun and engaging way, this is sure to be their go to whenever they feel anxious.

17. Stress Less Cards

stress less cards

Mindfulness is an amazing way to calm the mind and stop worrying thoughts from continually popping up. Give anyone the gift of mindfulness with these awesome stress less cards. Including 50 meditation exercises to help relieve stress and anxiety, this is an excellent gift for anyone who struggles with consistent anxious thoughts.

18. Anxiety Ring

anxiety ring

An effective way to get rid of anxious thoughts is to distract the brain with an activity and keep it occupied. Keep someone’s brain distracted wherever they are with this handy anxiety worry ring. Made from sterling silver, the beads on the top can be rolled and spun around, making it a discreet and practical anxiety ring.

19. Yogi Herbal Tea

yogi herbal tea

Herbal tea is one of the best drinks for relaxing. Available in so many delicious flavors, the warm taste of herbal tea is enough to de-stress and calm anyone down. This Yogi tea set comes with 96 tea bags in six different flavors. Caffeine free and vegan, this tea is excellent for helping them to doze off to sleep at night.

20. Headspace Guide To Meditation

headspace guide to meditation book

Help anyone conquer their anxious and intrusive thoughts mindfulness. A brilliant type of meditation, mindfulness helps anyone live in the moment and calm their mind. In this book, Andy Puddicombe from the famous Headspace.com teaches anyone how to relax and de-stress with mindfulness. The perfect gift idea for anyone with anxiety; this is sure to help them battle their anxious thoughts.

21. The Anxiety Journal

anxiety journal gift idea

Anxiety isn’t something that just goes away overnight, it requires lots of patience and practice to develop coping strategies. Help someone you know relieve stress, practice mindfulness, and discover clarity with this beautiful guided journal. Full of facts, inspiring quotes, soothing exercises and a journal to record their thoughts, this anxiety journal is an excellent gift for anything battling anxious thoughts.

22. Aromatherapy Lavender Scented Candle

lavender scented candle

Make their home the ultimate relaxation environment with this amazing lavender scented candle. Known for its calming and relaxing properties, lavender is the perfect scent for unwinding too. Made from 100% essential oils and natural ingredients, this soy wax candle delivers over 60 hours of lavender fragrance that lingers and lasts.

23. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue light blocking glasses

With blue light from computer screens proven to keep people awake at night, this can often bring on lots of anxious thoughts while lying awake in bed. Ensure they get a good night rest with these awesome blue light blocking glasses. Two pairs per set, these lenses filter out blue light making it easier to sleep after using the computer at night.

24. Anxiety Bracelet

anxiety bracelet gift ideas

People who suffer from anxiety often believe everything their thoughts tell them. Remind them their anxiety is lying to them with this inspiring engraved anxiety bracelet. Made from durable stainless steel, this bracelet comes with a gift box and can easily fit most wrists. A sweet gift for anyone fighting anxiety, they’re sure to love it.

25. Dammit Doll

stress dammit doll

Give them something to take their stress and anxiety out on with this hilarious dammit doll. Almost identical to Donald Trump, this doll is perfect for squeezing, throwing and slapping around to release any stress. Twelve inches tall, this heavy duty doll can certainly take a pounding and is a great gift for anyone that needs to let off some stress or steam.

26. Funny Anxiety T-Shirt

anxiety t-shirt

Make them smile with this sweet (and true) t-shirt! Including the slogan “I came, I saw, I had anxiety, so I left” will resonate with any anxious person. Available in ten different colors and six different sizes, this T-shirt will let everyone know that they’re not shy, they just have anxiety!


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