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Finding the right gift for that special pianist in your life can be tricky, especially when you don’t play the piano or know the first thing when it comes to them!

To help you find the best gifts for any piano player, our gift researchers asked tens of pianists what their favorite piano gifts are.

No matter their age, and no matter your budget, we’ve picked the best gifts from sheet music books to piano maintenance tools that they’re sure to love. Whatever the special occasion, surprise them with these top gifts for piano lovers and pianists.

1. Handcrafted Pianist Figurine

handcrafted pianist figurine

An excellent gift to go on top of any piano or bookshelf, this handcrafted metal musician figurine is sure to make any pianist smile. Standing seven inches tall and made entirely from metal, this detailed gift showcases a musician playing on his piano. Presented in a box for easy wrapping and gifting, any piano lover will greatly appreciate this present.

2. Piano Key Necklace

piano key necklace

What better piece of jewelry for your piano loving friend than this awesome authentic piano key necklace. Made from a real ebony piano key that is over 100 years old, this necklace is an excellent conversation starter for any musician. At three inches long and complete with a 28-inch chain, it’s definitely a unique and original gift.

3. Piano Cufflinks Gift Set

piano cufflinks gift set

Add a hint of pianos to their formal attire with this collection of piano cufflinks. Presented in a special presentation gift box, it contains four pairs of piano cufflinks in different colors and styles. Including gold and silver versions, it also includes a pair of grand piano cufflinks, which is ideal for any professional pianist.

4. Piano Polishing Care Kit

piano polishing care kit

Ensure they keep their prized possession squeaky clean with this excellent complete piano cleaning and polishing kit. Including both polish and wax as well as a microfiber cloth, this kit will help remove any dust and debris from their piano, leaving it super shiny. Long lasting and quick, this kit is ideal for any piano player.

5. Mechanical Metronome

mechanical metronome

Practice makes perfect! Give them a helping hand with their piano practice thanks to this mechanical metronome. With an adjustable tempo of 40 to 208 beats per minute, this metronome can help any pianist keep in rhythm without the need for batteries. Designed to last, this metronome is ideal for beginner and experienced players alike.

6. Harry Potter Sheet Music Book

harry potter sheet music book

For all those Harry Potter fans out there, surprise them with this book of Harry Potter sheet music! Featuring many songs from the popular film franchise, any Harry Potter lover is sure to love this and have a fun time playing the songs. Featuring titles such as Lily’s Lullaby and Dumbledore’s Army, this music will put a smile on anybody’s face.

7. Piano Wine Bottle Holder Sculpture

piano wine bottle holder

For any piano player who enjoys a drink of wine, this wine bottle holder is an ideal gift for any occasion. Featuring a piano sculpture out of metal, this tabletop decorative piece is also functional and will hold a full bottle of wine. A great addition to any house, any piano and wine lover is bound to love it.

8. Padded Wooden Piano Bench

padded wooden piano bench

Playing a lot of piano means sitting down for a long time. Ensure they are comfy while they play thanks to this premium padded wooden piano bench. With a buttoned 2-inch thick cushion on top, anyone will instantly notice the difference when they sit on this. Complete with storage for sheet music inside, it’s also very convenient and holds up to 300lbs.

9. Keynote Decorative Throw

keynote throw blanket gift idea

Help them relax after piano practice with this super soft and fluffy keynote throw blanket. Made from 100% cotton, it’s machine washable and features various piano keys all over. At 40 by 60 inches wide, this is perfect for snuggling with on the sofa or taking to bed to stay extra warm.

10. Amadeus Blu-ray Collector’s Edition

amadeus blu-ray movie

A piano legend in his own right, everyone has heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but few know about his life. In this Oscar-winning biographical movie, viewers get to see another side to Mozart and his turbulent life. Available on both blu-ray and DVD, this epic movie is sure to be a favorite with any pianist.

11. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Plush

wolfgang amadeus mozart plush

Encourage any piano player to practice playing with their very own Mozart to look over them. Ideal for kids, this plush stands 11 inches tall and has an uncanny resemblance to the legend himself. Dressed in a red jacket with puffy lace shirt, this little guy also has a wind-up music box inside him that will inspire anyone to play along.

12. Piano Tuning Wrench

piano tuning wrench

There’s nothing worse than trying to play on an out of tune piano. Ensure they have no reason not to fix it by gifting them this essential piano tuning wrench. Stainless steel with a hardwood handle, this wrench is ideal for adjusting piano pegs to raise or lower the pitch. Simple to use, it’s essential for anyone with a non-digital piano.

13. Piano Model Music Box

piano model music box

Give them a break and let them listen to some relaxing music instead of having to play it. Made from high quality wood, this mechanical music box is an excellent present that doesn’t require any batteries. A great gift for piano players and pianists alike, this is sure to be at home on top of their piano.

14. Keyboard Scarf

keyboard scarf

Help them wrap up warm during those cold winter months with this perfectly themed keyboard scarf. At 68 inches long, this scarf features a range of both ivory and ebony keys perfectly printed along the scarf. Ideal for any piano lover, this gift is sure to keep anyone warm while they brave those winter winds.

15. Elton John Greatest Hits Sheet Music

elton john greatest hits sheet music

Elton John undoubtedly made playing the piano cool in the ’70s and ’80s. With his smash hits such as Rocket Man and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, his hits have inspired millions to take up learning the piano. Introduce anyone to the world of Elton John with this essential greatest hits sheet music book featuring his most popular songs from over three decades.

16. Piano Patent Art Prints

piano patent art prints

Add some piano themed décor to any room in their house by gifting your loved ones these unique piano patent art prints. Featuring four ready to frame prints that are 8 by 10 inches, these high quality prints feature various piano patents dating back to the early 1900s. A unique and educational gift, these will love amazing in any room.

17. Piano Keys Necktie

piano key necktie gift

Add a special tie to their collection with this beautiful piano keys necktie. Featuring one half of notes and the other half of piano keys, this tie is 56 inches long and is made from microfiber with a silk feel. The perfect tie to wear to any performance, this is sure to be an excellent addition to their formal attire.

18. Piano Player Heartbeat Tee

piano player heartbeat tee

What better gift to buy someone who lives and breathes piano than this incredible heartbeat t-shirt. Featuring a unique design that incorporates a heartbeat and pianist into one awesome design, this is the perfect t-shirt for every piano player. Available in five different colors and six different sizes, this lightweight tee is fully machine washable and super soft.

19. Music Theme Crew Socks

piano crew socks

Ensure they’re appropriately dressed when playing the piano with these musical themed piano socks. Featuring a unique piano design that includes piano keywords and musical notes, the set comes with three pairs of socks with two different designs. Suitable for shoe sizes 6 to 12, any pianist will appreciate this thoughtful present.

20. LED Music Stand Light

led music light for piano players

Brighten up their life and give them a clear view of their sheet music thanks to this LED light stand. Easy to clamp onto any book or sheet, this bendable LED light is fully dimmable and can produce a range of different color temperatures. With up to 60 hours of light per battery charge, this will let them practice way into the night.

21. Disney Songs Sheet Music

disney sheet music book

The perfect gift for any Disney lover, this book contains 50 of the most popular Disney songs from Beauty and the Beast to Let It Go. Including sheet music for piano, vocals and guitar, they’ll have a great time playing and singing along. No matter their piano skill level, this book has songs for players of all experience.

22. Digital Piano Dust Cover

digital piano dust cover

Protect their pride and joy from unwanted dust and cleaning with this essential digital piano dust cover. Available in different sizes for 61 to 88 key digital pianos, it will cover the entire instrument keeping everything clean and dust-free. Ideal for any pianist who complains about having cleaning their piano often, this is sure to be a massive time saver.

23. Grand Piano Pop Up Card

grand piano pop up card

Surprise any piano lover with this awesome pop up grand piano 3D card. An excellent present for any special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries or congratulations on performances, the detail on this card is truly amazing. Complete with a blank envelope for gifting, the 3D model can also be removed after being opened, making an awesome desk ornament.

24. Nanoblock Grand Piano Figure

nanoblock grand piano gift

The perfect present for any young piano players, this nanoblock grand piano is sure to be something they’ll enjoy building and keeping on top of their piano. Including 170 pieces in total, this super detailed figure is guaranteed to look awesome once built. Standing 5 inches tall, its impressive detail will be loved by all.

25. Music Bookmark Page Holder

music bookmark

Does your loved one always complain about their sheet music book closing shut while they are playing? Stop it from happening with this must-have golden music book page holder. Made from 24-carat gold, this holder will stop any book from closing with ease. Complete with a jewel case for gifting, it’s sure to solve anyone’s frustration.

26. Piano Keyboard Music Earrings

keyboard music earrings

Add the missing piece to their outfit! Measuring 1.75 inches long, these fishhook earrings are both lightweight and incredibly detailed. Complete with their own gift box, these are ready to gift to any piano lover and are sure to be an excellent conversation starter. A well thought out present, what better gift to celebrate their special occasion.


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