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One of the first board games to capture the imagination of millions, Dungeons and Dragons has grown exponentially over the years and now has countless dedicated fans.

If you know someone who loves playing DnD and can’t get enough of the game, then we’ve got the perfect gifts to make them smile.

No matter if they’re the regular dungeon master, or they’ve just started playing DnD for the first time, we’ve asked players of all ages for their top gift suggestions.

From figurines and die, to wall art and apparel, here are the best Dungeons & Dragons gifts for everyone!

Best Dungeons And Dragons Gift Ideas

1. Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick And Morty

dungeons and dragons rick and morty

Tired of your regular DnD campaigns and want to try something new and adventurous? Get your game master this awesome Rick and Morty Dungeons & Dragons set. Including die, a complete DnD campaign with 64-page rule book, this set has everything to make it an awesome Rick and Morty gift.

2. D&D Three Level Battle Map

three level battle map

Add another dimension to their DnD games with this awesome multi-level battle map. Complete with three different levels, this gift will massively expand the board game and give players more room and places to move around. Easy to assemble and disassemble with no glue or scissors required, and D&D fanatic is sure to love this.

3. Ying Yang Dice Blanket

ying yang dice blanket

Keep them warm on their epic campaigns with this super soft and fluffy dice blanket. Featuring a range of different colored die including a D20, this blanket is available in three different sizes from 50 by 40 inches to 80 by 60 inches. Ideal for wearing while playing a campaign, any DnD fan will appreciate this cosy gift.

4. Custom D20 Dragon Pendant

d20 dragon pendant

Keep their die protected at all times! Give them something to wear wherever they go with this customized D20 dragon pendant. A unique dragon gift that is sure to bring them extra luck when rolling, the dragon and die can be customized to any style or color, adding a special touch.

5. Enemy Minions Miniatures

enemy minions miniatures

Add some new enemies to any campaign by gifting your DnD friend these awesome fantasy minion miniatures. Including 36 unpainted individual pieces, these little minions include orcs, dark elves, zombies, skeletons and goblins. A great addition to any D&D campaign, they’re bound to have fun painting them and using them in their games.

6. DnD Mini Waffle Maker

dnd waffle maker gift

What better snack to eat while playing Dungeons and Dragons than these delicious mini waffles? A small and simple to use waffle maker, this device can make five waffles at a time each. Featuring characters such as a 3D fighter, rogue, cleric, ranger and wizard, this is a must buy for any DnD lover.

7. Color Changing Dice Set

color changing dice set

Mesmerize any fan and upgrade their current dice with this colorful color changing dice set. Featuring a set of 7 dice including a D20, D12, D8, D6 and several others, each one changes color when picked up with warm hands. The ideal gift for any Dungeons and Dragons fan, they’re sure to having nothing like this in their collection already!

8. Funko Pop Figures Bundle

funko pop figures bundle

Whether they already have a Funko Pop collection or not, any DnD fan will love adding these to their collection. Featuring three different DnD characters including Asmodeus, the Mind Flayer and Minsc, each one stands just under four inches tall and comes in their own box. Ideal for displaying in their office, bedroom or wherever they like.

9. Dungeons and Dragons Art & Arcana

dungeons and dragons art arcana

Dive deeper into the world of Dungeons and Dragons with this awesome illustrated guide that covers the evolution and history of the game through paintings and sketches. Containing over 700 original and unique different pieces of artwork, the book focuses on the creation, growth and continued popularity of the game. The perfect gift and any DnD super fan!

10. Immense Dice Bag

immense dice storage bag

Help any DnD lover sort and store their vast collection of dice with this handy immense dice bag. As the name suggests, this thing can hold plenty of dice while also being very portable. An ideal bag to take to any DnD campaign it can hold up to 150 dies and has special departments for different dice sets.

11. Mimic Chest Dice Storage Box

mimic chest dice storage box

Give them something very unique to store all their dice sets in with this handcrafted and kinda scary mimic chest storage box. Often found in Dungeons and Dragons games, this box can hold anything from die to tabletop miniatures, figures or any other gaming accessories. With amazing detail both inside and out, it’s every DnD fan’s dream.

12. DnD Condition Marker Rings

dnd condition marker rings

While playing DnD, it can often be hard to remember which characters have had spells cast on them. Help everyone playing keep track of who’s been hexed or enlarged with these colorful condition market rings. Including 77 rings per set, there are enough to have multiple on every figurine on the board.

13. Dungeons and Dragons Clue Board Game

dungeons and dragons clue board game

If you can convince them not to play DnD for one night, then here’s an excellent gift for board game lovers. Based on the classic clue game, this alternative Dungeons and Dragons version is bound to get them interested in playing it. Including a board game, character movers, personality cards and instructions, if they enjoy DnD, then they’ll love this.

14. D20 Shaped Throw Blanket

d&d d20 throw blanket

Keep them warm while playing their campaign with this awesome D20 shaped throw blanket. Shaped just like a D20 die, it also includes all the numbers and DnD dragon logo. Officially licensed and 100% authentic, this shaped design is a wonderful gift for any DnD super fan.

15. Dungeon Meowster Tee

dungeon meowster t shirt

For your friend who loves cats and being the Dungeon Master, this t-shirt is the best DnD gift for them. Featuring a cute cat rolling a solid D20, this t-shirt is sure to be loved by all. Available in six different sizes and five different colors, this top will be great at reminding everyone who the Dungeon “Meowster” is!

16. D20 Plush Dice

d20 plush dice

Tired of rolling small dice? Add some fun to anyone’s DnD session with this super large and fluffy D20 plush dice. Ideal for squishing and snuggling with, it can also be used as an actual die! 10 inches tall and reinforced to keep its original shape, anyone will have fun rolling (and throwing) this thing around.

17. Wooden Dice Tower

wooden dice tower

Do you know someone who is absolutely terrible at rolling dice? Perhaps they somehow manage to always get it on the floor no matter how gently they roll it. Ensure the dice always stays on the table with this essential wooden dice tower. Featuring a dragon symbol and traditional wooden construction, this tower will make rolling dice easier for everyone.

18. D20 Wall Art

d20 dnd wall art

What better way to brighten up any room in anyone’s house than with this colorful D20 dice artwork. Made from wood with a unique texture, this wall art will look awesome in any room (especially the one they play DnD in!). Lightweight and easy to hang, it will constantly remind them of their love for the board game.

19. D20 Coaster Set

d20 coaster set

Help keep their table and board games stain-free from drinks with these essential D20 coasters. Handmade and engraved with a D20 die into each one, these DnD themed coasters are an ideal gift for any occasion. Including four coasters per set, there are enough for everyone in their DnD gatherings.

20. Acrylic Combat Riser

acrylic combat riser

Add another dimension to their DnD games with this essential D&D accessory. Designed to raise characters, this combat riser will transform any game allowing players to fly and battle on multiple levels. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this riser will take any D&D game to new heights.

21. Zinc Metal Dice Set

zinc metal dice set

Add a new set of dice to their ever growing collection with this original set of metal dice. Including a total of six dies, the set also comes with a black velvet bag to store them as well as individual wrapping for each die. Made from zinc alloy with a shiny enamel finish, these are sure to stand out from their current collection.

22. Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook

dungeons & dragons players handbook

The perfect Dungeons and Dragons gift for any beginner out there, what better present than the player’s handbook? Full of essential reference information for every roleplayer, it contains all the rules for character creation, skills, exploration and combat. A great read for any newbie, this book will fill them in with everything they need to know about the game.

23. DnD Fail & Crit Pint Glasses

dnd fail & crit pint glasses

Ensure they stay hydrated while playing those gruelling D&D campaigns with these appropriately themed pint glasses. Including two different ones per set, one fail and one crit, each glass can hold up to 16 ounces and are perfect for juices, iced drinks and smoothies. Made of clear thick glass, these officially licensed glasses are bound to be used regularly.

24. Dungeons & Dragons Classic T-Shirt

dungeons and dragons classic t-shirt

Gift anyone the perfect t-shirt to wear while playing DnD with their very own authentic officially licensed merchandise. Made from 100% cotton and available in four different sizes, this t-shirt features a high quality print of a dragon battling a sword-wielding warrior. Ideal for any DnD fan, they’re sure to be wearing this with pride wherever they go.

25. Sarcasm Stats Mug

sarcasm stats dungeons and dragons gift

Make any D&D lover laugh with this funny stats mug. Featuring a +5 sarcasm stat on the side, this mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe. Holding up to 11 ounces of coffee, tea or whatever they drink, this mug is sure to be with them on the table during any gaming campaign.

26. Battle Grid Game Mat

reusable battle grid game mat

Is your friend looking for a more environmentally friendly option when it comes to drawing up game maps? Reduce the amount of paper they use with this awesome reusable battle grid game mat. Complete with four pens and a cleaning brush, this mat has plenty of tiles that can be used to draw whatever layout they want.

27. D20 Dice Earrings

d20 dice earrings

Let them show the world how much they love Dungeons and Dragons with these fantastic D20 dice earrings. Available in six different colors, these dice earrings are sure to increase their luck when rolling. And if for whatever reason they forget their actual dice, you can always use these instead!

28. Game Master Screen

game master screen hider

For your friend who loves being the game master, get them their very own customizable GM screen. An essential screen for hiding any important information from other players, this screen is available in a range of different trim colors. The dungeon master can also customize what they want in each tab to make it easier to reference any rules.

29. DnD Dice Socks

dnd dice socks gift

The perfect DnD gift for anyone who sucks at rolling, these socks are sure to bring them plenty of much needed luck. Suitable for men sized 7 – 13, these high quality cotton socks are as comfortable as they are stylish. Available in two different styles, your DnD friends are sure to love either design.

30. World’s Okayest DM Mug

world's okayest DM mug gift

Let your DnD friend know what you really think about their Dungeon Master skills with this hilarious mug. With an 11-ounce capacity, this mug has the design printed on both sides using sublimation ink for a vibrant and long lasting print. Perfect for any special occasion, this is sure to be a great conversation starter during any campaign.


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