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Playing the trumpet is no easy task and requires years of practice and dedication. What better way to encourage any trumpet player to keep on playing that with a fantastic trumpet themed gift.

No matter if they’re just starting out and have a long path ahead of them, or if they’re seasoned professionals, whatever their level, there are plenty of awesome trumpet gifts out there.

To help you find that perfect one for your favorite trumpeter, we’ve asked tens of trumpet players about the best gift they’ve received. From t-shirts and jewelry to more practical gifts like cleaning kits and valve guards, here are our top picks for trumpet players.

1. Finger Exerciser

The devil makes work for idle hands. Help them keep their hands (and fingers) busy with this handy finger exerciser. Perfect for strengthening those fingers, this device is also great for anyone who’s travelling and can’t take their trumpet with them. Whether they’re away from their instrument or warming up for a show, this gift is sure to come in useful.

2. Patent Prints Art

Give them a bit of trumpet history with these excellent and detailed trumpet patent prints. Including four copies of trumpet patents dating back over 100 years, these fascinating drawings are sure to interest any musician. Made in the USA and printed on fuji crystal archive paper, these prints will look great in anyone’s home.

3. ChopSaver Lip Balm

Help save their chops with this original and natural lip therapy balm. Perfect for any trumpet player who suffers from chronic chapped and dried lips, this balm is FDA approved and is made from 10 certified organic ingredients. Invented by musicians who actually play wind instruments, any trumpet player will thank you for saving their chops.

4. Spitballs

For anyone who doesn’t play a wind instrument, keeping them clean requires regular maintenance to ensure they keep their beautiful sound. Spitballs are an incredibly useful cleaning tool, which can be used inside trumpets and other wind instruments to give them a good clean. Perfect for any type of wind instrument including trumpets, French horns and cornets, any trumpet player will appreciate this gift.

5. Instrument Stand

If you know someone who doesn’t have a trumpet stand, then this is the perfect gift for them. With a five-legged base, this stand provides maximum stability for even the heaviest trumpets. Not only does it help show off the instrument, but it also saves having to constantly unpack it if they don’t already have a trumpet stand.

6. Stylish Cufflinks Set

Let everyone know their love for trumpets with these super cool trumpet cufflinks. Perfect for wearing to any formal event, these high-quality cufflinks come with a beautiful presentation box and microfiber cloth to clean them. The set also includes a trumpet tie bar to complete the look.

7. Miniature Brooch

Add some flair to their outfit with this beautifully crafted brass trumpet brooch pin. At three inches long and made from durable brass material, this pin is perfect for both day and nightwear. Complete with a presentation box and protective packaging, this brooch is ready to be gifted to any trumpet player.

8. Yamaha Silent Brass System

Playing the trumpet in certain houses or at certain times of the day can very unpractical. Help them play their trumpet more with this incredible silent brass system. Suitable for almost any trumpet, this device will allow them to play silently while using headphones to listen to their playing. Give their neighbours some peace and quiet with this awesome kit.

9. Wah-Wah Mute

Like the whammy bar for a guitar, this device delivers a wah sound when used while playing the trumpet. Used in certain songs and performances, it’s an essential item for any professional trumpet player. Handspun from precise aluminium alloys and with an excellent polished finish, this wah-wah mute is the perfect trumpet accessory.

10. Tie Present

Update their formal attire and get them noticed with this funny and cool trumpet tie. Just like a standard tie, this tie is 56 inches long and 4 inches wide at the base. Made from polyester microfiber, it feels just like silk and is incredibly soft. Perfect for anyone who loves trumpets, they’re sure to love this gift.

11. Instrument Care Kit

Ensure their trumpet is kept clean and tidy with this all in one trumpet care kit. Including various cleaning equipment such as slide oil, slide grease, a mouthpiece and flexible bore brush, this kit will ensure no dirt is left behind. Also complete with step-by-step instructions, any trumpet player will greatly appreciate this gift.

12. Personal Embouchure Training Device

Help them train their embouchure (the use of their lips, facial muscles and tongue when playing a wind instrument) with this super effective embouchure training device. Suitable for regular daily use, this device is great for warming up those face muscles just before a show. High quality and made from silver, they’ll be impressed at how useful and effective this is.

13. Player Figurine

Give them something to brighten up their desk or home with this cool metal trumpet player figurine. Made from various bits of metal and bolts, it stands six inches tall and comes in protective packaging ready to be gifted to any musician. Add some charm and character to their lives with this cool little figurine.

14. Jean Paul Present

Perfect for any intermediate trumpet player who has been playing on an entry-level trumpet, it’s finally time to give them an upgrade with this special gift. Made by Jean Paul, this intermediate trumpet is the perfect next step for any beginner player. Compete with its own travel case for safe and easy transportation, this is sure to be used for years to come.

15. Valve Guard

Help protect their cherished trumpet with this excellent trumpet valve guard. Made from real leather, this valve guard protects the valves from corrosion, scratches and stains, helping maintain its color and shine. Easily removed with its velcro strap, this valve guard is the perfect gift for both beginners and professionals.

16. Tascam DR-40X Digital Audio Recorder

Turn any room into a recording studio with this Tascam DR-40X. Featuring a high quality unidirectional condenser microphone, this device helps pick up all the subtle noises and details many other microphones can’t. Incredibly portable and simple to operate, this device will give them studio-level recording quality wherever they go.

17. Silver Necklace

Remind them of their beloved trumpet wherever they go with this beautiful sterling silver trumpet necklace. Ideal for any trumpeter, this pendant also comes complete with an 18-inch silver adjustable chain to match. Suitable for every day wear, this is sure to get them plenty of compliments. Presented and packaged in a gift box, they’re sure to love this thoughtful gift.

18. Portable Pocket Instrument

Swap their trumpet for something smaller and more portable with this highly practical and working pocket trumpet. Including a digital tuner, protective carry case, mouthpiece, and white gloves, this kit comes with everything they need to start playing. Ideal for carrying around, this trumpet is great for an impromptu performance anywhere.

19. Sheet Music Stand

Every professional musician needs a durable sheet music stand (or several!). Ensure they have a backup music stand with this long-lasting and durable gift idea. Made from solid-brass bearings and a greaseless chrome inner shaft, this stand is very secure at any height even with the constant barrage of music.

20. Cleaning Kit

No matter what type of trumpet they have, keeping it clean is an essential chore that needs to be done regularly. Give them all the tools for the job with this fantastically organized Yamaha trumpet maintenance kit. Including valve oil, slide grease, polishing cloth and flexible snake brush, this kit is suitable for both beginners and experienced trumpeters.

21. Protective Carry Case

Ensure their trumpet remains safe and protected when traveling to and from performances with this essential protective trumpet case. Featuring a shock resistance EPS foam with a soft lining, this case is designed to absorb any bumps and knocks along the way. To make carrying it easier, the case also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and padded backpack straps.

22. Funny Mug

A funny gift for any trumpet player, remind them how dull their life would be without the sweet sound of their trumpet. Featuring the text “life without trumpet would b flat”, this mug is made from quality ceramic making it both dishwasher and microwave safe. Printed on both sides and packaged in a gift box, this is an excellent gift for any player.

23. Gold Plated Mouthpiece

Change the tone of their trumpet with this mesmerizing golden plated mouthpiece. Suitable for all standard trumpets, this mouthpiece produces a rich mega tone and darkens the sound. A useful accessory for any experienced player, this is sure to open up a whole new world of notes and sounds.

24. Bow Tie Present

Make them the center of attention with this funny and eye-catching trumpet bow tie. Pre-tied and no need for any difficult tying, this bow tie can be quickly slipped on without any difficulty. Made in the USA from polyester with a satin finish, this bow tie is sure to go well with any formal evening wear.

25. Digital Metronome

Ideal for both experienced and beginners, this digital metronome is the guidance they need to ensure they’re on tempo. This metronome looks like a traditional mechanical one but has way more features. Powered by three AAA batteries which are included, this metronome has a whole range of speeds and settings which will make it their new favorite companion.

26. Miles Davis Shirt

Give them something to wear with pride with this artistic Miles Davis shirt. A legendary trumpet player in the jazz scene, Miles knew how to get that perfect sound, making him one of the most influential musicians in jazz history. Available in two colors of black and blue, the shirt is also available in a range of different sizes.

27. Jazz Instruments Socks

What outfit would be complete without these must-have jazz instrument socks. Suitable for shoe sizes six to twelve, these socks feature a range of jazz instruments including trumpets, trombones, saxophones and French horns. Machine washable and perfect for any formal or casual occasion, these socks are a must-have for any trumpet lover.

28. Wall Mount

Perfect for the older trumpet player, help keep their trumpet in arms reach with this awesome wall mount. Instead of having to continually bend over and pick up their trumpet every time, this wall mount allows musicians to easily rest their trumpet at a comfortable height. Suitable for most trumpet sizes, the mount can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes.


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