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Know a watch collector in your life who just can’t get enough of watches? Perhaps they already have a considerable watch collection and are looking to add more!

Find the perfect gift for any watch lover or enthusiast with our essential gift list.

From display boxes and stands to repair tools and informative books, discover the best gifts for watch lovers and collectors below.

Best Gifts For Watch Lovers & Collectors

1. The Wristwatch Handbook

the wristwatch handbook gift

Any seasoned wristwatch lover will be intrigued while reading the pages of The Wristwatch Handbook. With 470 colored photographs, this fantastic reference of mechanical wristwatches features a vast collection of timepieces from 90 manufacturers. The book has two sections: the mechanical movement section and the functions of modern horology. Overall, the book is a definitive guide to analog timepieces.

2. Watch Box Storage Drawer

watch box storage drawer

Help them organize their watch collection with a handy watch box storage drawer. With six large compartments, each watch has a cushion to keep it in place regardless of the size. Aside from watches, they can also use the rest of the space to store tie clips, cufflinks, sunglasses, pens, and watch tools.

3. Watch Display Stand

watch display stand

Showcase their favorite watch by hanging it on this watch display stand for all to see. Made from handcrafted leather and marble, this beautiful stand would look perfect holding any Rolex or Cartier watch. Safe, durable, and strong, this watch display stand suits any watch brands. At six inches tall, it’s sure to help show off any watch enthusiast’s favorite watch.

4. Real Watch Cufflinks

real watch cufflinks set

Give your watch loving friend something truly unique with these incredible watch cufflinks! Get these real watch cufflinks for your husband’s upcoming formal event and make him stand out while showing off his passion for watches. Featuring moving analog dials, these watch cufflinks also come with an elegant presentation box for gifting straight away.

5. Watch Winder Box

watch winder box gift idea

If he truly wants to take excellent care of his watches, then this watch winder box would be a perfect gift option. This watch winder box is structured with fine solid wood, clear acrylic glass, and select PU leather. Ideal for watches without batteries, this device spins the watch to keep them ticking while not being worn. The watch winder also has a soft and flexible compact pillow to protect the watch while spinning.

6. The Watch Book

the watch book

The Watch Book will draw a smile on any watch lovers face and will make an excellent gift for any watch enthusiast. Inside the book, it includes superlative examples, discussions of manufacturers, innovations, fine materials, craftsmanship, and lots more. The reader will discover the well-documented and magnificently illustrated chronicles of the best timepieces in the world.

7. Fossil Chronograph Quartz Watch

fossil quartz watch gift for watch lovers

Want to add a new watch to their collection? Look no further than this Fossil chronograph quartz watch! Inspired by the nation’s ingenuity and creativity, this watch is designed with soft leather and stainless steel. It features a time-honored style as modern roman numeral markers bring a vintage touch to the piece. The Fossil chronograph quartz watch is water resistant and will make an excellent addition to their watch collection.

8. Watch Pattern Necktie

watch pattern necktie present

Help him show off his love for watches at any formal event with this eye-catching necktie. The watch pattern necktie is a classy clothing accessory that displays subtle and stylish watch patterns. The fabric used is a 1200 needle count with a premium branded tie lining. It measures 2.36 inches at its widest point and has a length of just over 56.3 inches.

9. Vintage Rolex Book

vintage rolex book

Rolex is one of the biggest brands in the timepiece making industry, and every watch enthusiast wants to own one! For any watch lover in your life, gift them this vintage Rolex book to read with their morning coffee as they learn about the rise of most legendary watch brand of all time.

10. Vintage Rolex Patent Prints Artwork

vintage rolex patent prints artwork

Add this artwork to their home to display their fondness and love of watches. This patent print is infused with innovation and creativity to display the vintage and classic feel of timepiece history. These vintage Rolex patent prints are 8 by 10 inches and will look amazing next to their watch collection.

11. Portable Travel Watch Display Holder

portable travel watch display holder

Ensure their precious watches stay safe while traveling with this essential portable travel watch display holder. The portable travel watch display holder comes with three watch boxes where different watch models can fit into place. It combines popular suede flannel and high quality vegan leather to create a durable and secure holder. The holder protects watches from scratches and damage while traveling, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.

12. A Man & His Watch Book

a man & his watch book

For any guy in your life that loves watches more than anything in the world, show them they’re not crazy with this informative book. A Man & His Watch is a book that tackles the world’s most interesting stories of coveted watches. The author tells stories from people that certify watches are more than just timepieces — they represent historical moments, gifts of affection, and lifelong friendships.

13. Large DIY Wall Clock Kit

large diy wall clock kit

An awesome watch gift for anyone who can’t get enough of them, this DIY wall clock kit will look stunning on any wall. This wall clock produces no sound and noise, giving house owners a peaceful night. The DIY wall clock reduces power consumption more efficiently compared to the regular types. It comes with an auxiliary scale ruler and self-adhesive stickers for hassle-free installation and removal.

14. Apple Watch Jewelry Band

apple watch jewelry band

Give her a stylish and fabulous-looking Apple watch jewelry band to customize her Apple watch. An adjustable wristband in a luminous pearl design, it’s much better looking than the original strap included. Any woman can totally rock this at night time parties as the jewels glow in any dark environment. It is composed of a strong elastic string and durable stainless steel link to add a hint of sophistication.

15. The Rolex Story Book

the rolex story book

For any Rolex lover or admirer you know, answer their questions about Rolex with this elaborated Rolex story book. The book follows the success story of the Rolex watch brand and how the sponsored athletes, movie stars, and statesmen contributed to its prosperous business. It also covers the manufacturer’s insights and innovations behind such a luxurious product.

16. Owl Clock Pendant

owl clock pendant necklace

For any watch loving who loves unique items, this owl clock pendant gift is sure to tick all the boxes. With an accurate timekeeper, this owl watch pendant has completely distinct hands for seconds, minutes and hours. The chain and the dial case are made of alloy material. It also has a unique round convex mirror protecting the clock face from scrapes and scratches.

17. Nylon Watch Straps Set

nylon watch straps set

Provide a vast range of watch strap color choices with this nylon watch straps set. Comfortable, waterproof, breathable, and soft, this set is a fantastic gift idea for your loved one’s special day. Each strap measures 1.2 mm thin and is formulated from durable and high quality materials. There are other size variations available to find the perfect size for your family member or significant other.

18. Watch Pattern Socks

watch pattern socks pair

Offer an ultimate cozy and comfortable treat with these watch pattern socks. Made of 80% combed cotton, these socks are warm and soft to wear for any occasion. The socks are covered with cute little watches pattern design in multiple exciting colors. The socks have long lasting quality thanks to their fine materials while also being both soft and machine washable.

19. The Watch Repairer’s Manual

the watch repairer's manual book

For any watch enthusiast, ensure they know how to repair their beloved watches themselves. The book features important topics of watch repair, including contemporary watch repairs, self-winding watches, alarm wristwatches, and many more. It also includes a fine visual dictionary that contains some of the isometric views on watch repairs. An excellent present for anyone obsessed with watches, this gift is sure to go down well.

20. Iconic Watches Jigsaw Puzzle

iconic watches jigsaw puzzle

A perfect gift for puzzle lovers, this iconic watches jigsaw puzzle features 500 full-color interlocking pieces featuring the different iconic watches with various designs, aesthetics, values, and precision. The finished puzzle measures 19 by 23 inches, with each piece telling a story to the players, thus making this puzzle game more worthwhile and interesting.

21. Rolex Submariner Face Mug

rolex submariner face mug

Any Rolex lovers deserve this submariner face mug, perfect for their next coffee break. Made of high quality ceramic material, this mug can hold up to 11 ounces of any hot or cold beverage. This face mug is both microwave and dishwasher friendly meaning it is sure to be used regularly.  Printed with quality in mind, the Rolex Submariner face mugs are sought to be a long-lasting collectibles.

22. Watch Repair Tool Kit

watch repair tool kit

Give your loved one this tool kit for their watch repair hobbies! An all-in-one kit with 152 tool pieces consisting of screwdriver set, watch holder, case opener kit, watch band link remover, link pin tool, and more. The watch repair tool kit is a perfect gift for all professionals and beginners.

23. Leather Watch Band Strap

leather watch band strap

Give any of their watches a new life with this leather watch band strap. Compatible with smart and traditional watches, the strap length will perfectly fit any watch unit as long as it matches the dimensions of 65 mm x 115 mm. The band is crafted from durable and high quality crazy-horse leather.

24. Wrist Watch Display Case

wrist watch display case

Ensure their prized possession stays safe wherever they go with this wrist watch display case. The case is designed in an elegant oak-pine with a premium glossy wooden finish. Ideal for storing and displaying watches from their collection, this case will certainly add a touch of class to their collection.

25. Plastic Watch Scratch Remover Polish

plastic watch scratch remover polish

End their woes of watch scratches with this watch scratch remover polish. A gentle buffing motion using this remover polish can transform old crystals and make them look brand new. The plastic watch remover resolves a watch owner’s problems with scuffs from plastic crystals and impacts and scratches from rough surfaces.


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