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Saying goodbye can be one of the hardest things to do. With all the memories, stories, and time you’ve shared together, finding the perfect gift for that special person to remember you by can be tricky.

No matter if they’re leaving for a new job, or they’re relocating to a new country, there are plenty of helpful gifts that you can get them. From keepsakes for them to remember you by, or practical gifts that will help with their new adventures, there are plenty of great going away gifts out there.

Show someone how much they mean to you with these thoughtful and brilliant going away gifts.

Going Away Gifts They’ll Love

1. Digital Photo Frame

digital photo frame

Make your memories last forever with this fantastic 7-inch HD digital photo frame. Simply load up to 10,000 of your favorite photos together via SD card or USB stick and they’ll have a digital photo album wherever they go. Perfect for any new home or office, this digital photo frame is sure to keep you on their minds.

2. Adventure Sippy Cup

adventure sippy cup

No matter if they’re starting a new job or heading off on an amazing adventure, you can’t forget the wine! This adventure sippy cup is ideal for carrying around and protecting their precious wine. Featuring a clear lid and double-wall stainless steel insulation, it sure to keep their wine nice and cool at all times.

3. Farewell Bracelet

farewell bracelet gift

Nothing says goodbye better than a farewell bracelet with a lucky charm and sweet goodbye message. This thoughtful farewell bracelet is presented in an exceptional gift box and includes a very special farewell message. If you want someone to always remember you, then this is the perfect gift they can wear on their wrist every day.

4. Friendship Necklace

friendship necklace

Take your friendship to the next level with this silver friendship eternity necklace. Featuring two interlocking infinity circles that represent your eternal bond with each other, this necklace is perfect for your bestie. Complete with a beautifully wrapped gift box, they might be moving away but your friendship will last forever.

5. Friends Are Like Stars Sign

good friend are like stars sign

Show your friend how much you mean to them with this friends are like stars wooden sign. Perfect for their new apartment or office desk, this bold sign is sure to keep you in their thoughts no matter how far away they are. Hand made in the USA out of wood, give them something American to take on their travels.

6. Good Luck Mug

good luck mug

Most co-workers don’t appreciate how friendly and nice you are until they leave and get a new job. Remind them that you’re the best co-workers they’ll get with this hilarious good luck mug. Both dishwasher and microwave safe, this mug is sure to bring back happy memories whenever they use it.

7. Peapod Necklace

peapod necklace

If you get along with someone like two peas in a pod, then this is the perfect going away gift for them. Hand made from scratch, you can also personalize your necklace by changing the color of the peas, chain and leaf charms. Not only is it fashionable and cute, but your bestie will never forget about you when they’re wearing it.

8. Universal Power Adapter

universal power adapter

Traveling around the world can be very exciting and challenging. One of the biggest problems is that all the plugs are different around the world. Trying to plug a US plug into a European socket is sure to end in disaster. Help your friend travel the world with ease with this handy all in one worldwide travel adapter.

9. Moving Harness

moving harness gift

One of the worst things about going away is moving all the furniture and items out of the house. Nobody looks forward to moving that huge sofa or wardrobe, but with this moving harness, it will certainly help make things a little easier. Help them protect their back with these handy moving straps.

10. International Swearing Book

international swearing book

Before someone sets off on their international travels, making sure they are up to scratch with their foreign languages is essential. Help them brush up on their languages with this hilarious swear word coloring book. Featuring how to swear in 50 different languages, they’ll easily be able to interact with the locals and ask some interesting questions.

11. Travel Icon Shirt

travel icon shirt

Moving to another country without understanding the language can be a big adventure and very challenging. If you know someone who’s not good at their foreign languages, then this travel icon shirt is the perfect gift. Simply point to the universal icons and everyone will instantly understand what they are trying to find.

12. Hiking GPS

waterproof hiking gps

If your friend is hitting the road and backpacking around the world, then make their life a little easier with this handy waterproof hiking GPS. Featuring a highly sensitive GPS receiver, this device will let them know exactly where they are when their phone runs out of battery or loses service.

13. Multifunctional Compass

multifunctional compass

Venturing into the unknown requires a solid set of tools and equipment. Help guide your friend’s path with this invaluable multifunctional aluminium compass with built-in map measurer. Perfect for anyone hitchhiking or trekking around the world, they’ll never lose their path with this compact and multifunctional compass.

14. Travel Pillow Kit

travel pillow kit

Traveling to a new state or country often involves a long journey. Make sure your friend gets a good night’s sleep with this comfy memory foam travel neck pillow. Including earplugs, eye buds and an additional pillow, this is everything they need to recharge and refresh while they are traveling.

15. Lifestraw

lifestraw gift

Trekking around the world can be extremely fun, but making sure you stay hydrated can be a challenge. With flasks only carrying so much water, refilling them with clean water isn’t always possible. This handy lifestraw allows anyone to drink water wherever they go. No matter if it’s a puddle, or rainwater, this straw will filter out all the bacteria and convert it into drinkable water.

16. Hug This Pillow

hug this pillow

One of the hardest things about friends moving away is missing their hugs. Let them know that you’re always thinking about them with this cute pillow cover. Made in the US from super-soft luxury 120g microfiber fabric, your friend will love falling asleep on this silky-soft cover while sending their hugs.

17. Compass Earrings

compass earrings

These compass earrings are the perfect going away gift for all the adventurers and travelers out there. Give that special someone something to remember you by with these topical adventure earrings. Choose from three different colors including rose gold, silver or gold-tone to match their style.

18. Distance Bracelets

going away distance bracelets

Give your bestie these adorable distance bracelets to let them take your friendship wherever they go. Including two separate bracelets, one black and one white with contrasting stones in each, this is the perfect gift to keep your friendship intact. 5% of the profits for each purchase are also donated to children in need.

19. Lucky Little Elephant

lucky little elephant gift

Elephants are known for their incredible memory, but in some countries, they also represent luck. Give your friend the gift of luck with this adorable lucky little elephant charm. Standing approximately 1 inch tall, this cute little lucky elephant is sure to go wherever they go. Included with the gift is a little poem that is sure to make them smile.

20. Corgi Pizza Socks

corgi pizza socks mens

Surprise your corgi loving friend, colleague, or siblings with these funny corgi pizza socks. Featuring smiley corgis floating around with slices of pizza on a blue background, these socks are sure to make them smile whenever they wear them. Also available in women’s version.

21. Homesick Scented Candle

homesick scented candle

Leaving home for the first time can often make people feel homesick. Help someone feel at home with this soothing scented candle. Choose from 51 different candles, each having a unique fragrance to a particular state that will remind them of home. Handmade in the USA, and lasting up to 80 hours, this is a great gift for anyone moving away.

22. Music Box

music box gift

Bring a tear to your friend’s eye with this unique goodbye music box. Engraved on the top is a perfect goodbye message that will remind them it’s not goodbye forever. Opening the box will play a cute rendition of amazing grace that they’ll never forget. Perfect for the music lovers out there, this gift is sure to be treasured.

23. Photo Memory Book

photo memory book

Perfect for a coworker or colleague who’s leaving, this memory book is great to share the best memories of you together. Fill it out yourself and pass it around the office for everyone to add their own memories. The result is a 50-page book full of the best memories, pictures and notes from work that they’ll cherish forever.

24. Instant Film Camera

fujifilm instant film camera

Want to give your friend some last-minute photos before they leave? Gift them this awesome 90s style instant film camera that prints out pictures just like Polaroids. Including a set of 60 blank filmstrips to print pictures on, you can stick these around the office or even get them framed. They might be leaving, but these printouts are sure to stick around.

25. Miss You Blanket

miss you blanket gift

Help your friend settle into their new place with this luxurious and soft blanket. Bring them warmth and joy as well as a constant reminder of your friendship as they snuggled up under this blanket. Featuring various words and messages written over the top, this is bound to keep you in their good books.

26. CraveBox

cravebox yummy gifts

If you know someone packing for a long journey, then make sure they’re stocked up with supplies. This care package features 40 different unique snacks including candy, chocolate, cookies and even granola bars. With this many snacks, they’re sure to have a pleasant trip wherever they’re heading off to.

27. Scratch Off World Map

scratch off world map

Spending some time traveling the world can be a great experience. Help your friend or co-worker keep track of every country they’ve visited with this awesome scratch off world map poster. Simply scratch off the countries with a coin, and they’ll know exactly which countries to visit next.

28. Pro Lens Kit For Mobiles

pro lens kit for smart phones

Anyone who’s heading often on an adventure needs to make sure they have the right tools and equipment to capture their memories. This mobile phone lens kit is perfect for anyone looking to up their Instagram game. Featuring three different lenses including a wide-angle and microlens, these are sure to help them get the best shots possible with their mobile.

29. Memory Bear

memory bear

Give them a personalized gift that they can treasure forever no matter where they are in the world. Simply send of some of your old clothes and you will receive a memory bear made entirely from your clothing. Give them something special to remember you by with this incredibly unique gift.

30. Flower Bouquet

flower bouquet

Sometimes, nothing says goodbye better than a nice bunch of assorted flowers. Perfect for any colleague, co-worker, friend or acquaintance, it’s always better to get them a gift than nothing, no matter how small or impersonal it is. If you want to play it safe, then flowers are always a great choice.


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