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They’re the people you see almost every day and would are likely to refer to them as your second family. Everyone has coworkers, and although you might occasionally hate them for not sending that important documents on time, you always make up.

Finding that special gift for your coworker can be tricky. Do you buy them something to use in the office? Or keep it more personal with something they can use at home? These are just a few of the decisions you’ll have to make when finding the perfect gift.

No matter if it’s their birthday, leaving party, or you just want to bring a smile to their face, we’ve got you covered. From handy practical gifts they can use at work, to smaller items that will brighten up their office desks, whatever your budget, you’ll find them here.

The Best Gifts For Coworkers

1. Bonsai Tree Kit

bonsai tree kit

Does your coworker love all things to do with Japan? Or perhaps they just love gardening. Whichever it is, gift them something unique and colorful with this awesome grow your own bonsai tree kit. Including seeds for four different types of bonsai trees, the kit comes with everything they need including pots, soil, seeds and trimmers.

2. Funny Notepads

funny office notepads

Oh no, not another set of notepads! Think again, these notepads are full of funny comics that relate to mundane wonderful everyday office life. Made in the USA, each pad has 50 sheets of paper and is backed with a strong and durable chipboard backing. Complete with funny quotes, every coworker is sure to relate to these daily scenarios.

3. Desk Organizer

desk organizer gift idea

Help keep your coworker’s desk in tiptop condition with this handy mesh desk organizer. Complete with a sliding draw, double tray and five upright sections, this organizer will be able to tidy up even the messiest of desks. Perfect for those not so organized coworkers, it also requires no tools for assembly, which makes it a great gift idea for everyone.

4. 100 Tricks to Appear Smart In Meetings

100 tricks to appear smart in meetings book

Let’s face it, everyone hates meetings. And unfortunately, some people have to spend more time in them than others. If your coworker spends a lot of time in meetings, then they’ll love this 100 tricks to appear smart in meetings book. Full of witty advice and funny drawings, this is the must-have book that they never knew they needed.

5. Dwight Schrute Desk Name Plate

dwight schrute name plate

The office fans rejoice! Bring a bit of the cult TV series the office into your very own office by gifting your coworker this Dwight Schrute desk nameplate. Based on the one from the TV series, every workplace has their own Dwight. Laser engraved with black lettering on an aluminium stand, this gag gift is sure to go down well in the office.

6. Big Red No Button

big red no button

Do you have a coworker that constantly says no to everything you request from them? Make their life easier rejecting you with this hilarious big red no button. Complete with two AAA batteries, simply hit the button to release a satisfying “NO”. Take the hard work out of your coworker’s rejection with this handy desk toy.

7. Not My Job Stamp

not my job stamp

Doing somebody else’s work is always annoying and should be avoided at all costs. What better way for your colleague to let everyone know it’s not their job than with this hilarious “not my job” stamp. Complete with a reversible ink pad of two colors, they’ll quickly be able to tell everyone that it’s not their job!

8. Workplace Violation Sticky Notes

workplace violation sticky notes

Do you know someone who’s the office police and are always telling off other coworkers for breaking office rules? Make their job easier with this funny workplace violation sticky note pad. Perfect for managers and anyone working in HR, these funny notes are full of common office violations and are perfect for shaming other coworkers!

9. Iron Flask

iron flask sports bottle

Staying hydrated at work is incredibly important, especially if you don’t have a convenient watercooler or cafeteria. Make sure your coworker stays hydrated with this practical and handy sports water bottle. With the ability to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, this means that they’ll be able to bring their own refreshments in from home.

10. Death Wish Coffee

death wish coffee gift idea

Are your coworkers always yawning and complaining how tired they are? Give them a boost that will put their productivity into overdrive with this smooth dark roast death wish coffee. With each bean carefully selected and expertly roasted, this coffee will give them a caffeine kick and taste that they’ll love.

11. Funky Socks

funky socks gift set

Brighten up somebody’s work attire with these colorful and funky novelty socks for both men and women. Upgrade your coworkers dull and boring socks with these colorful ones instead. Created by happy Socks, each pack contains four unique pairs each with a different style of dots, diamonds and stripes.

12. Wireless Charger Twin Pack

wireless desk charger

Introduce your coworkers to the 21st century with these futuristic wireless-charging stands. Compatible with most cell phones including iPhones and Androids, these stands mean they won’t have to continually plug their phone in every time they want to charge it. Simply place the phone understand and watch as it starts to wirelessly charge before their eyes!

13. Herbal Tea Variety Box

herbal tea for coworkers

Anyone who’s a big fan of tea knows that not all tea is made the same. Impress even the most elitist coworkers with this amazing assorted collection of English tea. Available in boxes of 20 to 220 teabags, flavors include green tea, Earl Grey, and English breakfast that they can enjoy both in the office and at home.

14. Reusable Notebook

reusable notebook pad

The perfect gift idea for sustainable and green living coworkers, this reusable notebook is sure to reduce their amount of waste and carbon footprint. Containing 42 different pages with seven different page styles including task list, calendar, weekly planner, ideas and more, simply write with a marker pen and upload to the cloud!

15. Hot Sauce Keychain

hot sauce keychain

Take their hot sauce addiction to the next level with this funny and practical hot sauce keychain set. Including both a 1 ounce and 1.7-ounce keychain, these are perfect for your coworker to carry around on their keys or pocket. They’ll never have to worry about forgetting their hot sauce again!

16. Mini Pac-Man Arcade Machine

mini pacman arcade machine

Any coworker who loves collecting Pac-man merchandise will definitely love this mini Pac-man arcade machine. Featuring a 6.75-inch color display and speaker, it’s like playing the real thing just much smaller. Powered by a USB cable all batteries, this mini arcade machine is sure to be an excellent addition to their office desk.

17. Magic 8 Ball

magic 8 ball

Will your coworker finally get you those documents you need today? Only the magic eight ball will tell! Make your coworker laughed with this funny gag gift that has all the answers to your work-related questions. From answers such as “it is certain”, to “don’t count on it”, this magic eight ball is sure to make for some funny conversations.

18. Desk Punching Bag

desk punching bag for coworkers

Does your coworker want to punch you in the face on a regular basis? Stop them from being fired with this stress-relieving, freestanding, desk punching bag. Perfect for letting out some anger, it’s also good for a bit of office exercise. For extra effect, you could always print out your face and stick it to the punching bag.

19. Fidget Cube

fidget cube gift

Perfect for any constant fidgeter, or for people who don’t seem to do much work, this fidget cube has been specifically designed for those restless fingers. Featuring a different way to fidget on each of the six sides, this cube will fulfil anybody’s fidgeting needs. The original and best fidget cube by Antsy Labs, this is sure to be used both in and out of the office.

20. Donald Trump Chia Pet

donald trump chia pet

Perfect for people who both hate and love Donald Trump, this chia pet is sure to give your coworker a lot of weird looks. Complete with everything they need to start growing his magnificent hair straightaway; the set comes with seeds, a drip tray and an instruction sheet.

21. Retirement Countdown Clock

retirement countdown clock

Remind your coworker how close (or far) away they are from their retirement with this funny digital retirement countdown timer. With the ability to set the timer up to 9999 days (that’s more than 27 years!), this clock will give them a second by second update on how long it is until their retirement.

22. Portable Lunch Pot

portable lunch pot

Staying organized and bringing in lunch for work can be a challenging task for most coworkers. Help them plan out there lunch the night before with this awesome portable lunch pot. Featuring two leak-proof pots with a convenient carry strap and spork, this is everything they need to organize and bring in their lunch.

23. Under Desk Foot Rest

under desk foot rest

coworkers who complain about tired and achy feet, this footrest is designed to my massage pressure points and relieve aches. Fully adjustable, this footrest will also help improve their posture while sitting down.

24. Mini Desk Succulents

mini office desk succulents

Brighten up their desk with these cute and awesome mini succulents. Sold in sets of four to six, these succulents are very low maintenance and are sure to make their desk more colorful. With minimal watering required, even the laziest of coworkers will be able to keep these alive.

25. Felt Letter Board

felt letter board

Make their office cubicle more entertaining with this expressive felt letter board. Complete with 680 letters, numbers and symbols this 16 x 12” board is great for displaying quotes and messages for other coworkers to read. Complete with a handy storage bag, the letter board can also be wall-mounted with its saw-tooth hanger.

26. Monitor Sticky Note Holder

sticky note holder for monitor

Do you have a coworker who is constantly plastering sticky notes all over their monitor? Help tidy up their desk and reclaim some of their monitor with this sticky note holder. Easily attachable to any monitor, these holders will give your coworker plenty of room on either side to stick their notes and be able to see their screen again.

27. Mechanical Keyboard

mechanical keyboard gift idea

Anyone who spends a lot of time typing on a keyboard can quickly become frustrated when the keys don’t trigger when they should. Common in many cheap keyboards, it can be incredibly frustrating for fast typers. Help them reach their full typing potential with this fantastic mechanical keyboard. Backlit with a red light and featuring blue mechanical switches, they instantly notice the difference.

28. Keyboard Vacuum & Blower

keyboard mini vacuum

Help them keep their desk in pristine condition with this incredible handheld portable vacuum cleaner. Great for cleaning their keyboard, monitor, laptop or desk, this miniature vacuum can easily access all those hard to reach spots. With a battery big enough to last 50 minutes and USB chargeable, they’ll have no excuse not to have a tidy desk.

29. Pop Vinyl Figurine

pop vinyl figurine

Liven up their desk with their favorite TV, video game, or cartoon character. Known as pop vinyl’s, these miniature figurines are the perfect addition to any desk. With literally thousands to choose from and new ones being released every single week, you’re sure to find one they’ll love. But be careful, once they pop, they might not be able to stop!


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