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Written by J. R. R. Tolkien and released in 1954, the Lord of the Rings has grown to become one of the most successful fantasy franchises ever. With the epic movie trilogy released in 2001, the Lord of the Rings now has millions of diehard fans worldwide who only wish they could live in middle earth.

They might not be able to go on legendary adventures to the two towers, but you can still feed their LOTR addiction with a thoughtful gift!

No matter if they love Gimli or Legolas, we’ve handpicked all the best gift ideas for fans of all ages. From Hobbit mugs and slippers to throw blankets and video games, here are the best Lord of the Rings gift ideas for everyone.

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1. The One Ring

the one ring gift

The ultimate fan gift, this incredible replica of the one ring is a prized possession any Lord of the Rings fan would be thrilled to have. If you have a brother, son, husband, cousin or daughter that is into the fantasy world of Tolkien, then this is the perfect present. Complete with a box, this ring is ready for gifting to any fan.

2. Catdalf Woven Throw Blanket

catdalf woven throw blanket

Bring a huge smile to their face with this cute Catdalf woven blanket throw. The purrfect gift for any Lord of the Rings and cat fan, this crossover will be their new favorite blanket. This cat wizard blanket is made of sustainably-sourced cotton grown in America and will fit any queen bed or sofa just fine.

3. An Unexpected Cookbook

unexpected hobbit cookbook

Add the taste of the Shire to your next dinner party with some Hobbit-inspired dishes. In this cookbook, you will find historic recipes of traditional Hobbit meals. Delve into Tolkien’s vision of the Shire with a theme for each meal. From breakfast to dinner, this book covers every preference (including Dwarves!) ranging from Paleo, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian diets.  With so many tasty treats inside they are sure to treasure this book forever.

4. Hobbit Shower Curtain

hobbit shower curtain

Transform any dull and boring bathroom into a fantasy world with this colorful Hobbit shower curtain. This high-resolution shower curtain with no dyes and no fading is a great addition to any bathroom decor. But that’s not all, this print also works as a window curtain, tablecloth or a backdrop cloth for their bedroom.

5. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Video Game

middle-earth: shadow of war video game

Let them explore the digital fantasy world of middle earth from the comfort of their own home with this awesome Shadow of War video game. Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, this gold edition features plenty of special bonuses. The perfect game for any LOTR fan, they’ll have to use strategy and cunning to conquer Sauron’s forces.

6. Gollum Plush

gollum plush toy

Believe it or not, even a creature as tormented as Gollum can be cute and cuddly. This eight-inch Gollum plush, which is officially licensed by New Line Cinema, is an excellent gift for any Gollum fan. Made of high-quality materials and with an official tag, this plush is sure to be the envy of all their nerd-amigos.

7. Gimli Collectible Figurine

gimli figurine toy

Add a unique collectible to their Lord of the Rings collection with this fantastic and highly detailed Gimli figurine. Authentic and made by WETA Workshop, this figurine stands 8 inches tall and has incredible detail that needs to be seen to be appreciated! Ideal for any Gimli fan, they are sure to be pleased with this gift.

8. Hobbit Feet Slippers

hobbit feet slippers

Transform anyone into a Hobbit with these hilarious and novelty Hobbit slippers. Featuring a non-slip rubber sole, these slippers are suitable for everyone and go up to a US size 8.5. Including the iconic hair on the feet, these slippers are sure to generate plenty of laughs and will be loved by all Tolkien fans.

9. Middle-Earth Map Canvas Print

middle earth map canvas print

Put yourself in their good books with this high definition canvas map of middle earth and the surrounding lands. This beautiful canvas wall art comes in three parts and is wooden stretched, framed, and ready to be hung thanks to the black hook in the back. Ideal for any room in the house, it’s sure to be their prized possession.

10. Sauron Eye T-Shirt

sauron eye t-shirt

For the few fans out there that wished Sauron won and ruled the world, this t-shirt is most certainly for them. Featuring a detailed drawing of Sauron’s eye (one of the two towers) and the Elvish text from the one ring, this t-shirt makes an awesome gift for any fan. Printed in the USA and officially licensed, the t-shirt is also available in eight different sizes.

11. You Shall Not Pass Doormat

you shall not pass doormat

Help them summon the spirit of Gandalf and unwanted guests out with this hilarious doormat. This 1-inch thick doormat is made to last and has thick coir fibers that will keep dirt out and suck up moisture. The extra big doormat is also well dyed and has a rubber back to stop it from moving around.

12. The Illustrated World of Tolkien Book

illustrated world of tolkien book

Give the gift of visualization to any Tolkien fan with this incredible illustrated Tolkien book. An awesome guide to middle-earth and the various creatures and monsters, this book covers a range of beats with vivid and stunning illustrations. At 288 pages long, this book is sure to impress even the most diehard fans and be one of their favorite presents.

13. Book Stoppers

book stoppers

An excellent gift for anyone who collects books, these book stoppers will be a welcomed addition to their collection. With non-skid pads on the bottom, this metal set will keep their Lord of the Rings books from falling over. Complete with an iconic quote, these book stoppers tick all the boxes as an excellent present.

14. Tolkien: Maker of Middle-Earth Book

tolkien maker of middle earth book

They might already own every Tolkien book, but there’s a good chance they won’t own this! Take them on an adventure of J. R. R. Tolkien’s life with this fascinating and illustrated book. Learn all about his talents in linguistics, illustration, and storytelling explained with photographs and private papers, which have never been printed before.

15. Witch King Figurine

witch king

Add something more than just a book to their fantasy collection with this amazingly detailed Witch King figurine. Created by Funko POP, this figurine features unrivalled detail and quality, making it truly a stunning piece. At 4 inches tall, this epic figure is sure to stand out in any model collection and make an excellent present.

16. Movie Posters Collection

lotr movie posters

Give them a blast from the past with these authentic Lord of the Rings movie posters. Used as the main promotional posters for Peter Jackson’s epic movie trilogy, this set comes with three posters from each movie. Perfect for displaying in a home cinema or bedroom, these Lord of the Rings memorabilia are sure to be loved.

17. Frodo Baggins Rubber Duck

frodo baggins rubber duck

Take their Lord of the Rings collection to a new level with this hilarious Frodo Baggins rubber duck figurine. Official and licensed merchandise, the figurine features Frodo Baggins as a rubber duck while clutching the one ring. Fully functional and adorable, this rubber duck figurine is a top present for the fan that has everything.

18. LOTR Card Game

lord of the rings card game

The perfect gift for anyone, this card game is sure to give them hours of fun. Complete with various decks of cards, this game allows up to two people to build a party of heroes and venture into the unknown. With a playing time from 30 to 90 minutes, this gift is sure to be used regularly.

19. Hobbit Mug

hobbit mug gift

A sweet gift for any partner or loved one, this Hobbit mug will let them know that you love them more than Hobbit loves second breakfast (which is a lot!). Printed on a ceramic mug that is both microwave and dishwasher safe, the mug is perfect for everyday use of drinking coffee, tea, and more.

20. Samwise Gamgee Potato Definition Print

potato hobbit quote

A funny and iconic line from the Fellowship of the Ring movie, this quote can be used to brighten up any room. 11 by 14 inches and printed on Fuji crystal archive paper, this print is made to last for years to come. Anyone who loves Samwise Gamgee is sure to love this awesome print.

21. Tolkien Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

tolkien engraved bamboo cutting board

Remind any fan of the value of good food with these wise words from Tolkien himself. This beautiful engraved wooden bamboo cutting board comes with two sides, one for display and one for kitchen use. Complete with the text from the one ring engraved onto the board, this cutting board is sure to be loved by any fan.

22. Hand Crank Music Box

hand crank music box

Give them a bit of song of and cheer with this 18-note engraved music box. Simply crank the handle to play the tune, which lasts 10 to 15 seconds. With no batteries required, this little music box is a perfect gift for any Lord of the Rings fan that can’t get the soundtrack out of their head.

23. Gandalf & Gwaihir Funko Pop

gandalf gwaihir funk pop

If only they flew to the mountains first, right? Start a debate with any fan with this figurine. Featuring Gandalf the Grey riding Gwaihir to save Samwise and Frodo, this funko pop will be an excellent addition to their existing collection. Standing six inches tall, this figure also won the 2018 Toy of the Year award.

24. 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

jigsaw puzzle

Give any fan the ultimate challenge with this awesome Lord of the Rings themed jigsaw puzzle. Featuring Frodo, Samwise, Mary and Pippin hiding from a Ring Wraith, they’re sure to enjoy putting together this 500 piece jigsaw. Made from 100% recycled materials and 18% thicker than standard jigsaw, this colorful print will look amazing once complete.

25. Tree of Gondor T-Shirt

tree of gondor t-shirt

An excellent gift for everyday wear, this Tree of Gondor shirt is perfect for any outfit. Made from 100% cotton, this unisex t-shirt is suitable for any fan of all ages. Available in eight different sizes, this officially licensed merchandise is printed in the USA and is fully machine washable.

26. LOTR Risk Board Game

lotr risk board game

Step into the world of the Lord of the Rings with this special edition of the popular board game Risk! Battle with specially sculpted characters to reclaim middle earth! Suitable for both adults and children of 10 years and older, this edition is an excellent twist on the classic board game.

27. Witch King & Fellbeast Funko Pop

witch king fellbeast funko

It’s no secret that the Witch King is one of the coolest baddies in the movie series. Surprise any dragon lover with this awesome eight-inch Witch King funko pop figurine. Featuring the king himself and his trusty Fellbeast dragon, this model will fit right into anyone’s Lord of the Rings collection.

28. Make Mordor Great Again T-Shirt

make mordor great again t-shirt

For those fans who always wanted Sauron to win and reclaim middle earth, there is still hope! Get his election campaign going again with this hilarious make Mordor great again t-shirt. Featuring a parody line from a certain presidents election campaign, this t-shirt is perfect for anyone who wanted to see Sauron win.

29. The Lord of the Rings (1978 film)


Before Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring and other movies, there was the original animated Lord of the Rings movie. Made in the 70s, this movie was way ahead of its time and was the first movie to cover Tolkien’s epic fantasy world. Ideal for any fan who loves the movies, this animated version is sure to be an interesting watch!

30. LOTR Illustrations Book

lotr illustrations book

If they couldn’t get enough of Peter Jackson’s films, then they’ll definitely love this illustrated book by Alan Lee, the Oscar-winning concept designer. Containing more than 150 of Lee’s award-winning illustrations, he goes through the entire process of turning his imagination into concept art and final designs for the movies.

31. Legolas Funko Pop Figure

legolas funko pop figure

They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard! Surprise any Legolas fan with this awesome collectible funko pop figurine. Featuring Legolas with his trusty bow and blonde silk like hair, this little guy stands just under four inches tall. The 2017 toy of the year and people’s choice award winner, this figurine is the perfect gift for any big Legolas fan.

32. Frodo the One Ring T-Shirt

the one ring t-shirt

Make anyone’s dream come true with this classic t-shirt. Featuring Frodo Baggins holding the One ring, the t-shirt also contains the iconic one ring to rule them all text underneath. Ideal for any Lord of the Rings superfan, this t-shirt is officially licensed and made from 100% cotton. Available in four sizes, it’s suitable for fans of any age.

33. Lord of The Cats Pillow Cover

lord of the cats

What present should you get someone obsessed with LOTR and cats? Look no further than this Lord of the Cats pillow cover case! A cute parody on the franchise, this pillowcase features cute drawings of the famous characters as cats. Super adorable and made from durable cotton, any cat and hobbit lover is sure to love this.

34. Nazgûl Ringwraiths Hoodie

nazgul ringwraiths hoodie

If they already have various Lord of the Rings t-shirts then don’t worry, get them a Nazgûl hoodie instead! This cool hoodie featuring the nine Ringwraiths is sure to be worn regularly by any superfan. Available in six different sizes, this pullover hoodie is officially licensed and will look great with any outfit.

35. Frodo Keychain Figure

frodo keychain figure

A great present for any Frodo Baggins lover, this little keychain figure stands 1.5 inches tall and looks great on any set of keys. Complete with Sting, his color-changing sword, they’ll be able to take Frodo wherever they go! Officially licensed merchandise, this funko pop keychain is a nice little present for any occasion.


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