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Reaching retirement is what everyone dreams of in their life, and for some people, it’s a lot closer than they realize!

If you know someone that is retiring soon, then you’ve come to the right place. Picking a good retirement gift can be a tricky task, but luckily we’re here to help. Having scoured the web and talked to many full-time retirees, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best retirement gifts.

No matter who you’re shopping for, we’ve got everyone from teachers to military personal covered. From retirement gifts that will keep them active and busy, to gifts that will help them unwind and relax, here are our retirement gift ideas for everyone.

Best Retirement Gift Ideas

1. Retirement Wish Jar

retirement wish jar

What better way to wish someone a happy retirement than with a jar of special notes and wishes from their coworkers and friends? An excellent retirement gift from everyone in the office, this retirement wish jar comes with 100 individual tickets for everyone to leave their own personal message. Great for giving anyone a send-off, these notes are sure to be cherished forever.

2. Retirement Survival Hat

retirement survival hat

Ensure they’re fully prepared for their retirement with this hilarious survival hat gift! A funny gag gift for any retirement party, this hat features all the essentials they’ll need during retirement such as a beer opener and fishing bait. The perfect gift to make anybody laugh, they’re sure to see the funny side with this hat.

3. Funny Beer Glass

not working beer glass

Remind them that they don’t have to go to work tomorrow, or ever again, with this funny 15-ounce beer glass. A great gift idea for any relative you know who’s retiring soon, this beer glass is perfect for serving those cold IPAs or craft beer. Made in the USA, this glass is sure to be used regularly during their retirement.

4. Retirement Day Clock

retirement day clock

Help them keep track of what day it is during their retirement with this funny retirement day clock. The perfect gift for retirees who measure life in days and not hours, this clock lets them know exactly what day it is and how far they are through it. Battery-powered, and no assembly required, this functional clock will look great on anybody’s wall.

5. Amazonite Bracelet

amazonite bracelet gift

A great gift idea for any coworker who’s retiring soon, this Amazonite bracelet is sure to let them know that they’ll be missed. Amazonite is worn to promote courage, hope, and success for the wearer and everyone around them. Complete with a sweet goodbye message inside, this is definitely a bracelet they’ll hold on to.

6. The Queen Has Retired Tumbler

queen has retired tumbler

Perfect for any diva or queen who’s retiring, this engraved tumbler is sure to get plenty of use during their upcoming retirement. Made from stainless steel, this vacuum insulated tumbler can hold up to 22 ounces, making it a great travel accessory for taking on their relaxing holidays.

7. Out Of Business Cards

out of business retirement cards

Update their current business cards with these hilarious novelty out of business cards. Perfect for anyone who’ll be trading in their old business cards, this stainless steel case comes with 15 high quality out of business cards. A great gag gift they’re sure to have lots of fun with, these business cards will make anybody smile.

8. Jewelry Music Box

jewelry music box

Give them something special to mark their retirement with this cute and well-crafted jewelry music box. Made from wood with an amber earth finish and gemstone display on the front, they can also place their own photo in the front. Once opened, the box plays a melodic tune of “wonderful world” and features a black velvet lined interior to keep their jewelry safe.

9. Retirement Compass Necklace

retirement compass necklace

Wish them luck on their new adventure with this awesome retirement necklace. Featuring a 10mm compass pendant engraved with directions, this sterling silver necklace is an excellent gift to celebrate their retirement. Presented in a beautiful presentation box with a sweet retirement message, this necklace is sure to go with them everywhere on their new adventure.

10. I’m Retired Shirt

i'm retired shirt

Help them rub their retirement in everyone’s face with this hilarious every day is Saturday t-shirt. An excellent gift for anyone who’s not afraid to show off, this shirt is sure to get plenty of smiles. Available in five different colors and five different sizes, this t-shirt will let everyone know they’re retired and living the high life.

11. Retirement Schedule Mug

weekly schedule mug

Give them a glimpse of what their future weekly plans will look like when they retire with this humorous retirement schedule mug. Including a list of every day of the week, the mug also shows that they’ll be doing whatever the hell they want to do! Printed in the USA on both sides, this mug is a great gift to start their retirement.

12. Happy Retirement Guest Book

happy retirement guest book

Give them something to remind them of all their coworkers and colleagues at work with this 70-page retirement guest book. Each page features lined paper to allow everyone to write their personal goodbye and happy retirement messages in it. Also suitable for retirement parties, these messages are sure to be treasured by them forever.

13. Personalized Retirement Plaque

personalized goodbye plaque

What better way to wish somebody a happy retirement than their very own personalized retirement plaque. The perfect gift from any business or company, this personalized plaque is laser engraved on cherry wood with a black metal plate. At eight inches by ten inches, this plaque is sure to look great on any wall in their house.

14. Officially Retired Tiara & Sash

retired tiara and sash

Get their retirement party started with this must-have officially retired crystal tiara crown and black sash. Ideal for anyone’s retirement party, the shiny silver tiara is sure to let everyone know who the special person is. Made from crystal rhinestones, the tiara can also be used as a cake topper.

15. Monty Python Movie Collection Blu-ray

monty python movie collection

For any lover of the TV series Monty Python, they are bound to love this complete Blu-ray movie collection! Featuring three of their most famous movies (the Holy Grail, the Life of Brian, and the Meaning Of Life), this Blu-ray has them all in glorious HD. What a perfect way for anyone to start their retirement than watching these classic comedy movies.

16. Retirement Party Supplies

party supplies and decorations

Turn any room into a party room with these must-have retirement party decorations and supplies. Including everything you need to throw them an unforgettable retirement party, this set comes with paper fans, a happy retirement banner, balloons and a decorative garland. All ready to pin up and use, these supplies will make party planning much easier.

17. Golf Multi-tool

golf multi-tool

Retirement finally means they can do one thing… play as much golf as they want! Give them something they’ll use regularly throughout their retirement with this handy golf multi-tool. Featuring seven different tools in one, this tool comes with a screwdriver, bottle opener, groove cleaner, cleat lightener, stroke counter, brush and ball marker.

18. Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker

They might be planning on doing a lot relaxing during their retirement but make sure they don’t do too much! Keep them fit and active with this multi-functional fitness tracker. Ideal for keeping track of anyone’s fitness, this tracker monitors their steps, heart rate, distance travelled, sleep pattern and more!

19. Outdoor Hammock

outdoor hammock gift idea

Help them kick back and enjoy their retirement with this fantastic outdoor heavy-duty hammock. Easy to set up anywhere, this hammock is constructed out of tightly woven cotton and can hold up to 450 pounds of weight. Complete with a portable bag and two carabiners, this hammock can be set up just about anywhere.

20. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

bonsai tree starter kit

Ensure they put their free time to good use with this 18-piece bonsai tree starter kit. Including everything they need to grow their own bonsai tree, this set comes with four different seeds for four different bonsai trees. Also complete with four pots, and four soil disks, the kit also comes with a step-by-step instructions manual.

21. Golfing Essentials Kit

golfing essentials kit

Help them improve their golf game by giving them this essential 21-piece golf kit for anyone looking to take their game seriously. Including various golf essentials such as a cleaning brush, divot repair tool, golf ball markers, microfiber towel and carry case, they’ll be ready for anything the golf course can throw at them.

22. Scented Candles Gift Set

scented candles gift set

Start their retirement in the most relaxing way possible with this fabulous collection of scented candles. Containing four different candles each with a different fragrance, such as French vanilla, Rosemary, Lavender and Freesia, this set will help anybody relax. Beautifully decorated with unique patterns and colors, each candle is also made from soy wax, which provides a cleaner and longer burn.

23. Luxury Lindt Chocolates

luxury lindt chocolates

Nothing’s better than celebrating a special occasion than with a big box of luxury chocolates. Made by the Swiss chocolate experts who have been making them for over 150 years, these chocolates aren’t your usual ones. Available in two sizes of 21 and 40 pieces, each set includes crème brûlées, chocolate brownies, tiramisu, and caramel eclairs, to name a few.

24. Craft A Brew Beer Kit

beer making kit gift

Help them make the most out of their free time by brewing their own beer! This beer kit comes with everything they’ll need to create their own delicious brews that they can enjoy during their retirement. With several different kits to choose from including pale ale, cider, brown ale and Irish stout, this is the perfect retirement gift for anyone with lots of time on their hands.

25. Bath Bombs Gift Set

bath bomb gift set

Take their bath time to the next level with these must-have bath bombs. Featuring 12 different ones per set, these bath bombs each have a unique color and fragrance that is sure to help anyone relax. Made in California with premium fresh ingredients, these have been perfectly formulated to be therapeutic and moisturizing.

26. Wine Decanter Glass

wine decanter glass

Ensure they’re getting the most out of their wine while in retirement with this impressive wine decanter glass. Featuring a built-in aerator pourer, this lead-free crystal clear decanter comes with a double layer filter to help filter any impurities and aerate the wine. If you know someone who’s going to be drinking a lot of wine during their retirement, then this is the gift for them.

27. Bucket List Scratch Poster

bucket list scratch poster

Keep them active and entertained during their retirement with this awesome 100 things to do bucket list poster. Featuring 100 different activities for them to try during their retirement, each one has a silver coat that can be scraped off with a coin once complete. Including activities such as learn a magic trick to grow your own vegetables, this is sure to keep anyone busy.

28. Certificate of Retirement

certificate of retirement card

Confirm their retirement with this funny official certificate of retirement. Perfect for collecting everyone’s messages and wishes from the office or party, this 14 by 11-inch card also has room for a 5 by 7-inch photo in the middle. This is sure to be a good keepsake that they’ll hold on to forever.

29. Herb Growing Kit

herb growing kit gift

Help them start a new hobby and grow their own herbs with this all in one herb growing kit. Including everything they need to grow their own basil, cilantro, chives and parsley, anyone can grow these herbs if they follow the step-by-step instructions included. A great retirement gift to keep anyone busy, they’ll also be able to use their own produce in meals!

30. Bouquet of Flowers

bouquet of flowers

Wish them a happy retirement with these traditional and colorful fresh-cut flowers. Shipped in their bud stage, these flowers will open in two to three days once received, giving them maximum display life. Available with a vase or without, they’re sure to appreciate this colorful retirement gift.


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