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The second largest state in the USA, you’re bound to know a Texas lover, or five!

Surprise your Texan friend on any special occasion by gifting them a piece of their favorite state with these awesome Texas gifts.

From flags and wall art to apparel and recipe books, discover the best Texas gifts for your family and friends below.

Best Texas Gifts 2022

1. Texas Longhorn Canvas Wall Art

Give a loved one this Texas Longhorn Canvas Wall Art so that they can decorate their home. The set comes with three canvas pieces that show a stunning image of a Texas Longhorn printed at high resolution on high-quality glossy canvas. Ideal for anyone who’s moved away and is missing their favorite state, this wall art is sure to remind them of home.

2. Texas Waffle Maker

There’s nothing like a morning in Texas than Texas shaped waffles and coffee! Get a friend or family member this Texas waffle maker that can create soft, mouth-watering Texas shaped waffles in a matter of minutes. The waffle maker is made of durable stainless steel and has large, non-stick grids and electric grill plates, making it easy for anyone to operate.

3. Texas Beer Cap Map

Do you know someone who’s known for drinking a lot of beer? Have them enjoy the brews of Texas and show off their bottle caps with this Texas Beer Cap Map. Shaped like the state of Texas, there are 38 holes to fit 38 bottle caps of any beer, soda, or bottled drink. The wood is made of premium quality birch plywood for maximum durability and appeal when displayed on any wall.

4. Texas BBQ Grill Set

Weekends in Texas are best celebrated with a backyard barbeque. Get any Texas fan this essential Texas BBQ Grill Set, containing three pieces of grilling tools made of heavy-duty stainless steel and laser-cut for a sleek design. The tools are equipped with hard maple handles with durable brass rivets. The perfect grilling gift for any BBQ lover, they’re sure to come in handy!

5. Texas Flag Boots Salt & Pepper Holder

Help a loved one showcase their Texas pride in the kitchen with this Texas Flag Boots Salt & Pepper Holder. Made of high-quality polyresin and hand-painted to create a Texas boots figure, this holder can hold two salt and pepper containers in its opening. The holder measures 4.5 inches tall, and is sure to look great in anyone’s kitchen.

6. Homesick Scented Texas Candle

Do you know someone who misses their hometown, Texas? Help them relieve homesickness with this Homesick Scented Texas Candle that smells of the Lone Star State’s leather, pine, and citrus. The all natural soy wax blend is 13.75 oz. with a burn time of 60 to 80 hours so that they can enjoy the smell of home for a long time.

7. Texas Flag Throw Blanket

Give a loved one the cozy feeling of their Texas hometown with this Texas Flag Throw Blanket. It is made of high-quality microfiber polyester for extreme warmness, softness, and comfort. It measures 50 by 60 inches and is lightweight, making it perfect to compliment a sofa or bed. Featuring the iconic Lone Star Texas flag, any Texan or lover of Texas is sure to appreciate this gift.

8. University Of Texas T-Shirt

Let a loved one boast of his or her hometown with this University of Texas T-Shirt. The shirt is made of a comfortable blend of materials, including polyester, cotton, and rayon. It has a body-hugging fit and delivers both softness and comfort. The shirt’s design is officially licensed by the NCAA Texas Longhorns making it the perfect Texas gift for your friends or family.

9. Texas Pecan Ground Coffee

Help a loved one get a taste of their hometown in the morning with this Texas Pecan Ground Coffee. Made of Arabica beans with a roasted southern pecan flavor, the beans are roasted daily in a Texas factory for guaranteed freshness and quality taste. Each bag contains two pounds of roasted coffee, meaning they’ll have enough to last them plenty of mornings.

10. Texas Wine Tumbler

A Texan in your life would love to flaunt their hometown pride with this Texas Wine Tumbler. Portable and durable, they can store up to 12 ounces of wine or their other favorite beverage. The tumbler is eco-friendly, made of shatterproof steel, and has a laser finish. It also comes with spill-resistant lids to keep the liquid secure at all times.

11. State Of Texas Flag

Help your Texan loved one display their hometown pride wherever they are with this State of Texas Flag. The flag measures 3 by 5 inches and is embroidered with intricate designs representing the Lone Star State flag. It’s sewn using Oxford nylon and is lock-stitched for durability and long lasting quality. The colors are vibrant and bright, truly reminiscent of Texan culture and pride.

12. The Definitive Guide To Being A Texan Book

Texas is a very unique State with a distinct culture and traditions. If you know someone who plans to visit Texas or stay there for good, get them this The Definitive Guide To Being A Texan Book. The book contains tips, advice, and information about the culture, language, customs, and more in Texas, teaching readers to fit in well in the Lone Star State.

13. United Tastes Of Texas Recipes Book

Texas is a state of great and authentic flavor. If you know someone who loves to cook and wants to try out Texan cuisine, get them this United Tastes of Texas Recipe Book. It contains recipes that depict the culinary flavors of Texas’ five regions and is full of mouth-watering food ideas. It also includes facts, history, and other notes about cooking Texas dishes.

14. Texas Cocktail Ice Tray

Make drinking nights more Texas themed with this Texas Cocktail Ice Tray. The bottom of the silicone tray has the map of Texas intricately detailed to give ice cubes a unique shape. Each tray can make six large ice cubes measuring 2 inches cubed. The food-safe, flexible silicone construction also makes it easy to remove the ice cubes.

15. Texas State Pendant Necklace

Allow a loved one to wear their love for their hometown around their neck. This Texas State Pendant Necklace is made of crafted sterling silver and features a small silver map of Texas as a pendant. The clasp is a spring-ring form for easy wearing and removing. The matching silver necklace measures 16 inches long, perfect for any Texan woman.

16. Texas Wine Glass

Help a loved one show off their pride for their hometown with this Texas Wine Glass, which features a hand-painted design reminiscent of the Lone Star State. The glass features the map of Texas, its flag on the base of the cup, a rope encircling the slim handle, and paintings of renowned tourist attractions. The glass can hold up to 15 ounces of any beverage but is ideal for wine!

17. Texas Flag Beer Bottle Opener

Allow a loved one to open beer bottles southern style with this Texas Flag Beer Bottle Opener. The bottle opener is connected to a wooden plank, which can be mounted on a wall as a functional decorative piece. The wood plank features the map of Texas and measures 10 by 5 inches. The perfect addition to any kitchen or outdoor space, it’s a gift any Texas fan would love.

18. Lone Star State Socks

What better way to show off their Texas pride than with a pair of statement socks. Get a loved one these Lone Star State Socks that feature the map of Texas and the state color of red. The socks are made of a comfortable and soft blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex. Lightweight and durable, they can fit men’s shoe sizes 6 to 12.

19. Texas Longhorn Ceramic Cup

Make morning coffees more enjoyable for your Texas loving friend with this Longhorn Ceramic Cup. As they sip their coffee, the iconic Texas Longhorn slowly reveals itself from the bottom of the mug to their amusement. The cup can fit 11 ounces of any beverage and is both dishwasher and microwavable safe.

20. John Deere Build Texas Cap

This officially licensed John Deere Build Texas Cap is an excellent gift for your Texan loved one. On the front, it features the text Build Texas and a map of the Lone Star State. The cap has a mesh back, which helps keep the wearer stay cool despite hot Texas summers.

21. Texas Apron

Give your loved one this Texas apron so that they can cook their favorite Texas cuisines with pride. The apron is made of polyester and cotton to give it both softness and durability. It is decorated with the vibrant colors of the Texas flag for that recognizable look. The apron also has two pockets on the front to assist in holding and storing kitchen utensils.

22. Texas Declaration Of Independence

Add a touch of history to any Texan household with this historically accurate Texas Declaration of Independence Document. The text is printed on genuine antique parchment to give it that vintage look. The print makes for a perfect gift for Texas locals or historians and collectors. It measures 14 by 16 inches and can fit any frame of the same size.

23. Texas Shape Cookie Cutters

For anyone who loves collecting Texas items, they’ll love Texas Shape Cookie Cutters. Coming in a set of seven each tin-plated steel cookie cutter features the most iconic shapes of the Lone Star State. Including a Texas State Map, a Cowboy Boot, a Longhorn cow, and the Lone Star itself. This is sure to give a sense of Texas pride to baking sessions and create some delicious cookies!

24. A Slice Of Texas Cutting Board

Get this cutting board for any friend or family member who likes spending time in the kitchen. The cutting board is made of high-quality Moso Bamboo and is decorated with laser-engraved artwork that features the Texas map, along with the iconic Lone Star. The cutting board measures 11 by 9 inches, the perfect size for cutting any food and meal prep.

More Texas Gift Ideas

25. The Great Book Of Texas

Texas is certainly a very interesting state with lots of history and culture. If you know someone who is fond of Texan culture, history, and tradition, get them The Great Book of Texas as a gift. The book has all the facts, trivia, and information about the Lone Star State, most of which are not taught in classrooms. This is the perfect gift for historian buffs who show a unique interest in Texas.

26. Texas Tech University Tumbler

If you know someone who’s a Texas Tech University alumni, then this is the ideal gift for them. This Texas Tech University Tumbler has the iconic symbol of the school paraded on its center. It’s made of copolyester plastic and melamine free construction that can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer periods of time.

27. Texas Flag Canvas Wall Art

A Texas local in your life would surely love this artwork to display in their homes. The Texas Flag Canvas Wall art features the Lone Star State’s beautiful flag, imposed inside the Texas map. The artwork is printed on an actual page from the Texas entry in the 1904 Encyclopedia Americana for an authentic and detailed historical display.

28. Texas State Coaster Set

Anyone can show off their Texan pride with this Texas State Coaster Set, which includes four coasters, each decorated with a minimalist print of the Texas state map. Measuring 3.5 inches in diameter, they are also made of thick environmentally-friendly cork to ensure that any surface is protected and any spills are soaked up.

29. Texas Longhorn Stud Earrings

Give a loved one the opportunity to showcase their Texan pride in a minimalist way with these Texas Longhorn Stud Earrings. The earrings showcase the most iconic symbol of the Lone Star State, a brown figure of a Longhorn. Made of hypoallergenic materials, this can be worn by anyone and will suit any outfit or occasion.

30. Texas State Socks

A proud Texas local would love to get a hold of these Texas State Socks in red and blue with the Texas map and flag patterns. The socks are made of comfortable fabric to provide comfort and softness to the user even after wearing them all day. They’re also machine-washable for easy cleaning and come in men’s sizes 10 to 13.

31. Texas Wine Bottle Stopper

This Texas Wine Bottle Stopper can surely bring new life to your friend’s wine nights. Made of chrome metal and rubber, the wine stopper can fit standard bottles of wine and liquor. It measures 1.5 by 4 inches. On the top is a depiction of the Texas Lone Star flag in vibrant and aesthetic quality.


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