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The Legend of Zelda is one of the biggest video game franchises in the world. With millions of fans worldwide, you’re bound to know a few in your life.

Help a Legend of Zelda fan celebrate any special occasion by gifting them some of the best Zelda merchandise. Our team has handpicked the best Zelda gift ideas so you can surprise any loved one with an awesome present.

From Hylian swords to Link figures and more, we’ve got you covered. Discover the best Zelda gifts for fans below.

Best Zelda Gift Ideas 2022

1. The Legend Of Zelda Monopoly

What better Zelda gift for any superfan than this awesome Monopoly board game. An excellent gift idea for board game lovers, the game allows players to sell, trade, and buy memorable locations from the land of Hyrule. The board game also offers collectible tokens, including iconic items such as the Triforce, Slingshot, Hookshot, Boomerang, Bow, and Hylian Shield.

2. Master Sword Light

Help light their way no matter how dark with this awesome Master Sword light. It lights up a room impeccably, replicating the iconic symbol of the hugely popular game. The sword glows via two options of batteries or a USB cable. Any Legend Of Zelda fan would love to have this shining over them at their bedside or desk.

3. Legend Of Zelda Collector’s Box

Surprise any Legend of Zelda fan with this all-in-one collector’s box. The package comes with six exclusive items, including a Map Blanket, Link Pin, Gold Hylian Shield Vinyl, and more. These collectibles are fantastic accessories for daily use. All the items are designed with high-quality materials and are sure to make a welcome addition to their current collection.

4. Zelda Encyclopedia Set

A perfect present for a friend who craves more Zelda trivia. The Zelda Encyclopedia Set explores the game and how it became one of the world’s favorites franchises. Inside the set is a black polypropylene sleeve lined with velvet flocking and a scale instruction booklet with fun, and theme-appropriate materials. It has over 328 pages of educational info and facts any Zelda fan is sure to love.

5. Link Archer Figure

Complete a friend’s Zelda collection with this Link Archer Figure. Built in a striking display resembling the character, this in-action figure is an impressive craft perfect for keeps or as a playtime buddy for kids. The materials are high quality which means it’s sure to last a lifetime. It also comes in authentic Japanese packaging, which any collector will love.

6. Legend Of Zelda Art & Artifacts Book

Treat your loved one to the Legend of Zelda Art & Artifacts Book. One of the best Zelda gifts, it contains 400 pages filled with illustrations from the entire thirty-year history of The Legend of Zelda. The graphics are all printed on high-quality paper in an oversized format to immerse readers in the overall fine details of the book.

7. It’s Dangerous To Go Alone Doormat

Add a twist to a loved one’s doorstep with this unique doormat featuring a familiar saying from Zelda. The doormat displays a fan’s love for the famous video game while also greeting visitors creatively. The mat is made of biodegradable coco fiber, making it easy to clean by spraying it with a garden hose, vacuuming, sweeping, or shaking.

8. Legend Of Zelda Creating A Champion Book

No bookshelf is too full for the Legend of Zelda Creating a Champion Book. This book is an ultimate hardcover offering that features 50 pages of sketches and official illustrations from Takumi Wada. The book even includes a 55 page historical section that divulges the in-depth history of the Hyrule of Breath of the Wild, and other exciting highlights.

9. Hyrule Map Throw Blanket

What better way to play Zelda than with this comfy Hyrule map throw blanket. The blanket is made of polyester material and is formulated with the aim of providing a plush and soft feeling to the user. It displays a magnificent map design featuring the iconic place of Hyrule. The details in the map are creatively written in the Hylian language script.

10. Link Décor Night Light

This Link Decor Night Light is a piece of artwork perfect for any Zelda loving friend. With its LED power, this night light will glow in their bedroom and reveal the iconic title hero, Link. The stained glass design is specifically inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The decor night light is convenient to use and can be powered through either batteries or USB.

11. Hyrule Jigsaw Puzzle Map

A true Zelda fan would love to get stuck into this jigsaw puzzle. The Hyrule Jigsaw Puzzle Map allows players to enjoy a mission, which involves forming a beautifully detailed map of Hyrule. It is packed with 550 pieces, making it a fun and challenging activity for everyone who loves the Zelda video game.

12. Hylian Shield Ceramic Coffee Mug

Let this mighty Hylian Shield Ceramic Coffee Mug make a Zelda fan’s birthday extra special. This mug has a sleek design of the iconic shield and an electro-plated lustrous gold Hyrule logo at the front of its matte black surface. The Hylian Shield ceramic mug is built of high-quality material and is sure to be a fine addition to their mug collection.

13. Legend Of Zelda Zip Purse

Make your lady stand out and show their love for Zelda with this Legend of Zelda Zip Purse. Designed with a zipper closure style, this purse is a creative piece to hold all her valuables. It measures 7.75 by 4 inches and is ideal for women who like to carry a purse wherever they go.

14. Zelda Shield Crest Throw Blanket

Give anyone the perfect present to snuggle up with this all in one blanket. The Zelda Shield Crest Throw Blanket is made of coral fleece polyester fabric. This legendary blanket measures 50 by 60 inches and replicates Zelda’s Crest and Shield from the video game. Soft and undoubtedly stylish, this blanket is the best gift no Zelda fan can ever resist.

15. Zelda Pajama Bottoms

What better attire to wear when playing Zelda than these awesome pajama bottoms. The Zelda Pajama Bottoms are designed with a drawstring closure, displaying The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild logo. Any fan will fit in these PJs, as it comes with an adjustable waistband which makes them easy to wear. The bottoms are made of cotton and polyester for a comfy feel.

16. Zelda Umbrella

Shield a loved one from a rainy or sunny day with this essential Zelda Umbrella. It’s indeed a powerful umbrella as it also doubles as a flashlight with its LED light intact on the handle. The Zelda umbrella is crafted from durable and lightweight nylon material. Not only is this umbrella fashionable and stylish, but it’s also a very useful Zelda collectible.

17. Breath Of The Wild Zelda T-Shirt

There’s no other way to flaunt your friend’s knack for the Zelda video game other than with this Breath of The Wild shirt. Formulated from pure cotton, the tee is both comfortable and soft to wear. The shirt is available in various adult sizes, from small to double XL. Displaying a design that features Link himself, this tee is sure to be an excellent conversation starter.

18. Legend of Zelda Bifold Wallet

Who needs a boring wallet anyway? This Legend of Zelda Bifold Wallet is an ideal gift for any Zelda loving friend. The wallet displays the Hylian Crest that helps complete the whole look of a rusty and warrior item. This wallet is made with authenticity and beauty in mind, and its colors of brown and musty green match the style of the game.

19. Zelda Socks Pack

Transform someone’s sock collection with this Zelda Socks Pack. Each pair in the set features symbols and characters that will remind them of their favorite video game franchise. The socks are made of cotton with a relative portion of a spandex formulation. This means that each pair promises comfort and softness whilst fitting almost all shoe sizes.

20. Master Sword Toy

A big smile is coming your way as you gift this Master Sword Toy to your favorite kiddo. Perfect for costume events, the Master Sword toy completes any warrior’s look. The sword measures 26 inches long, and is recommended for users ages 6 months to 12 years (but we won’t judge!). The Master Sword toy exactly replicates the one in the game, and the vibrant colors help in highlighting the remarkable details.

21. Link Plush Toy

The presence of Link is made adorable and friendly with this soft plush toy. A friend would love to have this cute and collectible toy to add to their Zelda memorabilia. It measures 11 inches tall and is a great present to remind a fanatic of their favorite Zelda character.

22. Zelda Logo T-Shirt

For any Zelda fan looking to add something subtle and stylish to their collection, this is what they need. This tee displays the famous Zelda sword logo in a simple yet captivating design. The Zelda Logo Shirt is formulated from pure polyester and soft cotton and is available in dark heather, navy, and black colors. The shirt is cut with a double-needle sleeve and has a classic fit, bottom hem, and lightweight style.

23. NES Classic Gold Cartridge Lunch Box

Boost a Zelda fan’s mood for lunchtime with this NES Classic Gold Cartridge Lunch Box. This Zelda lunch tote keeps their drinks and sandwiches fresh and ready to eat wherever they go. It is designed to keep food at a certain temperature and preserve the goods inside. The NES Classic Lunch Box also features a dual zipper pull closures and a top handle.

24. Ocarina Instrument

Bring the iconic melodies of Zelda to life with this fully functional Ocarina. This instrument comes with a Zelda songbook, a display stand, neck-strap cord, and a protective bag. The instrument is beautifully crafted with accurate craftsmanship and includes an iconic triforce symbol. One fine material used is kiln-fired ceramic, which is known to have a durable glaze and shiny finish.

25. Legend Of Zelda Title Screen T-Shirt

Looking for the perfect t-shirt for a friend who loves Zelda? The Legend of Zelda Title Screen Shirt will bring them the utmost nostalgia and happy memories. The shirt displays a vintage design featuring the old screen from the Zelda video game. The Legend of Zelda Title Screen shirt is available in lemon, olive, white, slate, and asphalt colors.

26. Uno Card Game Zelda Edition

Awaken their love for uno cards by getting them this Zelda themed pack. The cards bring the adventures of Hyrule to life as the players venture through the game. The deck features a classic uno gameplay but has additional highlights replicating special elements from the Legend of Zelda. This card set contains 112 cards in total, which they’re sure to enjoy playing with.

27. Zelda Pillow Covers

Help someone achieve the ultimate living room makeover with these Zelda Pillow Covers. The Zelda pillows feature the iconic characters of the video game in their best action pose. These are made of pure polyester, assuring that each pillow is a skin-friendly, soft, and comfortable piece of art. The Zelda Pillow Covers are available in three assorted designs that are sure to suit any gamer’s room.

28. Zelda Pattern Backpack

Make someone’s day as you give them a taste of adventure with this Zelda Pattern backpack. This mini bag is made of durable materials that will guarantee a long-life service for the coming years. It also comes with webbed and adjustable straps to fit anybody. This Zelda bag displays a cute pattern design and features scenes from the video game any true fan is sure to love.

29. Zelda Master Sword Tea Infuser

Let a friend enjoy a cup of victory tea with this Zelda Master Sword tea infuser. This infuser has a design taken from Link’s great blade, also known as the Master Sword. Simple and convenient to use, one just needs to load up the sword with their preferred tea and sink the sword into their cup.

30. Song Of Storms Music Box

No one can resist this amazing Song of Storms music box. It has the melody of The Legend of Zelda theme song. To play the music, all they need to do is keep slowly rotating the handle. This music box is structured with wood and musical pieces to bring out the beautiful melody.

31. Hyrule AirPods Case

There’s no better way to keep their AirPods in one place than with this Hyrule case. The case features the custom design of Hyrule and its iconic symbol on the front. The Hyrule case is attachable to a belt loop, lanyard, or backpack with its spring-loaded carabiner. The case is crafted using durable and flexible PVC rubber.


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