The licensed drug dealers we all love, pharmacists are always happy to help when times are tough. But how can you return the favor and make them feel appreciated? With so many different gift ideas out there, what do pharmacists actually want?

If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite pharmacist, then look no further. We’ve talked to tens of pharmacists to get their feedback on what gifts they’d like to receive. No matter your budget or the occasion, we’ve rounded up plenty of gifts they’re sure to love. From necklaces and bracelets to books and more, here are the best pharmacist gift ideas.

Unique Gifts For Pharmacists

1. Pharmacy Technician Keychain

pharmacy technician keychain

Let everyone know they’re a proud pharmacy technician with this awesome pharmacy tech keychain. Made from stainless steel, this bracelet comes with three different charms, including a medic, Rx, and pharmacy tech badge. An excellent gift for any pharmacy student or technician, this keychain is sure to be seen every day.

2. Prescription Coffee Mug

prescription coffee mug

Ensure they prescribe themselves an adequate amount of coffee every day with this hilarious prescription coffee mug! Shaped like a pack of prescription pills, the exterior also features a funny label that pharmacists will love. Suitable for any occasion, this gift is sure to be used regularly for their daily coffee fix.

3. Pharmacist Coloring Book

pharmacist coloring book

Know a pharmacist that’s always stressed out and works long hours? Help them relax without the use of drugs with this relaxing pharmacist coloring book. Featuring various pharmacy related drawings ready to be colored in, this book is suitable for using any coloring mediums. With hundreds of drawings printed on single pages, this gift will help any pharmacist relax.

4. Rx Necklace

rx necklace

Help them show off their love and passion for pharmacy with this beautiful Rx necklace. Including an Rx and stethoscope charm, this necklace is made from stainless steel and is ideal for everyday wear. Complete with a velvet pouch, this necklace is all ready for gifting to your favorite pharmacist.

5. Pharmacist Patent Prints

pharmacist patent prints

Give them something to decorate their walls with these very unique pharmacist patent prints. Featuring original patents from as far back as 1876, these patents diagrams show many tools and equipment that pharmacists use today. Perfect for the pharmacist/history geek, these wall art prints are sure to look good in any home.

6. Happy Pills Socks

happy pills socks gift idea

Ensure they’re dressed appropriately for work with these funny happy pills socks. Soft and stretchy with a reinforced heel, these socks first most shoe sizes between 8 and 13. Featuring a happy fills falling out of a prescription pills tube, these pharmacy themed socks are a great gift idea for any pharmacist.

7. Pill Girl Badge Holder

pill girl badge holder

Upgrade their badge holder with this super cute pill girl badge reel. Incredibly noticeable and cute, this badge holder is perfect for holding any medical badges while at work. Featuring a super-strong clip to keep their badge safe, this smiling pill can be clipped onto anything to hold their badge and ensure it’s always on display.

8. Capsule Shaped Pens

capsule shaped pens gift

Pharmacists always need pens when writing prescriptions and signing signatures. Ensure they never run out of pens with this huge pack of 24 pill-shaped retractable pens. Featuring six different colors and faces, these pens are ideal for anyone who works in a pharmacy. Not only will it brighten up their day, but also their customers!

9. Medicine Pills Tie

medicine pills tie

Help them dress to impress with this pharmacist themed pills tie. Featuring a unique pharmacist pills print, this standard tie is 57 inches long and made entirely from microfiber. Super lightweight and colorful, this tie is an excellent gift idea for any pharmacist and is sure to be worn regularly.

10. The Pharmacy Technician Book

pharmacy technician book

Perfect for anyone studying to become a pharmacy technician, this book is essential for any student wanting to pass their Pharmacy Technical Certification Exam (PTCE). Incredibly practical, this book includes the principles, career concepts, and pharmacy skills needed to be a successful pharmacy technician. Full of diagrams and real-world scenarios, this book is a treasure trove of information.

11. Pharmacist Tote Bag

pharmacist tote bag

Let everyone know they’re a pharmacist with this awesome pharmacy themed tote bag. Ideal for taking to work and carrying their lunch, this bag features a unique all over print that includes plenty of everyday items a pharmacist would use. Eco-friendly and breathable, this bag is sure to be a useful gift that will be used daily.

12. Pharmacist Symbol Charm

pharmacist symbol charm

Upgrade their existing bracelet with their very own pharmacist Rx symbol charm. Compatible with the majority of most charm bracelets and necklaces, this charm can simply be slid on to any existing chain. Made from sterling silver and weighing around four grams, this will easily be a nice addition to their current collection.

13. Slinging Pills Keychain

slinging pills keychain gift idea

Make them smile with this humorous slinging pills to pay the bills keychain. Ideal for any pharmacist with a funny side, this keychain is made from plated brass with a rust-free colorful finish. Shaped like a prescription pill tube, this keychain is the perfect gift for any boss, coworker or friend.

14. Medical Lanyard

medical lanyard accessory

An essential piece of any pharmacist’s outfit is their lanyard for holding their ID badge, work keys, and more. This medical themed lanyard is the perfect addition to any pharmacists work attire and is sure to come in handy throughout the day. Made from durable polyester fabric and featuring a lobster claw swivel clasp, it’s sure to keep anything secure.

15. Chill Pill Lapel

chill pill lapel

Brighten up their day with this funny “chill pill” lapel pin. A great gag gift for any pharmacist, this lapel is sure to make any pharmacist smile. Shaped like a capsule pill and complete with a rubber clutch back, this pin is suitable for wearing to work or keeping on their bag.

16. The Pharmacist Art Print

the pharmacist artwork

Give them something unique and original with this pharmacist art print by Norman Rockwell. High quality and complete with a black frame, this piece of art is ideal for both at work and at home. Featuring the classic painting by Normal Rockwell, this picture will be instantly recognizable to any pharmacist or art lover.

17. Prescription Coffee Travel Mug

prescription coffee travel mug

Ensure they stay hydrated throughout the day with their very own prescription liquid pick me up. Colored like a real prescription pill bottle, this insulated travel mug is perfect for any pharmacist to take to work. Made from stainless steel with a 16 oz capacity, this travel mug will fit in most cup holders, making it an incredibly handy and practical gift.

18. Compression Socks

compression socks set

Pharmacists spend a lot of their time on their feet, serving customers and getting prescriptions from the storeroom. Ensure their legs don’t get fatigued with long shifts with these colorful compression socks. With eight per pack, these socks will help improve blood flow in their legs and relieve and pain or discomfort.

19. Pharmacy Cufflinks

mortar and pestle cufflinks

Upgrade their formal attire with these fancy silver plated mortar and pestle cufflinks. Cast in solid silver, these high quality cufflinks are handcrafted in the USA and are a one of a kind gift for any pharmacist. Perfect for any occasion including birthdays, promotions and retirement, these cufflinks are sure to be a great conversation starter.

20. Chill Pill Soap

chill pill soap set

Give them a way to relax after work with these moisturizing chill pills. Ideal for using in the shower, or to wash their hands before work, these soaps come in a variety of different scents and colors. With twelve chill pills per set, these soaps are made from vegan friendly ingredients and are sure to leave them squeaky clean.

21. Capsule Letters

capsule pill letters

An excellent gift idea for a coworker or loved one, these capsule letters are the pick me ups they’ll enjoy reading in the weeks to come. Including 50 colorful pill capsules, each one has a piece of paper inside for you to write a message of your choice. Complete with a glass jar, they’re sure to treasure these personal notes.

22. Granite Pestle & Mortar

granite pestle & mortar

A kitchen must have, this granite pestle and mortar is a throwback to how pharmacists used to make their medicine many decades ago. Luckily, times have changed since then but let them forget how far we’ve come. Great for use in the kitchen, they’ll be able to crush and grind all of their herbs to bring out their fullest flavour.

23. RX Cookie Cutter

rx cookie cutter

What better way to help them relax after a long shift than with some lovely pharmacist RX cookies. Not just limited to cookies, this cutter can also be used for bread, soft fruit and craft clays. Great for any pharmacist who enjoys baking, this cutter is bound to be used regularly.

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