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Sometimes, a normal gift just won’t cut it for some people. Maybe they already have everything they need, or maybe they are just aren’t interested in another sweater or pair of socks.

Make their dreams come true by buying them the craziest and most pbizarre gift you can possibly find.

In some cases, weirder is better.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your bestie, then give them something they’ll never forget. Check out our favorite gag and weird gifts below.

Weird Gifts To Raise Some Eyebrows

1. Dad Bod Fanny Pack

dad body fanny pack gift

If your friend doesn’t know where enough already, make them stand there with this hilarious dad bod fanny pack. Featuring a pretty grotesque print of a bellybutton, this handy waste bag is sure to turn a lot of heads. Great for wearing to festivals, and freaking everybody out, this weird gift is sure to be a memorable one.

2. Finger Hand Puppets

weird finger hand puppets

Have you ever heard somebody you know say “I wish I had more fingers?”. Probably not, but this is the gift everybody secretly wants. Why have four fingers and a thumb on your hand when you can have 20 fingers and five thumbs? Perfect for freaking everybody out, these funny finger hand puppets are sure to be treasured forever.

3. Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder

unicorn head squirrel feeder

Do you know someone who loves squirrels? Or more precisely, someone who loves feeding squirrels? Take their squirrel feeding game to the next level with this magical unicorn head feeder. Watch squirrels magically transform into unicorns as they feast away unknown to their new magic powers.

4. Potty Putter

potty putter gift

Brighten up somebody’s toilet time with this fantastic potty putter gag gift. Perfect for golf fans who need to practice but don’t have the time, let them practice their putting from the comfort of their own potty. Includes a golf putter, grass mats, putting hole with sign, and a do not disturb door hanger.

5. Portable Pizza Pouch

portable pizza pouch

We all know someone who’s obsessed with pizza. So obsessed that it’s actually a little weird. Make their dreams come true with this handy portable pizza pouch. Keep their slice of pizza safe wherever they go, simply slide in a slice and it will always be in hands reach. The perfect gift for any pizza lover, they’ll never go hungry with this fantastic gift.

6. Streaker Gnome

streaker gnome statue

Gnome your friend with this hilarious cheeky little gnome statue. Perfect for keeping in their garden, or in their house, this gnome is sure to be a great conversation starter. Striking a cheeky pose, this little guy is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

7. Potato Pal

potato pal gift

Want to give your friend something incredibly weird? How about their entire face on a potato to remind them how much of a potato face they have. Simply upload an unflattering picture of them and eagerly wait by your post box for it to arrive. Great for leaving anybody speechless, this potato face is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

8. Creepy Cage Mug

creepy nicolas cage mug

Ideal for anyone who is a big Nicolas Cage fan, this mug will make a great addition to their current collectables. Featuring a creepy zoomed in face of Nicolas Cage himself, this mug is sure to stand out from the rest of their current mugs. Let them know you’re keeping an eye on them with this must buy creepy gift.

9. Balloon Dog Anatomy

balloon dog anatomy statue

Give them the gift they never knew they needed with this incredibly weird balloon dog anatomy statue. Standing at 10 inches long and 8 inches tall, this easy to assemble statue features all the inner bones and organs of a balloon dog. Highly detailed and original, this gift is sure to fit into anybody’s home.

10. Socks And Sandals Socks

socks and sandals socks

Have a friend that loves wearing socks and sandals no matter the weather outside? Get them the perfect socks to go with that outfit. Break fashion boundaries with these funny socks and sandals socks. Perfect for wearing around the house, these socks look great with or without sandals.

11. Otamatone

otamatone weird gift

Straight from Japan, the Otamatone is a very weird but also very cute instrument. The touch-sensitive response pad allows players to easily change the notes and pitch by sliding their fingers up and down. Amaze your friends with this wacky and very unusual musical instrument that is sure to bring them hours of weirdness.

12. Earwax Candle Kit

weird earwax candle kit

Be sure to watch your friend’s priceless reaction when they open this weird earwax candle kit. Believable to everyone who opens it, the packaging includes several descriptions, testimonials and instructions on how to use the earwax candle device. We just hope they’re not too disappointed when they find out what’s really inside.

13. Cat Unicorn Horn

cat unicorn hat

For all your cat loving friends out there, this gift is definitely a must buy. Transform anybody’s cat into a beautiful unicorn with this cute and hilarious horn headdress. Superlight and flexible, simply place the headdress on the cat and adjust the velcro strap at the bottom. Your friend might love it, but we can’t say the same for their cat.

14. Mr Sniffles Egg Separator

mr sniffles egg separator

Get your friend the ultimate egg separator with none other than Mr. Sniffles. Simply crack an egg into the top, tilt forward, and watch as the egg whites drip out of his nose. As disgusting as it might look, it’s actually a very handy kitchen tool! Spice up your friend’s kitchen with this very unusual gift.

15. Cartoon Bag

weird cartoon bag

Freak out your friends with this real-life anime bag. This cartoon style bag is a real head turner and looks like something straight out of a Disney cartoon. People will have a hard time believing this is real, especially when they see it in pictures. Make your friends stand out with this cool (but weird) bag.

16. Insect Lollipops

insect lollipops

Weird out your friend with these slightly unpleasant insect lollipops. Featuring a collection of different flavors such as scorpions, ants, crickets and worm suckers, these lollipops are perfect to freak them out. Each lollipop comes individually wrapped to ensure maximum flavor once opened. The only thing left to say is bon appétit!

17. Brick Mug

LEGO brick mug

Why get someone a funny mug with their face on it when you can get them a brick mug instead? Ideal for any big LEGO fans, this build-a-brick mug will let them personalize their mug using a range of different bricks including PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O and even K’NEX Bricks.

18. Rubber Chicken Bag

rubber chicken bag

Do you know someone who likes to stand out from the crowd? Keep them ahead of their game with this hilarious rubber chicken bag. Made entirely from rubber, except the nylon handles on top, your friend will really rule the roost with this ultimate fashion accessory.

19. Pimple Popping Toy

pimple popping toy

Believe it or not, there are some weirdos out there who actually enjoy popping spots. Feed their weird habit with this portable pimple popper. Including enough puss to pop over 500 fake pimples, the feeling of popping the pimple is even more relaxing than popping bubble wrap.

20. Corgi Butt Purse

corgi butt purse gift

Everybody loves dogs, but there are some people who love dogs a bit too much. Satisfied their internal dog cravings with this cute corgi gift butt purse. Super soft and cuddly, this purse is as close as you can get to a dog’s butt without owning a real dog.

21. Thor’s Hammer Toilet Paper Holder

tho's toilet roll holder

Marvel comics and superheroes have exploded with popularity over the last few years. One of those standout characters has to be the mighty Thor. Known for his incredible hammer Mjolnir, he is a clear fan favorite with comic book lovers. Give the mighty gift of Mjolnir with this replica toilet paper hammer holder.

22. Melted Clock

melted clock

Brighten up somebody’s house or office with this exceptionally unique and original melted metal clock. Make it as awkward as possible to tell the time with Roman numerals and an uneven shape so they won’t be able to tell if it’s 11 AM or 1 PM.

23. Irn Bru

irn bru drink

Explode your friend’s taste buds with this extremely tasty Irn Bru soft drink. Made in Scotland and popular all throughout the UK, Irn Bru has one of the most unique soft drink tastes ever invented. Described as tasting like rust, this drink is sure to impress everyone who has a sip.

24. Monty Python Horse Action Figure

monty python horse action figure

What better way to confuse your friends and family than with this hilarious Monty Python gag gift. A weird but funny present, anyone who’s a fan of the TV show will understand the reference. And for those that don’t understand it, be sure to watch this clip.

25. Cereal Scented Candle

scented cereal candle

Do you know someone who always forgets to eat breakfast in the morning? Remind them what they’re missing out on with this cereal scented candle. Lasting over 30 hours, this candle will leave everywhere smelling as if somebody has just emptied an entire bag of cereal everywhere.

26. Real Insect Necklace

insect necklaces

Looking for something cool and quirky to make your friend stand out from the rest of the crowd? Turn them into the center of attention with this real insect jewelry necklace. Featuring a range of different insects from weevil beetles to jewel beetles, these incredibly bright and colorful insects are sure to make your friend squirm.

27. Pepe The Frog

pepe the frog plushie

Having built up quite a reputation in recent years, this guy needs no introduction. Impress your meme loving friend with this official Pepe the frog plush doll. Standing 11 inches tall, this green frog is sure to crack some smiles wherever he goes.

28. Tiki Tissue Box

tiki tissue box

Leave someone asking “why?”, With this Tikihead tissue holder. Ideal for the person who already has everything; it’s sure to be a great addition to their home and an excellent conversation starter. Compatible with any standard size rectangular tissue box, they’ll most likely never want a tissue again.

29. LEGO Ship In Bottle

LEGO ship in a bottle

A twist on the classic ship in a bottle, this LEGO ship in a bottle is great for people of all ages. Let them rediscover their inner child by building this tricky LEGO masterpiece. If you really want to grind their gears, you could always take out the instruction manual…

30. Cat Butt Magnets

weird cat butt magnets

For all the cat lovers out there, these cat butt magnets are great for anybody who needs a daily cat fix. Use them to stick important messages on fridges, or pictures of their beloved cats. With six magnets included in each set, there are enough magnets for even the weirdest cat woman.

31. Elephant Wall Key Holder

elephant wall key holder

For the person who always forgets their keys, this little elephant is here to help. Simply attach the little house to a wall with a screw or double-sided sticky tape, and give their keys a nice little home.