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White elephant parties are great for getting family or work members together while exchanging funny gag gifts. But shopping for these types of parties can be incredibly hard, with so much to choose from and budgets to stick to, many people often find gift shopping incredibly stressful and tedious.

To help you find the best white elephant gifts for any budget, we’ve done all the hard work for you and scoured the web for the funniest gag gifts.

No matter if your budget is less than $25 or less than $10, we’ve organized this list into different sections for each budget to make finding your gift as easy as possible.

Let’s start off with the gifts that you really came for, the funny ones!

Funny White Elephant Gifts

1. Bob Ross Figure

bob ross funko pop

Let’s face it, everybody loves Bob Ross, the friendly face that made painting cool and easy. Help somebody make plenty of happy little accidents with this 3.75-inch Bob Ross pop vinyl. Perfect for keeping in the office, this little Bob is sure to bring lots of smiles and happy memories.

2. Portable Camp Fire

portable campfire gift

Who has the time or energy to create their own campfire when they go camping? And let’s be honest, not everyone has the required skills to do so. Give somebody a helping hand with this portable campfire that is super easy to light. With a 3+ hour burn time and shelf life of 30 years, this is sure to come in useful one day.

3. Sofa Drinks Holder

sofa drinks holder

Knocking drinks off the armrest is so last year thanks to this handy sofa drinks holder. Suitable for every type of sofa, simply slide it on and place any drink or beer inside it. Your friends are sure to use it often and thank you for saving their expensive sofa and carpets from nasty spills.

4. Art Socks

art socks

Give someone the gift of art with these fun novelty art socks. Each pair contains a famous painting or landmark, which will brighten up their wardrobe. Featuring famous pieces of art such as the Mona Lisa, the scream, and the sculpture of David, these cool socks are sure to brighten up anyone’s day.

5. Star Wars Kitchen Timer

star wars kitchen timer gag

Ensure their food never goes to the dark side with this handy BB-8 Star Wars kitchen timer. Collectible and functional, this fully licensed Star Wars merchandise is sure to please any Star Wars fan. Full of BB-8 lights and sounds, it also comes with batteries included!

6. Shittens Wet Wipes

shittens white elephant gift

This might look like a gag gift, but these are actually real! Perfect for people who hate toilet roll and want to try something new, these gloves are perfect for cleaning up any messes. Each pack comes with 20 mitten-shaped moist wipes, simply wipe and throw away like regular toilet roll.

7. Poop Emoji Slippers

poop emoji slippers

Know somebody who can’t get enough of the poop emoji? These poop emoji shoes are perfect for anyone who loves their emojis. Bring their emojis to life with these comfortable and soft slippers, which are both practical and great to wear. Spread some laughs while also giving them a practical gift.

8. Infinity Gauntlet Beer Bottle Opener

infinity gauntlet bottle opener

Every Marvel fan will appreciate this hilarious Thanos infinity gauntlet bottle opener and are sure to have plenty of fun with it. Whether they’re a beer or Avengers fan, this high-quality bottle opener is full of detail including every single infinity stone and markings. Give somebody power to open any bottle easily with this great white elephant gift.

9. Wine Condoms

wine condoms

Whoever said you had to drink the entire wine bottle at once? Don’t rush the pleasure with these hilarious wine condoms. Ideal for preserving the freshness and flavor, these wine condoms are 99.9% effective against preventing unplanned spills. Be sure to tell whoever opens them that they are for wine bottles and not anything else…

10. Big Undies

big undies gag gift

These big momma undies are sure to crack a few smiles when they’re opened. Measuring 60 inches around and 30 inches tall, these red undies with black lace trim should fit practically anybody. Perfect for any unsuspecting receiver, the uses for these are endless and will be a great gag gift for years to come.

11. Best White Elephant Gift Trophy

best white elephant gift trophy

If you want to take your white elephant gifts to the next level, then you need to get this. They’ll be no arguing who bought the best gift this year. Clearly labelled, this trophy is THE best white elephant gift and anyone who receives it will be in shock and awe that they get to keep such a prized possession.

12. Bling Dish Washing Gloves

bling dish washing gloves

Even the queen herself would use these fantastic washing gloves with a built-in dazzling diamond gem. Perfect for washing the dishes or just using for cleaning around the house, these gloves are perfect for every domestic queen. Guy or gal, these dazzling bling washing gloves are sure to go down well.

13. Sloth Car Decal

sloth car decal

Want to give someone lots of attention without them knowing why? This sloth car decal is sure to turn heads and have people double-taking. Ideally stuck onto somebody’s car without them seeing, this creepy sloth waving its hand is sure to be the highlight of anybody’s car and have them asking “wtf?”.

14. Dad Bod Waist Bag

dad bod fanny pack

Fanny packs might be out, but dad bods are in! Give someone a big surprise with this hilarious dad bod fanny pack. Incredibly realistic, this bag is sure to attract some attention and have people staring and pointing. Fully functional, the recipient can fill it with important items that they don’t want to let out of their sight.

White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $25

15. Muffin Tops Baking Cups

muffin tops baking cups

Everybody loves baking and eating treats, but what happens if you eat too many treats? You get the muffin top look! Perfect for anyone who likes eating and baking tasty treats, these muffin top baking cups are the perfect reminder of why exercise is a good thing.

16. Bear Oven Mitts

bear oven mitts

Fun and functional, these bear oven mitts are great for taking hot things out of the oven with your bear hands. Perfect for cooking, baking and grilling, they also come in handy if you feel like dressing up like a bear. Suitable for all ages, these are sure to make a top white elephant gift!

17. Sushi Socks

sushi socks

These aren’t just any type of socks, these are sushi socks! Presented in a sushi tray, each sock is folded in a way that resembles the Japanese delicacy. If you’re looking for something unique and original, then these sushi socks are funny as well as being practical!

18. S’mores Maker

indoor smores maker

Enjoy the sweet taste of s’mores with this genius electric tabletop flameless heater. Ideal for roasting marshmallows and melting chocolate from the comfort of indoors, who needs a campfire to enjoy the sweet taste of s’mores? Perfect for any party, or family gathering, whoever gets this gift is sure to be throwing some exciting parties in the future.

19. Oversized Liquor Flask

oversized drinks flask

A drink flask is always an excellent gift, but what if you could supercharge it and make it incredibly oversized? At three times larger than a normal drinks flask, this oversized flask might not be very practical for taking out and about, but it’s still a good place to hide some booze!

20. Potty Texter Cell Phone Holder

potty texter stand

Texting on the toilet can be hard, and the last thing you want to do is drop your phone down the toilet! Give someone a helping hand with this hilarious potty texter cell phone holder. Featuring a handy stand and multi-phone lock, your lucky friend will be able to sit back and text without worrying about dropping their cell.

21. Hodor Door Stop

hodor door stop

RIP Hodor… and for those who don’t know what this means, that’s what makes it an excellent white elephant gift idea! You’ll either ruin Game of Thrones for someone, or bring back some sad memories from season six. Either way, it’s sure to be well-received at any white elephant party.

22. NERF Gun

nerf gun

Bring out the big kid in everyone with this awesome NERF gun. Better and bigger than the original, this thing has a 15-dart drum and can fire them up to 27 meters. Want to cause the havoc at work or in your friend’s house? Then this is the gift you’re looking for!

23. BeerBell Beer Cooler

beerbell beer cooler holder

Holding beers is so last year, surprise your friends with this hilarious yet functional BeerBell. Perfect for any beverage, this BeerBell will also float in the water, which makes it very useful when bathing in pools or jacuzzis. No drink shall go unfished with handy drinks holder and identifier.

24. Squirrel Toilet Seat Lid Cover

squirrel beer holder

Another excellent pointless white elephant gift to give to your friends, this squirrel toilet seat lid cover will have them scratching their heads and asking why? Simply place it on top of the toilet seat and watch it seamlessly blend in and bring the magic to life. Just remember, you might be in for a shock the next time you go into your friend’s bathroom!

25. White Elephant T-Shirt

white elephant t-shirt gag

Looking for one of the simplest white elephant gifts to crack a few smiles? You won’t find anything better than this white elephant gag t-shirt. Perfect for hyping everyone up and leaving them disappointed, this t-shirt is definitely something they’ll be wearing to the next white elephant party!

26. Mr. Razor Holder

mr razor holder

Everyone needs a helping hand in the bathroom to keep things organized. Help someone keep their razor ready for action with this cute but funny razor holder gift. Perfect for guys and gals, this Mr. Razor will stick to any surface including tiles, glass, or even mirrors, allowing anyone to keep their razor close by and safe.

27. Beer Greeting Cards

beer greeting cards

Want to give chad a taste of your favorite IPAs? Decorate those beers with this festive beer greetings card. Easy to carry, this greetings card will let you carry six bottles while also leaving a festive message. If you want to make it an even more pointless white elephant gift, then you could always “forget” to include the beers!

28. Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

heart shaped waffle maker

Do you know someone who loves waffles? Or maybe you just want to help spread the love. Make somebody’s dreams come true with this handy mini heart-shaped waffle maker. Super lightweight and portable, this waffle maker also makes paninis, hash browns and biscuit pizzas in a matter of minutes.

29. Shower Beer Holder

shower beer holder

For those who drink beer in the shower, it can be a real challenge trying not to knock over that can or bottle. Make this problem a thing of the past with this hilarious shower beer holder. Perfect for cans and bottles, this holder keeps beverages ice cold and easily sticks to any tiled wall with little effort.

30. Giant Wine Bottle Glass

giant wine bottle glass

Christmas is the perfect time for having just a glass of wine, but “a glass” can be a very vague size! Let someone enjoy their “glass” of wine this year with this giant wine bottle glass. Holding up to 750ml of liquid, this glass can hold an entire wine bottle, letting anyone enjoy their “glass” of wine.

31. Bad Driver Signs Kit

bad driver sign kit

Some drivers are terrible at driving and need a constant reminder of how bad they are. Know somebody with a history of road rage? Help them spread their rage with these funny bad driver signs kit. Including seven different road rage signs, there’s one for every situation you can imagine.

32. Hot Sauce Keychain

hot sauce keychain

Hot sauce is life and you should never be more than 2 feet away from your favorite flaming hot spice. Help someone keep their taste buds in check with this miniature hot sauce keychain. Attach it to a pair of keys to ensure it never leaves the house without you. Perfect for those emergency situations.

33. Thanks For Being My Boss Mug

thanks for being my boss mug

We all have a boss whom we look up to and guides us through those tough times. Give them something to keep around the office with this excellent best boss mug. Featuring some slightly overdramatic text, this mug is sure to put you in the good books and keep them happy for another year!

34. Christmas Tree Plunger

redneck christmas tree plunger

Is there a Scrooge in your friend group or office who hates Christmas and never puts in any effort? Share the Christmas spirit with this hilarious Christmas tree plunger. Made from a plunger and various branches, this redneck beauty is sure to look great in anybody’s home next to the fireplace.

35. Giant Googly Eyes

giant googly eyes

It’s no secret that googly eyes make everything funnier and can bring an inanimate object to life. At 7 inches wide, these giant googly eyes are perfect for sticking on anything including cars, trashcans, doors, or anything else they can imagine. Complete with an adhesive back, these eyes are sure to bring plenty of laughs!

36. Disposable Gas Neutralizers

disposable gas neutralizers

Know somebody who can’t stop letting one rip and plaguing your nostrils with a foul smell? Stop those nasty smells with these practical and hilarious disposable gas neutralizers. Simply get them to place one inside their pants and the pads will neutralize any nasty odors that come out!

37. Mop Slippers

mop slippers

Help somebody look fashionable and do their housework with these two in one mop slippers. They might look like normal slippers, but underneath they contain special microfiber material that cleans the floor of any dust, dirt, or hairs. All they have to do is walk around the house with them on, and they’ll also be cleaning as they walk!

38. Dinosaur Taco Holder

dinosaur taco holder

Taco lovers rejoice with this cute dinosaur taco holder. Perfect for the diehard taco fan, this holder can also hold toast, waffles, sandwiches and plenty of other food. Suitable for holding any food while you eat, this white elephant gift is both pointless and hilarious. Use as a holder or toy, this dinosaur is sure to transfer their next taco Tuesday.

White Elephant Gifts Under $10

39. Wearable Nail Polish Holder

wearable nail polish holder

For those of you that don’t know, doing your nail polish can be an incredibly tedious task. Help somebody speed up the process with this handy and unique wearable nail polish bottle holder. Simply slide it on your hands or feet, and insert the bottle in the top for easy access.

40. Cute Shiba Dog Pillow

shiba dog pillow

Trying to find the cutest white elephant gift? Look no further than this cute Shiba dog pillow! Incredibly soft and cute, this pillow is perfect for leaving on any bed or sofa and will bring a smile to anybody’s face who sees it. Suitable for everyone, this doggo is sure to be a great addition to anybody’s house.

41. Pimple Popper Toy

pimple popper toy

Trying to find a disgusting white elephant gift idea? Freak everybody out with this disgusting yet funny pimple popper toy. Complete with pimple juice, simply push the pores to experience the effect of pimple juice popping out. Great for relieving stress, you’d be surprised at how many people actually enjoy it!

42. Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner

mini desk vacuum cleaner

A messy desk is a messy work environment, and a messy work environment leads to less productivity. Ideal for an office white elephant gift party, this little mini desk vacuum cleaner is great for keeping anybody’s desk in tiptop shape. Perfect for sucking up crumbs, paper cuttings, and even glitter, this little ladybug will help anybody keep their desk clean.

43. Lightsaber Chopsticks

lightsaber chopsticks

Bring a smile to every Star Wars fans face with these practical lightsaber chopsticks. With a push of a button, these chopsticks will light up just like real lightsabers! With batteries included as standard, these chopsticks are ready to use from the box and are sure to be a big hit at any white elephant party.

44. Beer Soap

beer soap gag gift

The perfect gift for any beer lovers, this soap is made out of real beer and real ground hops, resulting in a naturally scented soap that really does smell like beer! Suitable for use in the shower as shower gel and shampoo as well as shaving foam, this natural soap leaves you clean without drying out your skin.

45. Platypus Tea Strainer

platypus tea strainer

Make somebody’s tea time more fun with this ridiculously cute set of platypus tea strainers. Perfect for tea lovers, simply place the tea leaves inside their bellies and hook them on the inside of the cup to allow the tea brewing to begin. Machine washable, these tea strainers are sure to become an incredibly useful gift for someone.

46. Tipsy Tubes

tispy tubes

Get the party started with these discretely hidden alcohol flasks! Designed to look like hair gel, sunscreen and fake tan, these tubes actually hold alcohol inside them and are great for taking to the pool, beach, sporting events or concert. Whoever gets these tipsy tubes are sure to save a fortune on alcoholic drinks wherever they go.

47. Urinal Shot Glasses

urinal shot glasses

Give someone the shot glasses they have been dreaming of and spice up their collection with this pair of urinal shot glasses. Looking just like the real thing only smaller, these glasses are made from ceramic durable and dishwasher safe material for easy cleaning. Partygoers will certainly urine for a treat when they open these!

48. Bicycle Repair Kit

bicycle repair kit

Fixing a bike in a garage is a fairly easy task when you have all the right tools and equipment. But what about when your bike breaks away from home? Save somebody from having to walk home with this handy bicycle repair kit. Including various allen keys and wrenches, this device can help fix the most common bike problems.

49. Sir Perky Corkscrew

sir perky corkscrew

This is the only wine opener anybody needs, and he goes by the name of Sir Perky. Great for having at parties, this corkscrew opener will make everybody laugh thanks to the corkscrew placement. Completely freestanding, Sir Perky can also be stood up when not in use, making him a funny dining table accessory.

50. Bag of Unicorn Farts

bag of unicorn farts

Believe it or not, unicorns do fart and they smell a lot better than ours! Perfect for any white elephant party, this bag of unicorn farts is perfect for any children and is sure to bring a smile to their face. Inside the bag is pink cotton candy, which of course is edible.

51. Fart Filter

fart filter

Perfect for those who can’t stop tooting at the most inappropriate times, this fart filter converts those nasty farts into a more pleasant fragrance. Only joking! This prank gift box is entirely fake but is also very convincing, inside you can place whatever gift you’d like to give and wait for their reaction.

52. Cute Dog Flowerpot

white elephant gift dog pot

Great for mini succulents and cacti, this cute little doggo flowerpot is sure to bring a smile to anybody’s face. If gardening and growing plants are not their thing, and they can also use it to house candles. Ideal for brightening up any office desk, this little guy is as cute as it gets.

53. Astronaut Space Food

white elephant astronaut space food

Know somebody who has always wanted to be an astronaut? Make their dreams partially come true with this astronaut vanilla ice cream sandwich. Great for kids and children, this food has a shelf life of 84 months meeting it can be rewrapped and given to other people at white elephant parties for years to come!

54. Umbrella Hat

umbrella hat

Looking for one of the most random and hilarious gifts you can possibly find? Make your party a memorable one with this funny umbrella hat. Great for every festive occasion, this somewhat practical gift is perfect for anyone who hates holding umbrellas. Let the head do all the hard work whilst keeping themselves dry.

55. Emergency Underpants

emergency underpants gag gift

An excellent gag gift for any white elephant party, these emergency underpants are sure to make the room laugh. Including one of underpants that will fit most adults, these are perfect for emergency situations when partying or when somebody is feeling a bit too ill.

56. Funny First Aid Bandages

funny bacon first aid bandages

Plasters are a must-have in every first-aid kit, make sure somebody has the plasters they require with these funny bandages. Available in different styles including bacon, cinnamon and pizza, these bandages are sure to add some joy to anybody’s first-aid kit.


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