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Buying a gift for any World of Warcraft player can be tricky, especially if you don’t play the game!

But no matter if they’re team Alliance or team Horde, we’ve handpicked the best World of Warcraft gifts for every player. Having spoken to hundreds of fans who play the game regularly, we know exactly what they want. From plushies and figurines to lore books and mouse pads, here are the best World of Warcraft gifts you can buy.

1. Pandaren Brewmaster Figure

pandaren brewmaster figure gift

Surprise any World of Warcraft lover with this fantastic Pandaren brewmaster figurine. Officially licensed by Blizzard, this model has been designed by the art director in charge of creating the game. At 12 inches tall and made from plastic, this detailed model is an excellent gift for anyone who loves or plays pandarens in the game.

2. WoW Official Cookbook

wow official cookbook

Level up their cooking skills in real life by gifting them this official World of Warcraft cookbook. Containing various dishes inspired from the game, this 200-page cookbook has more than 100 easy to follow recipes including Dragonbreath chili and Bloodberry tarts. The perfect gift for anyone who loves food, they’re sure to have fun trying out these recipes!

3. Legendary Coffee Mug

wow legendary coffee mug

They might have plenty of legendary items in game, but do they have any in real life? Give them their first real life legendary item with this hilarious coffee mug. Complete with all the stats on the side, this mug will hold up to 15 ounces of any beverage. Dishwasher and microwave safe, any WoW player will certainly love this gift.

4. Extra Wide Faction Mouse Pad

alliance large mouse pad

Help them show support of their favorite WoW faction with this extra wide gaming mouse. Available in both Alliance and Horde styles, this mouse mat can easily fit their keyword and mouse on it. Ultra smooth and featuring a non-slip rubber base, this mouse mat will certainly be an upgrade to their existing one.

5. WoW Book Collection

wow book collection

For those gamers who enjoy reading the lore of Warcraft, then these book collection is just for them. Including five separate books, each one covers a specific character such as Arthas and Illidan Stormrage while explaining their background story with a gripping tale. Written by Christie Golden, these lore books are perfect for any fan who interested in the history of characters.

6. Murlocs Tote Bag

murlocs tote bag

The perfect World of Warcraft gift for anyone who loves Murlocs, this tote bag is sure to make them happy. Featuring a unique print of cute Murlocs all over, this bag is super lightweight and comes with a 10-inch strap for easy carrying. Inside the bag, there is a main zipper closure and little zipper pocket for smaller items.

7. Razer Tartarus Gaming Keypad

razer tartarus gaming keypad

Anyone who plays WoW competitively will definitely want this gaming keypad. Featuring RGB mechanical switches and a soft cushioned wrist pad, this 32 key keypad will help take their game to the next level. With the ability to customize every single key with macros and skills, this makes it much easier to use than a standard keyboard.

8. Deathwing Funko Pop

deathwing funko pop

Brighten up their gaming desk or man cave with this awesome Deathwing Funko Pop figurine. Based on the dragon destroyed and expansion pack from the game, Deathwing is one of the most feared dragons in the WoW universe. At six inches tall, this collectible figure is sure to look great next to their existing collection!

9. The WoW Diary Book

wow diary book gift idea

An excellent gift for anyone who’s interested in the development of the game over the years, this WoW diary is written by the game’s first level designer, John Staats. Go behind the scenes of the game and dive into never before seen maps and illustrations from the early stages of development.

10. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

logitech g600 mmo gaming mouse

When it comes to playing World of Warcraft, being able to press the right keys at the right time is crucial. Ensure any WoW player never misses another spell again with this must have Logitech G600 gaming mouse. Specifically designed for MMO games like WoW, it features 20 customizable buttons on the side for easy access.

11. Arthas Funko Pop Figurine

arthas figurine gift

Add another Funko Pop figurine to their collection with Arthas. Once known as the Lich King, Arthas is a huge character in Warcraft and has even had an entire expansion pack based around him. At just under 4 inches tall, this figurine features him wearing his iconic helmet with his blue glowing undead eyes.

12. WoW Adventure Tee

adventure tee

Add some color and WoW characters to any fan’s wardrobe with this awesome officially licensed t-shirt. Featuring a range of cute character including orcs, Deathwing, pandarens, and Illidan Stormrage, this tee is perfect for letting everyone know they love World of Warcraft. Available in six different sizes from small to 3X large, this tee will look great with any outfit.

13. Durotan Phone Charging Statue

durotan statue present

An excellent addition to any gaming desk, any avid World of Warcraft player will certainly love this gift. Featuring the mighty Orc Durotan in his full battle gear, the statue also comes with an area to hold and charge any phone. At over 12 inches tall and officially licensed by Blizzard, any gamer will love this on their desk.

14. Warcraft Monopoly Board Game

monopoly board game

From the computer to the tabletop, enjoy building Azeroth with this unique twist on the classic Monopoly board game. Designed by Blizzard, this officially licensed board game comes with various sculpted pieces such as castles and wooden huts. The perfect gift for board game lovers, anyone who’s a WoW superfan, they will certainly enjoy every minute of playing this.

15. Baby Yeti Whomper Plush

baby yeti whomper plush

Surprise any Warcraft fan with this super cute baby yeti whomper plush. Incredibly soft and adorable, this officially licensed plush is 14 inches tall and is made from polyester fiber. Based on a non-playable character from the game, this little guy is perfect for gamers of all ages.

16. 3D Pop-Up Book

3d pop up book

Blow their minds with this fantastic pop-up World of Warcraft book. Built by one of the best selling paper engineers in the industry Matthew Reinhart, this book brings the most well loved locations of Warcraft to life. Including Orgrimmar and Stormwind, each page features amazing 3D paper models that literally jump out of the book!

17. Illidan Stormrage Mouse Mat

illidan stormrage mouse mat

Add some awesome artwork to anyone’s gaming setup with this huge Illidan Stormrage mouse mat. At 90 by 40 inches long, this mat is big enough to rest any keyboard and mouse on top. Complete with an anti-slip rubber base, the mouse mat shows the demon hunter Illidan Stormrage overlooking a castle like lair.

18. Pre-Paid Game Time Card

pre paid game time card

For anyone who plays World of Warcraft, they’re sure to appreciate some extra game time! As the game works on a monthly subscription basis, players have to pay every month in order to continue playing. Give any fan two months of WoW with this pre-paid time card. Simply redeem the code, and they’ll have free game time added to their account.

19. Horde Symbol T-Shirt

horde symbol t-shirt

Help them show their support for the Horde faction, with their very own Horde t-shirt. Featuring the Horde symbol on a burgundy t-shirt, this authentic merchandise is a great way for them to show support of their faction. Available in three different sizes, this cotton tee is super soft and easily machine washable.

20. Alliance Symbol T-Shirt

alliance symbol t-shirt

If they’re not team Horde, then they must be team Alliance! Help them show their support for the Alliance with this awesome symbol tee. Featuring the Alliance symbol on a grey t-shirt, this officially licensed merchandise is a must have gift for anyone who supports the Alliance. Machine washable and tumble dry friendly, Alliance fans will love this top.

21. Chronicle Volume 1 Book

chronicle volume 1 book

The perfect World of Warcraft gift for anyone who loves the lore behind the game, this book covers the universe before the Horde and Alliance came to be. Including various paintings by legendary artists Peter Lee, as well as half a dozen maps and illustrations, this book covers the story of the game thousands of years before today.

22. Vinyl For The Horde Clock

vinyl horde clock

An ideal gift for any fan of the Horde, this unique clock features engraved Trolls, Taurens and Orcs on the top with the Horde symbol included. An excellent birthday gift, this clock is around 12 inches tall and is super quiet. A great addition to any gaming room, members of the Horde are guaranteed to love it.

23. Alliance Stand As One Snapback Cap

alliance stand as one snapback

Help them show their support for the Alliance wherever they go, with this officially licensed World of Warcraft snapback cap. Featuring the Alliance symbol on the front and the “stand as one” quote on the back, this cap is a proud statement for any member of the Alliance.

24. Collectible Cups Set

wow collectible cups set

Ensure they stay hydrated throughout their gaming sessions with these colorful World of Warcraft collectible cups. Including four different illustrations in total, each cup highlights a different game expansion. A must have collectible gift for any big WoW fan, these cups are sure to be used regularly at home.

25. Wall Tapestry Art

wall tapestry gift idea

Something different from the usual World of Warcraft gifts, this tapestry banner will be the perfect addition to any gaming room. Ideal for hanging on the wall, these wall tapestries come in various styles including the Horde, Alliance, Arthas and a world map of Azeroth. Easy to hang up with two hooks, it’s also machine washable and easy to clean.

26. Warcraft Movie Blu-ray

warcraft movie blu ray

In case they haven’t seen it already, be sure to grab them a copy of Warcraft the movie. Based on the game, the movie contains various characters and locations that they’ll instantly recognize. Available on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K options, this is the perfect gift idea for movie lovers no matter if they are team Horde or Alliance.


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