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Saying sorry to guys can be a difficult task. Show them how sorry you are and that you mean it by buying them the perfect apology gift.

From beef jerky bouquets to new watches and fragrances, we’ve found the best gifts every guy is sure to love.

Say sorry to your boyfriend, husband or favorite guy with these best apology gifts for him.

Best Apology Gifts For Him

1. Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette Gift Set

Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette Gift Set

Say sorry and add to his cologne collection by gifting him these unique scents from Calvin Klein. This Eau de Toilette Gift Set contains Eternity Aqua for Men, Obsession for Men, CK ONE, and Eternity for Men. With each bottle holding 15ml he’ll have more than enough to try out these amazing fragrances over the next few months.

2. Fossil Casual Quartz Watch

fossil casual mens watch

This casual quartz watch by Fossil is sure to make him smile again. Its design is inspired by American ingenuity and creativity, which he is sure to love. The watch represents a timepiece and minimalistic aesthetic accessory for men. It has a case size of 44mm and a band size of 22mm with quartz hand movement. To make it durable, it also has a water resistant capacity of up to 50 meters.

3. I’m Sorry Elephant Plush

im sorry gift elephant plush

Send your hugs and apologies to any guy in your life with this I’m Sorry Elephant plush. The perfect cuddle buddy for your loved one, he’s sure to understand how sorry you are. At just over nine inches tall, this incredibly soft plush will get the message across and help repair any damage between the two of you.

4. Exotic Jerky Bouquet

exotic jerky bouquet

A creative way to his heart is through his stomach with this exotic beef jerky bouquet. A bundle of 20 exotic meat sticks in four different flavors, any guy will love munching through these. To complete the unique apology gift idea, it also has a “You’ve Got Meat” note that is sure to help cheer them up.

5. Personalized Zippo Lighter

personalized zippo lighter gift

The perfect gift for cigar lovers and smokers, a personalized zippo lighter with their favorite picture on is sure to cheer them up. Printed directly onto the lighter, this present is sure to show them how sorry you are. Ideal for anyone who enjoys smoking, they’re sure to forgive you after receiving this.

6. Apology Poem For Him

apology poem for him

The perfect apology gift for him, one can never go wrong with a romantic apology poem. The poem comes with a beautiful blue rose representing a classy way to deliver your sincere apology message. Its frame is composed of a five by seven inch wooden frame with a touch of modern black hue and is sure to be a constant reminder of how sorry you are.

7. Chocolate Candy Variety Mix

chocolate candy variety mix

Satisfy his sweet tooth by offering him this delicious chocolate candy variety mix. The pack contains a range of different chocolates and candy including starburst, skittles, M&M’s, snickers and three musketeers. Each pack contains a total of 30 full size candy bars that no man will be able to say no to.

8. Hot Sauce Making Kit

hot sauce making kit

Bring out the chef in your loved one with this hot sauce making kit. With this special DIY set, anyone can make seven bottles of delicious hot sauce from their own home. Packed with assorted squeeze bottles of spice blends, apple cider, and more, this kit has everything they need. The perfect hot sauce gift, if they need help, the bundle also arrives with an instruction card and label stickers.

9. Vintage Candy Gift Box

vintage candy gift box

Looking to say sorry to your boyfriend or husband? Satisfy his childhood cravings with this Vintage Candy Gift Box. Packed with the 1980’s nostalgia candies, anyone will be delighted to receive a sweet reminder of the past. Some of the 80’s favorites such as Big League Chew Bubble, Wacky Wafers, Ring Pop, Gold Mine, and many more in this tasty basket.

10. Ultimate Grilling Spice Set

ultimate grilling spice set

The Ultimate Grilling Spice Set is a dream for every grilling champ and the perfect I’m sorry gift for him. An adventure of taste awaits as the package unravels 20 unique BRB rubs, including Lime Chipotle, Chili Rosemary, Black Cajun, Jalapeno, Chili Parsley, Cayenne and other classic flavors. Help someone achieve a perfect season grill, and you’ll be instantly forgiven.

11. Beer Can Cooler

beer can cooler gift

Cold beers will make any man happy again and so will this Beer Can Cooler. The perfect apology gift for him, it has 3-in-1 versatility that will keep his beers icy-cold throughout any party. It has a durable double-walled stainless steel with an extra copper layer to maintain coldness 20x better than other coolers.

12. Milk Chocolate Red Roses

milk chocolate roses gift

Anyone who says that roses and chocolates are only for women has clearly never really cared about their man’s cravings for milk chocolate roses. A chocolate bouquet of a dozen Swiss-formulated chocolate and American-produced red roses, the chocolates are flavored with the finest bean selection and fresh milk making them delicious.

13. Mini Hammer Multitool

mini hammer multitool for boyfriend

Show him how sorry you are by gifting him this super handy and awesome mini hammer multitool. The mini hammer multitool is an all-in-one tool useful in carpentry, home improvement, and other DIY projects. It is made from durable metal material and designed to be lightweight and portable for any purposes. The item can be a bottle opener, wire cutter and other workable options.

14. Thin Blue Line USA Flag Cap

thin blue lift usa baseball cap

The perfect gift idea for a policeman, this thin blue line cap is sure to cheer up any cop in your life. Featuring the US flag embroidered on the front, this cap also comes with an adjustable back to fit any shaped head. Available in four different colors, the company also donates a percentage of profits to families of fallen first responders.

15. Ultimate Snacks Care Package

ultimate snacks care package

This ultimate snacks care package is a perfect gift for assorted snacks lovers. It is a snack bundle that makes anyone happy with its assorted chips, chocolate cookies and other delicious picnic bites. Remind someone of their colorful childhood as they take these snacks to travels, picnics, parties, or any simple get-together event.

16. Beer Infused Hot Sauce Pack

beer infused hot sauce pack

Give them a unique I’m sorry gift with this 3-pack beer infused hot sauce pack that will mend your man’s heart. The three flavors available are hot Roasty Chipotle, medium Garlic Serrano, and mild Asian Sriracha. Each bottle is made of fresh and high quality ingredients to create the tastiest hot sauce anyone has ever tasted.

17. Portable Camping Hammock

im sorry gift camping hammock

Give your man somewhere to relax with this portable camping hammock. It is composed of durable 210T parachute nylon to ensure its as strong as possible. The portable camping hammock is a lightweight and compact item for outdoor relaxation without having to go to camps. The hammock also comes with three straps and carabiners, so there’s no need to set up the knots.

18. Grilling Accessories Kit

grilling accessories kit apology gift for men

Say you’re sorry with this grilling gift idea that will make any man grin with excitement. The grill set is packed with an aluminum storage case, eight corn holders, four kabob skewers, grill cleaning brush, barbecue fork and more. The grill set is made of top quality stainless steel and a well finished durable construction for all grilling types.

19. Golf Ball Pint Glass

golf ball pint glass

A creative apology gift for your golf-loving man, this super unique golf ball pint glass is sure to make them forgive you. The glass is carefully handcrafted and 100% produced in the USA. The design is greatly achieved with a repurposed golf ball for the best effect. With a 16 ounce capacity, it is made of high-quality heavy glass that can safely hold any beverage.

20. Beer Soap Six Pack

beer soap six pack present

Beer or cider lovers will jump with joy when you give them this beer soap six pack. The soaps are made from organic ingredients such as real hops, crushed oats, and orange peels. This soap six pack enhances your loved one’s skin as the beer contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants to leave them feeling clean and refreshed.

21. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

whiskey stones gift set

Show your love, and sincere apologies to your significant other with this whiskey stones gift set present. The glass has optimum temperature control that maintains the ice cold or warm temperature, so they get the best experience from drinking their whiskey. The stones are a perfect present not only for your significant other but also to your friends at weddings and other special events.

22. Beard Grooming Kit For Men

beard grooming kit for men

If you know how much your significant other values grooming, then this is the perfect gift to apologize with. This beard grooming kit for men is suitable for any type of mustache, whether it is short, long, thick, thin, tangled or even coarsed. One of its highlights is the included beard oil that can moisturize, hydrate, and enhance hair skin thoroughly.

23. Tactical Pen

tactical pen gift for men

Give your man the best apology gift with this multifunctional tactical pen. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, the tactical pen can also be utilized as a flashlight and screwdriver amongst other things. The tactical pen also comes with a stunning black gift case ready to be wrapped and gifted to your man.

24. Calvin Klein Men’s Boxer

calvin klein mens boxers set

Make your man feel better by giving him this comfortable set of Calvin Klein men’s boxers. It has a logo waistband, soft cotton modal, moisture wicking solution, and antimicrobial finish. These boxer pants are also suitable for any activity thanks to its low rise ultra soft modal fabric and allows for a comfortable stretch in any movement.

25. PlayStation T-Shirt

playstation t-shirt gift

Cheer up your boyfriend or husband by letting him play on his PlayStation with the boys. This PlayStation T-shirt is great for expressing his love for video games and is super comfy to wear. Officially licensed apparel and made from 100% cotton, the shirt has a lightweight cut crew neck and slim fit size.

26. I’m Sorry Card

im sorry apologies card

Express utmost sincerity with this unique I’m Sorry Card. A jumbo card that is 8.5 by 11 inches in size, this shows how deeply sorry you are. The card is made of premium quality and is composed of California paper and printed in Los Angeles. Say you are sorry with the best I’m sorry gift ever made!


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