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Brothers are arguably one of the hardest family members to buy gifts for, mainly because they spend their money on random stuff in the first place. This often leaves you with very limited choices, as the last thing you want to do is buy them something they already have!

If you’re struggling to find a fantastic gift for your brother, then we’re here to help. We’ve scoured the web for the most exceptional gifts that your brother is sure to love no matter his age. From beer mugs and beard grooming kits to grilling gifts, we’ve got you covered for every occasion.

Discover some fantastic gifts for your brother below!

Gift Ideas For Your Brother

1. Legend Of Zelda Socks

legend of zelda socks gift

Brothers and videogames are literally a match made in heaven, so why not treat your brother to these retro Legend of Zelda videogame socks! Featuring three different pairs of Zelda themed socks, each one contains a different design and color, while being presented in a branded Zelda box. Suitable for shoe sizes 8 to 12, these socks will quickly become your brothers favorite.

2. Cosmic Kitchen Knife Set

cosmic kitchen knife set

Is your brother a master chef in the kitchen? Or maybe he complains he would be if he had the right tools? Help make his cooking out of this world with these unique cosmos kitchen knives. Featuring six different blades, each one covered in a galaxy themed print that captures the beauty of our solar system. These blades are highly durable and coated in a non-stick coating to make slicing even easier.

3. Insulated Beer Mug

insulated beer mug

When it comes to drinking, there’s nothing worse than a warm beer! Ensure your brother’s beverages remain cold with this insulated beer mug that will keep their drink ice cold to the last drop. Made from stainless steel and copper-plated walls, this mug will keep any drink called better than any glass mug out there. If your brother loves cracking a cold one, then he’ll love this.

4. BBQ Grill Tool Set

BBQ grill tool set

Does your brother enjoy a good BBQ whenever the opportunity arises? Ensure he’s got everything he needs to Grill those hot dogs and burgers with this fantastic stainless steel BBQ grill set. Including a total of 20 different pieces, this kit has all the essentials such as a spatula, fork, tongs and grill brush to name a few. Promote your brother to the king of the BBQ with this fantastic set.

5. Whiskey Glasses & Stones Set

whiskey glasses and stones

If your brother enjoys the finer things in life, then this is the gift for him. Surprise them with these premium whiskey glasses and stones that that will keep his shrinks ice cold to the very last sip. Including two large whiskey glasses and eight solid granite chilling stones, he won’t have to water his whiskey down with ice cubes any more thanks to these.

6. LEGO Millennium Falcon

LEGO millennium falcon set

Is the force strong with your brother? If so, then this is the perfect gift that will blow his mind! Containing 7,541 individual LEGO pieces, this behemoth of a LEGO set will allow him to relive his childhood and waste tens of hours simultaneously. The finished model stands over 33 inches long and 22 inches wide. When finished, this will surely be up there with the rest of his trophies.

7. Rick and Morty Slippers

rick and morty slippers

Does your brother rave on and on about how cool Rick and Morty is? Brighten up his week with these official Rick and Morty slippers. Available in sizes small to extra large, these guys will instantly turn your brother into a fashion icon while keeping his feet warm. Super cozy, this is the ideal gift for Rick and Morty fans!

8. Outdoor Survival Kit

outdoor survival kit

Unleash the adventurer in your brother with this all in one outdoor survival kit. Featuring 13 essential items for outdoor survival including a compass, emergency blanket, folding knife and tactical torch, all these items come in a handy portable box for storage. If your brother spends a lot of time in the wilderness and thinks he’s Bear Grylls, then this is the perfect gift for him.

9. Beard Grooming Kit

beard grooming kit gift

Maintaining a beard is no easy task. To keep it well-trimmed and maintained, you need the right tools and the right beard oil. Help your brother keep his beard in tip-top shape with this essential beard grooming kit. Featuring a comb, scissors, beard oil, beard balm and brush, this is everything your brother needs to maintain a healthy and flawless beard.

10. Ninja Disguise Shirt

ninja t-shirt

If your brother thinks he’s a bit of a ninja, then give him the one thing he truly desires… a ninja disguise! Available in sizes small to extra-large, this T-shirt by crazy dog is a great conversation starter that will leave them smiling. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or any other occasion, let your brother be the ninja he’s always wanted to be.

11. Wooden Watch

wooden watch gift for brothers

Wood-ent your brother like to know what time it is? Give them something original and unique with this incredible handmade wooden watch. Perfect for anyone with allergies and sensitive skin, this wooden watch not only looks cool, but even includes a glow-in-the-dark pointer. All wrapped up in a gift box; this watch is sure to make an excellent present no matter the occasion.

12. Tactical Multi Tool Pen

tactical multi tool pen

Up your brother’s pen game with this ridiculous tactical multi-tool pen. Rugged and heavy-duty, this pen contains several useful tools including a flashlight, bottle opener, glass breaker and as you would expect, a ballpoint pen. Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, this pen is seriously resilient and won’t break like an ordinary pen. If your brother is a first responder or is in the military, then this is the pen for him.

13. Nutritional Brother Facts Mug

nutritional brother facts mug

It’s no secret that brothers can be rather annoying at times. Remind them how annoying they are with this funny nutritional facts brother mug. Featuring a nutritional table on the side including elements such as sarcasm, texting and annoying, this mug is a sure-fire way to make your brother laugh.

14. Death Wish Coffee

death wish coffee

Does your brother struggle to get up in the morning, or always complain that he is tired? Help him wake up and live his best life with this extreme death wish coffee. With each serving containing double the amount of caffeine than a normal cup of coffee, a cup of this is sure to wake anybody up!

15. Roto Wipe Prank Gift

roto wipe prank gift

If you had to put up with years of pranking from your brother well, now’s the time to turn the tables. Prank your brother with this hilarious roto wipe joke gift box. From the cover, it looks like a ridiculous toilet accessory and contains a very convincing diagram and instructions, however when they open it they’ll be greeted with a gift of your choice.

16. Ukulele Set

ukulele beginners set

Give your brother the gift of music with this beginners ukulele set. Including everything they need to start learning to play the ukulele, this kit will have them playing songs in literally minutes. The kit also comes with easy-to-follow online lessons that will help speed up their learning and have them playing their favorite songs in no time.

17. Double Hammock

double hammock

Perfect for every camping fan out there, this double hammock is a must-have for every adventurer. With a 400 pounds capacity, this hammock is suitable to fit two people in it and is made from military-grade fabric to ensure it never rips or tears. Attached to the hammock is a handy sack that can be used to fold the hammock away once you’ve finished with it.

18. Blind Beer Tasting Board Game

beer tasting board game

For your borderline alcoholic brother, this fun board game is a must buy. The perfect board game gift idea for anyone who considers themselves a beer snob, this board game will let them test their taste buds and beer knowledge against all of their friends. Whoever can guess the most beers correctly wins the grand prize of a… beer, or just fame and glory!

19. Magnetic Bottle Opener

magnetic bottle opener

Do you have a brother that is always popping bottles and leaving the bottle caps all over the house? Help them keep the house tidy with this handy wall-mounted magnetic bottle opener and catcher. Simply mount it to a wall and use the built-in bottle opener to remove the cap from the bottle. The magnetic lower end of the bottle opener will catch any falling cap and keep them all tidy in one place.

20. Portable Grill

portable BBQ grill

Has your brother ever wished he had a portable BBQ that he could take around with them? Answer his wishes with this incredibly portable 18-inch barbecue grill. Perfect for taking out and about, this grill can hold up to eight burgers while also being incredibly lightweight and compact. Unleashed his inner Gordon Ramsay with this f***ing amazing grill!

21. Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Kit

raspberry pi gaming gift set

Does your brother like playing video games? Then he’ll love this DIY retro gaming kit. Featuring everything he needs to set up his own retro gaming system, this pack comes with two controllers, a raspberry pi, and instruction manual. It also comes with an SD card that is preloaded with retro games and can be used to add hundreds more.

22. Men’s Tie Set

mens tie set

Is your brother in need of a new tie collection? Why get him one tie when you can get him six! This awesome set by AVANTMEN contains six classy men’s silk ties that will give your brother some fashion points. Perfect for any working man, these tires are sure to add some much-needed class to his wardrobe.

23. Portable Espresso Maker

portable espresso maker

Feed your brother’s coffee addiction with this small and portable espresso maker. Perfect for traveling and camping with or simply having in the kitchen or office, this portable espresso maker requires no batteries. Simply pump the side of the device to get perfect coffee every time. The device also takes ground coffee so they won’t have to spend lots of money on expensive capsules!

24. Pizza Socks Set

pizza socks set

If your brother is a big pizza lover, then he’ll love these socks. Presented in a hilarious pizza takeaway box, he probably won’t know what to make of them when he first opens them. However, inside it contains four pairs of different pizza toppings socks with styles that include pepperoni, Italian, Hawaiian and vegetarian.

25. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

breakfast sandwich maker

Does your brother often skip breakfast in the morning? Stop him from going hungry with this handy breakfast sandwich maker. Ready in just five minutes, simply place all the ingredients into the device and it will create a delicious morning snack. Suitable for English muffins, small bagels and biscuits, there are endless tasty treats you can make with this machine.

26. Hot Sauce Gift Set

hot sauce gift set

Is your brother man enough to handle the hot sauce? If so, then he’ll love this hot sauce gift set. Featuring four different spicy flavors of slow-simmered Louisiana style hot sauces, he’s sure to find one of his new favorites in this set. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

27. Drone Camera

drone camera

What’s cooler than a flying drone? A flying drone with a camera on it! Give your brother the power of aerial site with this impressive flying drone with not one but two cameras. Featuring a 1080P HD front-facing camera and a 720P bottom camera, this drone is great at capturing aerial shots of landscapes, buildings, parties, or whatever else your brother can think of.

28. Nuts Selection

nuts selection

What do you get a guy that is nuts about nuts? A nuts gift basket of course! Featuring nine different selections per box, this gift basket comes with a range of cashews, almonds, and various other salted and roasted nuts. 100% vegan, kosher friendly and super healthy, these notes are sure to go down a treat with your brother.

29. Minimalist Wallet

minimalist mens wallet

Revolutionize your brothers existing wallet with this slim and minimalist RFID blocking level wallet. Take away all the unnecessary weight and size of his existing wallet and replace it with something incredibly slim and lightweight. With storage for credit cards, IDs and even cash, he’ll never have to worry about lugging around a large wallet again.

30. Credit Card Tool

credit card tool

Is your brother always moaning about not having a bottle cap opener or knife when he needs one? Make sure he’s always compared with this 23 in one credit card multi-tool. Featuring 23 different handy tools such as a bottle opener, screwdriver, nail file, can opener and even a range of different wrenches, this will be the most used credit card in his wallet for sure!


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